Effective Affiliate marketing Strategies

Effective Affiliate marketing Strategies

What is your opinion about affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing opinion

When it comes to people talking about affiliate marketing most people seem to have two views. One group of people will tell you that it’s easy,that all you need is a computer/ internet connection, that it’s cheap and that you don’t have to do any work and others will say, don’t do it, its hard, its complicated and that you will lose money and time even trying. I guess if you have had no luck many of you will think the latter more often than not and yet it all comes down to strategy and understanding that along with the word “affiliate” is the word marketing.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will note that Dave has been writing different posts about his experiences with affiliate marketing and with his years of experience, then listening to him seems like a good idea and yet in the back of my mind, I realized that for many people not understanding that affiliate marketing requires a good sound strategy was something that needed to be discussed.

Some of you reading this post will find a lot of information that you may have read before, some of you will find some good reminders and for those of you who are new to affiliate marketing, this post will give you some useful and realistic strategies.

Do you have an affiliate marketing strategy?

In many ways when you think of affiliate marketing you need to understand marketing so for example:

  •  Find you niche! O.K you have heard that so many times before, you might be yawning by now, but the truth is that to be a good affiliate marketer requires having a good niche and then focusing on it. that means learning everything there is to know about the product, how it works and how it will help people solve any given problem them might have. When you find your niche, then finding products and services that will complement your focused topic will give you the best chance to create what is called multiple streams of income,do your homework and due diligence and find good quality products so that people will come back to you time and time again. Did you know that the product of Adlandpro is selling advertising to a very targeted group of people ( and that is just one of the services of Adlandpro )..how do you think this would solve a persons problem?
  •  Just as you would never sell golf balls to a person who is into baking, knowing your audience is important. It makes no sense to pick a product or service to promote if no one is interested in it! Learning how to find people who are interested in what you are promoting means learning to find the right people, it means learning to listen to what people are saying, getting involved with different discussions and then learning how to turn a lead into a sale.  Adlandpro has a product that has been making affiliates that extra income for many years. It is something of value and is needed by anyone who is looking to wanting to get traffic ( and ultimately sales for their product or service)
  •  Honesty is the best policy! Whether you are blogging or on social networks, being honest about your affiliation is important. People are very smart and really don’t like being lied to or sold a bill of goods!. Know your product inside and out, be able to answer any and all questions it’s as simple as that! My disclosure is that I am a member of Adlandpro ( I truly enjoy the social aspect of Adlandpro but any links that you will see are generic links with no affiliation involved.
  •  Be prepared to treat your affiliate marketing as a job. Yes you can do this kind of marketing part time and it works for many people, but you still need to do the work. I read an email from a person last week that just floored me. Basically this person said that if I joined his program, I would never have to do any selling, I would never have to create any content anywhere, I would not have to talk to anyone and his list went on and on. Now I have to be honest..it sure sounds good doesn’t it? Just join free, upgrade .. pay the money and let the automation take over…Poppy cock!!! affiliate marketing means..marketing and yes it means getting the word out to others, it means creating content so that people will want to buy your product, it means helping people find a solution to their problem.
  •  Most people who write strategies will say to you that the most important strategy in affiliate marketing is DONT GIVE UP and in a way hearing that tends to drive me nuts! So I am going to change it.. If you are not getting any success with what you are doing then ASK FOR HELP! Sometimes talking things over with another person will make a big difference in what you are doing. When you talk to a person who has been there done that, they can see where you are going wrong and guide you on a better path to getting those sales..oh and at the end of the day..don’t give up, tomorrow is another day!

Affiliate marketing does indeed take strategy and I think the most important strategy you will ever have starts with you..do you want to be a good affiliate marketer? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to learn and succeed in this career..if so then welcome!



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  • It’s a very nice, informative as well as suggestive article. I am not expert in online affiliate marketing arena but I heard about people success in this section. To speak the truth, I thought, it is not tough thing at all. But when I tried to do something in this sector, it seems very tough to me. and still it is!
    What problem I faced is that I ran from program to program. I was amazed to see attractive advertisement, joined but in return got junk of mails in my joining mail only !!
    I was not consistent about promoting what should be. I gave up easily. what you have stated as important thing in online marketing.
    I failed to interact with members in any social sites which is important to keep them sticky with me.
    last but not the least, you told , affiliate marketing should be accepted as job. But I did not. As online marketing is just my passion, not profession at all. So sometimes I jumped in a program seeing attractive advertisement dreaming of having huge money but very soon I abandoned. 🙂

    That means, I had and have no strategy of this marketing which is essential as strategy of any offline job. So if people want to be successful, they must have to be dedicated with a firm strategy with consistency .

    • You have said so many things in what you said Hafiz, I am as a good friend of ours might say dizzy with what I want to say.

      1. The fact that you are aware of the problem means that you are aware and on the way to creating a good solution if that is your wish

      2. I think that for many people who are working offline and have a job or a career, look at affiliate marketing as a bit of a game or a hobby without really thinking about the consequences. No matter what your career is, if one is going to treat anything as a hobby, then obviously one will not put any work into the effort.

