Friday Focus Roundup|Adlandpro for August 30,2013

Friday Focus Roundup|Adlandpro for August 30,2013

This Friday Focus roundup shares new blog posts as well as news from the world of Adlandpro.


This has been a very busy week for all of us at Adlandpro. Personally I have been busy with the programmers setting up the new blogging community, making sure that everything is working properly. You will now see that there is a resource box where you can add a different image of yourself, change your “user name”which is how you will appear on your blog articles and write a short profile description so that people will know more about you. I am working on getting soccial icons to your resource box to help extend your reach. There is still work to be done to be sure that this blogging community runs smoothly, so bear with me as this is a work in progress.
For your information and please bookmark this page here are the Adlandpro Blogging community guidelines. A lot of thought was put into creating these guidelines so that every can read and enjoy posts that will be of value to everyone.

I have been questioned about one of the reasons a post would be rejected shown here
* Posts that promote affiliate links*

I did a post back in March of this years regarding the changes in the FTC titled #AdlandPro Notice regarding the FTC Update. It is very important to emphasize that when you are blogging and are affiliated with ANY product or service you MUST disclose this fact. Many famous writers/bloggers/affiliate marketers do indeed affiliate with a product or service, but you will notice that when they write they let everyone know their disclosure and when they write, they do not sell. Understanding what I have just said, do you feel that this guideline should be kept or scrapped? Please let me know in the comments below and I will consider everything you say in my decision.

Here are the list of some of blog posts that have been done to date to give you an idea on the power of blogging and sharing of good information.

In other news…

David Rowland is talking about gardening  – 3 of the most “poopular” ingredients to fertilize your garden

This particular image shared by Hafiz on the Adlandpro wall has been shared on Pinterest and  50 people have repinned this thread and 15 liked have liked it.  It goes to show the power of Pinterest to extend your reach!

Adlandpro Friday Review image share


On this Friday focus I would like to share  – one of  Mark Dewey‘s messages  on the Adlandpro Wall ( love that wall 🙂 )

Adlandpro Friday review business though by Mark Dewey

I was going through the youtube videos today and noticed that this particular video has had 2,998 views and it is suitably titled Adlandpro Affiliate Programearn money by selling advertising services. Share this with your friends and contacts to show them the value of being an Adlandpro Affiliate.

Before ending this Friday focus roundup, I want to wish everyone a happy Labor day weekend and hope that you will have a safe and enjoyable time with your friends and your family.

For many people it is a time to get ready for the change in seasons and children going back to school and I felt that this video that Jim Allen shared would be a fitting end to this weeks review  Meet  Jacob Barnett 



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  • Another great Friday Focus Roundup! I see the new focus for this week has been on the blogging platform here in Adlandpro. I am encouraged by all of the improvements and the plans for more. I have had some difficulty in adding a video to the post that I submitted and think that could be made easier. Affiliate links and banners and graphics applying to the FTC regulations should be the responsibility of the poster. I agree with the changes in regulations requiring disclosure when one could be earning a commission, but I think the regulation was put in place to create an equal and fair playing field for all.

    I will say that I am an affiliate of almost every program that I use that has an affiliate program. Why? I have been questioned about that more than once. I am an affiliate because I believe in helping people to be successful. I do not promote any program that I do not feel will of great value to my friends and followers that I share those programs with. I certainly am not an affiliate to earn an income. I would probably be on public assistance and standing in food lines if I did.

    I would be happy to disclose publicly any commissions vs. upgrade fees I have for any program and in the case of those where I was making a profit I would gladly donate that profit to the favorite charity of anyone who joins a program that I am promoting.

    I hope that helps to lift the restriction on having affiliate links on our blogging platform.

    I like the video of the affiliate program in Adlandpro. If we show it as it is and somebody joins is that automatically add them as a referral in our downline?

    Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day Weekend.


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