Free Tracking Services|Alternative to StatCounter

Free Tracking Services|Alternative to StatCounter

Have you been looking for free tracking services other than Statcounter?   Here are some alternatives for you to think about.

When it comes to having your own blog or website, one of the fundamental tasks you should be doing is analyzing how your site is running.

By looking into the details of who is visiting your site and other important stats such as where they are from, the times they come and how they behave when on your site is going to be very important so that you can give the right information, the right service and even the right product to fit your reader ( users) needs.
The reason for this post is because a question was asked by one our Adlandpro members ( BJ Williams) on the affiliate support  group on Adlandpro, where the talk of tracking and free tracking  services are being talked about.

BJ was wondering if there are other great free tracking services (systems on the web).

There are many free tracking services on the web
I am sure that just about everyone knows about Google Analytics which is also counts page views and unique visitors. At times I have wondered if there is a real difference between StatCounter and the Google analytics as they are very similar.

What I can say is that if you were to compare the two services ..

A  Google Analytics is 100% free
Stat Counter is a freemium product. It has the free option and the paid upgrades. There is a free monthly page view limit and there is only limited space for logging ( translate they delete data after a period of time.

B  Google Analytics  doesn’t show IP address information about visitors ( unless that has changed recently)
StatCouner reports some of the IP address information
While there are die hard enthusists for Google anaylytics, there are a lot of people who prefer StatCounter.

* There is an interesting post by Business News Daily that talks about # Google Analytics Alternatives that you might want to read especially if you are looking for a more comprehensive system with more features. 

One last thought about Google versus StatCounter, many people use both and are very satisfied with the more rounded information they are getting.

Back to the topic “free tracking services”…

There are oodles of sites that offer free tracking services and these are just a few of them ( and to me the ones that I would suggest you look at)

Free Tracking Services

w3counter logo

This is a free service for those websites with less than 5000 page views per day and you will get web stats reports for life

eXTReMe tracking
eXTReMe tracking service logo

This tracking service is a freemium product where you can use for free ( only one site) and the paid upgrade
What you will get with the free service is
“Daily, Weekly and Monthly visits. Referrers, Search Engine Queries, Keywords, Geographics, OS’s, Browsers, Display Resolutions and much” On their Map you will get the last 20 visitors.

AddFreeStats is a great site for free tracking for your site

An interesting site offering free web stats where the traffic data is reported in real time.
They have other tools that might be of use –

Creating a free poll on your website where you can track the opinions
AddFreeStats WordPress Plugin
InLive counts counts exactly the number of visitors currently present on your website. Define your own design and message.

A truly free service
HitCounters has my vote for all the different functions you can do with a free tracking service

A very basic style free service that keeps track of your website traffic.

One of the free tracking services is Histats which is very impressive

As they say when you go to their site..this is a 100% free service and I am very impressed with what they are offering:

real time statistics
online visitors
traffic stats retention (10+ years)
Referer sites
visited urls
invisible or visible (gif or flash) counter
Ip exclusion

Can I say… WOW?

one of the free traffic services trend counter

Free Real-Time Web Analytics. With trendcounter you learn in real-time, who is on your Website, and what content your visitors are engaged the most.
You will get active visitors, active pages,links, sources,devises, country of origin.

As you can see that just with these 6 examples of free traffic services, you are not limited to just one or two services.  I hope this has helped to answer a question, but also has helped to give you information and choices that you can use.
As always, if you found this blog post to be useful, then share with your friends on different social networks, you might just be helping a friend.


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