      3. I know of a few ( actually more than just a few lol) people who have a great job offline and they use affiliate marketing to supplement their income. In many cases these people are into such things as crafts, music, cooking and other such things and they have their blogs and affiliate with companies that complement what they are already doing and it is working great for them. These people truly love their hobbies and love to talk about what they do and it works for them, it all goes back to that important mindset of you and what do you want and what are you willing to do.
      4. When you don’t know what you want, then you will keep shopping around until you find it and I feel that many people are just shopping around not realizing that when they are doing this …they are in fact branding themselves and ya so many of the things you will see are glittery and glitzy and seem so dang easy to do..until you actually do it!

      Affiliate marketing is a good and solid way to create that income full time or part time, but never forget it is about what you put into your efforts and never forget that you have to be willing to put in the time to learn new things.

      Thanks Hafiz for your very valuable feedback. The fact is ..the more we can all understand why people are having problems, then the more we can brainstorm and help people become successful
      Diane (Blogneta) recently posted…Baked Potato with BaconMy Profile

  • Hi Diane, I agree that to promote effectively you need to identify your market. The concept of shooting ducks in the barrel comes to mind as opposed to shooting in the dark. Many new and inexperienced marketers are attempting to promote their products to everybody and this is why they find so much resistance and so little success.

    Some of them are even trying to do business without any products and this is hopeless, but in the end they only take example from our banking system and the current investment culture.

    Coming back to the marketing strategies.
    Before you get involved with any company, think if you yourself would use this kind of product or service and how this helps anybody.

    The second look at everything as you were the business owner. Treat it as you were the one who takes full responsibility for the claims the company you represent is making. If the claims are unrealistic, maybe you should not be involved with this company.

    • Hi Bogdan, you speak very true words and ones that are timeless and thats a fact. I think that what Hafiz said speaks to what many people are dealing with and that is the shopping around mentality ( hope you dont mind me saying that) and of course they are not going to succeed.

      I like your wording “Before you get involved with any company, think if you yourself would use this kind of product or service and how this helps anybody.” because it is true! Funny thing is I see people talk on Facebook, telling about the great deal they got somewhere, sometimes with picture and they tell their friends as though they were having a normal face to face conversation. Then I see people asking questions and getting answers..that is affiliate marketing being done without banners or anything else..just a good review or conversation.

      If more people would start thinking like this when it comes to affiliating with a product, I think we would see a spike in sales and putting affiliate marketing in a better light than what has been happening
      Diane (Blogneta) recently posted…Baked Potato with BaconMy Profile

  • First of all, Diane, I think you SHOULD be in affiliate marketing, as you are one of the few who really has a handle on it!

    The bottom line is, affiliate marketing, like anything involved in the process of making money, requires work, that is, consistent, planned, directed effort.

    What so many fail to recognize when they start looking for that elusive get-rich-quick scheme is that money = time + effort. It is a tangible form of our time and effort that we can carry around with us in our wallets or purses to trade for items and services of value to us.

    In other words, if we fail in anything we are trying to make money from to put in the necessary time and effort, we will not have money!

    As you have so well put it, Diane, planning and direction is also essential in affiliate marketing, or for marketing (selling) of any kind. If you don’t plan ahead, know your market, and direct your efforts, you will fail in anything.

    The key reason why so many people will work for someone else their entire lives is because it is way easier and requires much less effort to simply let someone else do all the planning, thinking and direction and then have them tell them what to do.
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Ask for the Referral!My Profile

  • lol well Dave coming from you that is high praise indeed even if I am a bit unsure of how to really answer you ha ha ha.

    I guess it comes down to this ( at least for me) when you are doing anything on social media and whether you call yourself a content marketer, social media manager or any of the other dozens of names..the fact is you are selling, more important you are a little bit of an ambassador to the company you are affiliating with.

    If the company and the product is a good and sound product( be it in name or tool or whatever) you owe it to yourself to know what it is all about and speak to the people in a way that will show value. Being able to help others as we are all saying..”solve their problem” is paramount to any success.

    If you talk to anyone who is working in this arena of social media they will tell you upfront that it takes time, it takes consistency, it takes learning news skills and it means so many things. Often times you will put in many hours for a long period of time before you will see anything..but when you do, whether it be views, sharing, likes then you know that you are on the cusp of something greater

    learning how to turn those likes into a sell ( not just a sign up)requires a single minded purpose and for some people its not so easy.

    I know for myself, its easy to get frustrated or disgruntled when you feel nothing is happening and yet if you want to succeed, you will not give up.. giving up is not an option lol

    I keep going back to what Hafiz has said..it makes so much sense and it has truly helped me formulate what the real problem is..now how can we come up with a solution?
    Diane (Blogneta) recently posted…Baked Potato with BaconMy Profile

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