Email Marketing Vs Social Marketing

Social media marketing is not the same as email marketing|Bogdan Fiedur

For anyone coming online and wanting to work online as a  marketer they will hear the phrase the money is in the list(email) and the proof of that is when that term is typed into Google over 2,710,000,000 people are obviously wanting information on how to use email marketing and there are some great people out there who diligently tell you on all the ways and means of accomplishing this goal.

Can we apply the same methodology of email marketing when it comes to Twitter , Facebook or any other social network  and should a person even try?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Email marketing vs social marketing in many ways is like comparing apples and oranges, they are both fruit, but have different functions.

Learning how to use social marketing|Adlandpro observation

Unlike email marketing where you are sending commercial style messages to a group of people with the thinking that every mail sent will be a potential customer or keeping your customers remembering you, social marketing is about people and information. It’s all about adding value to a person and exchanging ideas with the end goal of adding a positive influence to them

When it comes to social marketing we need to learn a new term the “list” is in the beneficial information you give and share and it takes practice to learn how to do this.

Twitter is one of the best social networks to show my observations of social marketing and how not to use email marketing techniques…..

Email Marketing Vs Social Marketing

1. Email marketing is all about the sell with the hopes that people will jump in and sign up or buy your product. When I try to sell to people on twitter – I either get ignored or worse I lose followers. Social marketing is not about selling ( at least not usual traditional marketing methods) and in fact when you are only selling or pitching to people, it gets boring and it comes across as spam. Twitter is a fast pace network and people crave and even want information. When you give information that people want, then over time, you will build your credibility and people will pay attention.

2. In email marketing it is common to use an automatic program to send out mail. On twitter you can also find these kinds of programs. When I used an automatic follow program ( yes I tried it once), I spent a lot of time unfollowing people because most of the people who use these kinds of programs were the WRONG people I wanted to see day after day, in fact most of the people who practice this kind of automatic following end up being spammers, kids whose language was quite disheartening and worse yet, not one person gave me information that would be of any value. Yes I was getting the numbers, but I never had the quality and in social marketing it is the quality you want not the numbers

3. With any kind of email marketing it is normal to have a schedule to send out these mails… When I used any kind of program to schedule tweets, I realized that I was not interacting with people and again I did not gain any followers and in fact lost followers because they thought that I didn’t care and worse it came across as spam. What I did learn was that it is O.K to schedule tweets if I had the right mind set, which was, using it as a way to let people know I was around and treated it like a voice mail. The reality is you can’t sit on twitter 24/7 and because we deal with a global audience, there are times you might even want to sleep. Picking and choosing times to say something via a scheduled tweet helped people know I was around and when I put thought in my messages ( no sell), I gained followers. I also made a point of saying hello to them and recognizing that they followed me.

4. Just as never tweeting will not gain you any traction with people, the other side of the coin is over tweeting and yes there are those who all they do is tweet. Here is a question for you – do you send email marketing letters to people all the time? We all know that if you do that you will become black listed very quickly and with social marketing and on Twitter it’s the same way, people do not want their twitter stream being hounded by you. It’s all about timing and being authentic in what you do. I have learned that when I have something to say I try to time my activity for every few hours and just for a few minutes ( to be honest I am still getting my timings right on this and if you have any magic numbers I would love to hear from you. What I have noticed is that by doing this organized activity, I get to see what people are talking about, I get a chance to answer their comments in a timely fashion and if I see something of value, then I can retweet or mention what they are doing with a “via” tweet. By keeping myself in touch with people, I’m not only learning a lot I’m also keeping people interested in me as a person.

5. How many times have you followed a person to be responded with an automatic DM with messages of “Thanks for the follow, follow me on G+, Facebook or giving people a free book etc.”? How many times have you responded to these people with a thank you or some other kind of personal message and no reply? How did it make you feel? The fact is people, especially people who are new to marketing or who are marketers think this is the best way to do social marketing and they would be WRONG! If you are going to take the time to thank a person for following, then do it in public..what do you have to hide?

The fact is social marketing is unique and requires learning all the intricacies and while many of us find email marketing highly profitable and even satisfying, I hope that with my observations  you are now getting a better understanding between the two and don’t make the same mistakes that so many new internet marketers are doing.


Bogdan Fiedur President of . Full stack developer and entrepreneur. Since the beginning of 2016 involved in "Smart Contract" design and implementation for Ethereum using Solidity. Knowledgeable in all aspects of e-commerce website, back-end and front-end. Co-founded Bitjob and served as an advisor and core team member for projects like,, or

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  • Thank you Bogdan! As more and more people discover what works in email marketing as well as social networking the quality of what they present and the results that they acheive will improve.

    • Thanks Ken for sharing your thoughts and yes I agree, learning how to do different functions within social media and doing them for the right reasons and with the right mind set cant help but improve a persons results. It takes time and I feel that is what hampers many people..they want the results now and it can be difficult for people.

  • I agree completely. At first I was sending out a bunch of crap and not getting any response. Now I am getting a bit better at making the message more attractive, still getting great results yet, and hope it gets better. It can be discouraging at times, but hang in there

    • It has taken me time to gain understanding about social media Shawn and how to use it in a way that will provide value to others including writing this blog 🙂 I understand the word “discouragement” only too well, but like you I am slowly figuring it out.. I am reminded of the saying “Begin with the End in Mind” when it comes to setting a plan and I’m finding it useful when I do anything and I hope that my sharing with you will cause you to look at your own plan with a new perspective

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