Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing resources for the affiliate marketer.

Regardless of whether you are running a small business or as an affiliate marketer creating an affiliate business, email is still a very viable and needed method for marketing your products and services.

Unfortunately, email marketing is also complicated as you have to consider such things as

~ What is the right message you want to send
~ Does the subject line convey the right message that people will want to know more
~ How are you creating an imagery for your readers?Email marketing is not just about the words you use but the imagery you are conveying – 

 The issue of creating, maintaining and building your lists and lets not forget that you need to measure the outcome of any email you send!

Everything is important and needs to come together so that your customer or subscriber will receive the email at the proper time!
The subscriber will open the email!
The subscriber will receive a good call to action!
(with the “ultimate goal” of the customer buying from you and not the bloke down the street!)

To clarify the last point – while the ultimate goal is for the customer to buy from you, you should never confuse the email with a landing page and many people do just that.
To keep it simple or using the K.I.S.S principle, your email copy is about getting people to click on your offering ( or selling the click) the landing page is about selling the product or service.


Here are some useful  marketing resources and free tools to help you avoid mistakes – help get you to be an expert quicker and to understand how to how to optimize your email marketing campaign.

Some of these resources may be old or new, ,  but like any good book they are worth saving or reading again.

1.Email Marketing Vocabulary – I know for myself, that understanding all the different terms used in any given topic can be confusing. This ultimate Glossary of 44 email marketing terms from Hubspot is a great resource to bookmark.

2.Email Marketing- How to Push Send and Grow your Business by Copyblogger. Many of you may have heard of Brian Clark, who is without a doubt an expert in his field, his book has been read by many people as you learn the basics of getting subscribers and learning about the type of email content that your customers want to read. I have found the free copy of this book that you can download PDF hereemail marketing resources

3. A great  infographic that you should pay attention to as it talks about 5 ways to get your email opened first. I would highly recommend that you take a look around and see the other resources that emaildelivered shares – well worth the effort.

5 Ways to Get Your Email Opened FirstRead the full article: 5 Ways to Get Your Email Opened First. Infographic provided by:

4. If you don’t know what to write about for your email newsletter and are stuck for ideas then Mad Mimi has 33 email newsletter topics you can use right now and some of them brought a smile to my face..very useful~

5. Before sending out your email, be very sure that you have done everything possible to make a good impression, create trust and build brand loyalty. This email marketing campaign checklist is in PDF form so you can save and print out.

I don’t know about you but I love the word FREE and when it comes to sharing some awesome email marketing free resources, here is a list of some excellent tools that I would suggest that you take a look at and try out for yourself.

a)The SCOPE It Button
Scope creates a web-based version of any email you choose and reveals its HTML source code, mobile rendering, and desktop and plain-text views.

b) Email Spam Test 
a simple email spam test tool to help you determine if your email may be flagged as spam, or filtered away by spam filters.

c) Litmus 
Litmus lets you preview your campaigns across 30+ real email clients
and devices in minutes.

d) Pictaculous 

Match your email colour scheme to your main image ( I can also see this being used for other applications, such as a SlideShare etc)

e) Take my email selfie

When using this service and I love the wording, you can identify key improvements that can generate  positive results for you email strategy

c) KompoZer and SendBlaster
While I truly enjoy such services as MailChimp which has so many features and can be used for free ( a sweet deal!), there may be those people who are liking to do everything for themselves
 Enter Kompozer and SendBlaster
KompoZer is a complete Web Authoring System that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing capabilities found in Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe DreamWeaver and other high end programs.
Kompozer is super-fast, and very reliable, in part because it is based on Gecko, the layout engine from Mozilla.
When you have finished, save your work and import it into SendBlaster.  Smply open SendBlaster, go to the “Send” panel and choose “Open – Import HTML from external file”. That’s it!

d) In basic terms an email template is where you can create text and HTML designs and store them for use in the future.
Here are just a couple of free email templates that you can use

Newsletter creator for Gmail 

FreeEmail Templates

Emailtemplate for Newsletters 


I hope that you will find something new and interesting within these email marketing resources and remember this mantra

Email isn’t about frequency, it’s about value.

What tools or resources do you use? Join the conversation and lets share!

If you have found  these email marketing resources useful, then be a good friend and pass it on to others who would be interested.

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