Forum Marketing Tips

Forum Marketing Tips

Forums! When you even hear that word do you tend to cringe and want to go to FaceBook and look as cute puppy dogs, kitty cats etc.? I find it sad to be honest that people are not using forums for business so I have decided to enlighten you with these forum marketing tips 🙂



I think we can all agree that for an online marketing strategy to be effective means studying and responding to the behaviours of your customers and follow those people through their use of being online.

Many people tend to keep a tight focus and think only of the main social media centers of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as a way to keep track of consumer behavior and I will say that is a big mistake because there is one more element you should be looking at and that is how people are using forums to get answers to their problems, finding solutions and generally socializing and talking about many topics.

There are large forums and very specialized forums that deal with very “tight niches”. In fact when it comes to forums I have found it very difficult to find out how many forums there really are! I did find this site that will have you sitting for days and days going through all the forums they have collected. By the way they forgot to add a forum Adlandpro. Its Okay, I have already contacted them to correct this oversight!

Back to forum marketing tips. I think many people tend to lock themselves into major social networks which is understandable, but lets say for example you are a blogger, then just as with and marketing plan, comment marketing plans, using forums properly will help you become an authority on whatever your niche is. ( P.S think outside the box and yes internet marketing forums are good, but dig down and think about what you are selling or sharing)

What I have found is that time is an issue and there are only so many hours in a day, okay I get that!

( you knew that was going to happen didn’t you lol) when you choose 2-3 top forums in your niche ( don’t forget Adlandpro as one of the forums) you are actually going to create even more value to different folks.


counting the forum marketing tips

So what are some good forum marketing tips?

1. Yep..create a good profile. If you can do it on FaceBook and LinkedIn I just know you can do it on forums!

2. There is a debate about avatars where some people will say they want to see only real faces and others say whats wrong with cool avatars. Well I’m not going to get into it. What I will say is that you should be consistent with your avatar. why? So users will remember you!

3. Forums are so cool because it is the one social network where you can put in a signature. Unfortunately too many people either do not use or don’t use signature lines well! Translate: people seem to spam their signatures tsk tsk! One branded link to your site, landing page, or social networking profile is enough. I will add here that Adlandpro is different in that you can also list your different social networks within your profile ( a good selling point I think lol)

4.Don’t over-market! Shall I say it again? DON”T OVER MARKET. When you focus on helping other members with their problems etc. you are branding yourself and people will go to your profile OR notice your signature link and will see what your business is all about. So much easier don’t you think and guess what you won’t be called a spammer!

5. It’s all fine and dandy to be and expert and to provide great tips to help others, but please…pretty please don’t be a jerk! Its okay to know what your talking about but its not okay to being a know it all ( just my personal opinion)

Some other forum marketing tips could be and I am going back to tip one as I just thought of it lol

When you are writing out a bio, you are not writing a book! You do want to make your bio interesting enough and you want to provide your business in a good light, so think about what you are doing and give a good (personal) description of your business. Forget the copy and paste crap. Be real and let people know why YOU are in this business.

One last tip before I hand it over to you. I know for myself when I join any site, I am a lurker and proud of it!! I read and follow conversations before I get actively involved. When I do this, I know that I am going to add value to others, I know I am going to be able to help others and I know that I can ( most of the time lol) help others laugh.

Your turn! What forum marketing tips do you have to share?
P.S By the way last February I wrote a post titled
Do We need to defend forums?  well worth reading again…but I have to say that SlidShare is very cool!!



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