Friday News From Adlandpro

Welcome to another edition of the Friday news sharing the stories from our community.

Another week has passed and as always we have all been busy with life, from Jim Allen doing a major home move ( I hope it is going smoothly) to David Rowland being a “busy bee” đŸ™‚
I would like to start this particular Friday news with a  great  share on the Adlandpro wall from Joseph Kin. I have changed the format for all of you who wish to pin this as it talks about

“Growing our business successfully”

Friday News motivation presentation

Christina has a way of finding some interesting images, music and now letters. She found this particular letter on Sammy Davis’s Facebook page and it says:

” Dear You: Today is one more day in your soul’s journey. One more day of events, people, sights and sounds that really, you can’t read the rest of the letter please go here

Jim Allen found some great information about  what Spanky knows. To find out click here

Luella May shared a YouTube video that a friend had sent her.  Her message is – “Sometimes in today’s world where everything seems so crazy and unhinging, we need to look withing and focus on the spiritual.” I invite you to listen to this song and may it help you feel a bit better.

Diane did a status on the Adlandpro social wall regarding portfolios. She started this with ” was sitting here thinking about all of you in terms of your portfolio and how big some of them are and I shook my head because keeping track of everything, being able to promote all of them must be a bit of a challenge at times…” Click here to read more

It is always nice to have Miguel share on the Adlandpro social wall, so it is a pleasure to share on this Friday News his finding the artist Richard Renaldi.   This is different from Miguel’s usual sharing of artists so go here for a real treat.

While some members treat Adlandpro as a home away from home, other members will come when they have time or when they want to share something new that they have done or have created.
I am ending this Friday News with SlideShare that Antonis Nikoletakis created.. enjoy!

Have a great week everyone and as always, please share with your friends ..what a way to show off Adlandpro!


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