Do We need to defend forums?

 Forums – do we really need to defend them?


forums don't need defending because they are awesome


 Forums  are a great way to engage with people about marketing, consumer interaction, share a hobby or just have a chat!

 Back in November last year I had written a blog post sharing my thoughts on forum etiquette and tips on the Adlandpro blogging community.

At that time I talked about the “how to” of manners when using  these kind of communities, but the reality is that these tips are great anywhere you go online.

Now as we all know, there are many people who feel that forums are dead or worse than dead and I wanted to convey my thoughts and feeling about this issue and how I feel about them.

Many people look at forums with an “us and them” mentality and far too many people seem to be ashamed to say that they belong to a forum and I find that kind of sad to be honest!

I think we really need to start looking at  this kind of social network from a fresh perspective..a perspective of – We don’t need to defend forums at all and here is a SlideShare presentation to prove it!


If you want to debate the usage of online forums, lets get a good conversation going by leaving a comment below.



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