How to find customers using Social media

How to find customers using Social media

Did you know that by socializing you can find your customers using social media?

how to find customers using social media

Social media is all around us and its very hard to ignore especially when we are told all the time that we need to use social media to grow our business. As an affiliate marketer finding your customers is important to make the sale and yet many people are having problems transforming the “social” aspect of these relationships into actual customers.

It should go without saying that people offline and online are willing to buy from those they like and they trust and when using social media to find customers the philosophy is the same. when you post the best possible content, when you engage ( that means talk) to people and you go out of your way to help them, then that sets the base for creating a good reputation where people will want to hear from you.

Going where your customers are is one of the fundamentals of using social media which means knowing where they congregate. While I agree that we need to use all the different networks for a variety of reasons ( branding yourself and product) the fact is ..if your customers are not on Google plus then why are you spending all your time there? ( I’m expecting a huge round of applause from some people and a big BOO from others lol) Here is an infographic on how to find customers using social media done by Kathleen Davis on, which will provide some very useful statistics.

 While I am not going to agree with absolutely everything on here ( for example on Facebook a lot of the younger people are not using Facebook the way they used to), it will give you some good thoughts about finding customers. 

Adlandpro share usinging social media lead generation

Finding where your customers are can be as simple as using the hashtag and searching for those people who would be interested in your business, not to mention a great way to search for people talking about your company, business and even you. Being aware of what is being said about you and then actively responding shows that you are listening!

One last way to find  customers on social media is one that had me go…wow! It comes from Jay Baer on his post 4 Detective Tricks to Find Your Customers in Social Media.

Gmail Stalking

Twitter, Facebook and other social outposts have incorporated functionality that allows you to see whether your Gmail contacts are using the services, and invite them to connect with you. While this integration is intended for personal use, you can utilize it for your business, too. Here’s how:

First, take a list of your customers’ email addresses, and create a .csv file (you only need email addresses, not names, mailing address, etc.)

Next, create a free account on specifically for this purpose (you don’t want to be doing this on an existing account)

Third, upload the .csv to your Gmail account.

Now, go to Twitter and create a brand new account using your special new Gmail email address. On Step Two “Find Your Friends” of the Twitter sign-up process, select Gmail. Bam! Twitter automatically reads all of the email addresses of your customers stored in Gmail, allowing you to track the number on Twitter and/or follow them immediately.

Now, set up a new Facebook account using your new Gmail address. On Step One “Find Friends” of the Facebook sign-up process, indicate that you have a Gmail account, and follow the simple instructions. Bingo! All of your customers on Facebook are presented to you, and you should be able to become their “friends” with a single click.

Be aware that because people tend to use different email accounts for different social networks this is not a 100% perfect way of finding your customers, but I have to say that if you even find 1/2 of the people you are looking for, then you are ahead of the game!

Now its your turn, what are you doing to find customers on social media?


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