Free Online Classified Advertising|The AIDA Formula

Free Online Classified Advertising|The AIDA Formula


What do you think of when you hear the words “Free Online Classified Advertising”?

Does it send a thrill up your back or do you get the chills thinking about creating a free online classified ad?

While many people especially those who are used to the soft sell of social media say that free online classified advertising does not work, the fact is they do and they work very well IF you understand what you are doing.

While we use social media for many reasons such as entertainment, inspiration or education classified advertising is not for pleasure. People read free classifieds because they have an interest in something in particular and people have a preconceived idea of what they are looking for – in other words they have a set goal or criteria in mind.

The purpose of any ad you write is not to sell anything, but to motivate the person reading to take the next step which is to contact you either in person or by going to your website. In many ways I  liken a classified advertisement to creating an announcement telling people about what you are selling and because it is an immediate action, you can tell if it is working very quickly. The great thing about using free online classifieds is that if you are not getting the expected results, you can have it changed virtually overnight!
I would like to make a suggestion to you that will prove very helpful and that is to use the AIDA formula. AIDA is an acronym for the formula used in creating powerful and effective marketing communications and is widely used in advertising  as well.
AIDA stands for Awareness – Interest _ Desire – Action

free online advertising using the AIDA formula

A – Attention (Awareness): in a free classified ad, it is the listing heading. You need to capture a prospect’s attention very quickly.  Offer a benefit in the headline, use good images as part of your way to grab a persons attention, offer a discount or give away free information. 

I – Interest: raise customer interest by demonstrating features, advantages, and benefits. Remember, customers buy on benefits not on features.  If you are selling a weight loss product you would state the price, the benefits of weight loss and improved health by using such a product.

D – Desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs. The best way to create that desire is to offer free bonuses, offer a no risk guarantee or with tangible items such as selling a car, a free test drive or car inspection.

A – Action: lead customers towards taking a specific and measurable action. As with any form of marketing you want people to do something and you need to tell them what to do, so leaving it to chance is not going to be very workable. When you say to people “order now” “click here” “call [phone number] for a private consultation, these are time proven and effective calls to action.  Make sure that you make it  easy for people contact you, always provide an e-mail address, contact form or feedback mechanism.  After talking to some local people over the last few days I have also heard that many people are not always trusting of  the internet so be sure to offer an alternative way for people to contact you by Listing your street address, telephone or land number and fax number.


Free online classified advertising works

Free online advertising  is not rocket science, but it does take practice, hopefully this will help you writing your next killer ad. Like anything in life, take what works and drop the rest.

Let me know how you are doing and and if you know of anyone who is needing help understanding how to write a good ad, then please share this post.


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  • This is a Great Article. And it is true Classified Ads do work but it might not have the same affect as you would think depending on where your placing your Ads. I Personally use Craigslist a lot. I love it I get great responses and a lot of contacts off it.

    Also when placing an Ad it might depend on where you live that you will have a successful response or not. So I would highly Recommend Classified Ads for whatever it is your wanting to get out there.
    But I have noticed that when Placing a Ad you must place them Continually through out the day as Ads get covered up by other peoples Ads so you must
    replace your first Ad continually.

    Just my Thoughts on it.
    Kathy Hamilton/simikathy

  • Great feedback Kathy and a warm welcome to this blog 🙂

    When I was researching to do this post, I did a lot of reading and talking to people and the people who use classifieds the most are those in real estate, selling cars etc., so they are the people I really made a point of studying. They also agree with you in terms of targeting and in fact will say that if you want to get people to come to you, you really need to think of how you word and focus on local style advertising.
    Many people are using Craiglist and even Kiijiiji as a way to advertise but here is something people do not consider
    1 The smaller free online classifieds are a lot easier to get traffic to products and services with a lot less chance of being bumped.
    2.You can see what is working and not working on free online classified which is a bonus for understanding lead generation.
    3. Many people do not understand that when you are posting an ad for a car, real estate or selling still need to promote that ad and get people to contact you.
    4. Many people keep trying to post ads that are too wordy and people just dont want to read..less is more in the case of classifieds
    5. why are you not using the Adlandpro classifieds? lol
    Diane (Blogneta) recently posted…Hashtag Tools That Will Greatly Improve Your Social Media ExposureMy Profile

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  • Hi Diane,
    Great Blog. Most People who are Posting Ads any where are looking just for Free Sites to do so.

    I have used such Site as in Number 5 in the past years ago and I found it not to be effective in what I was promoting so I stopped. I usually try it out, Advertising in a certain place and if it is not beneficial then I do not use it again.
    Many People enjoy Craigslist due to the fact that they can set it to an area to where they live. And Craigslist for me has been very profitable for me so I use it.
    I feel there is no better Advertising then getting your Program,Product or Service out then using the resources where one lives. There’s so many Net Working groups to join in your own area such as Chamber of Commerce, Trade Shows and Net Marketing Events. That actually is much more effective then what your Blog is talking about. That is just my Personal experience.
    Kathy Hamilton/simikathy

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