Friday News from the Alp

Friday News from the Alp

This Friday news from Adlandpro ( or as I have noticed many people saying the “Alp”) is a weekly roundup of the news as well as the trending topics on the social network part of Adlandpro.

For those of you who are new to our blog, Adlandpro has a variety of services under the one umbrella called Adlandpro as you can see in the image below

 Adlandpro Umbrella on Friday Nesws


This has been a week where many of the topics being trended have to do with health matters, politics, cats,babies and the wonderful quotes that people share.


Starting out this week on the Friday news one of the many stories that has been trending for quite a while has been the different topics on health

For example these health stories have been very popular

Do you or anyone you know use aspartine? People are now starting to know the truth about this “toxic Sweetner. Read Bj’s post and comments here


What do you know about the importance of water soluble vitamins? Linda Hoffman ( who is a fairly new member by the way) has come into this community with enthusiasm and some very good information about different health topics including this one) Read about water solubale vitamins here

How many of you know about coconut oil? Now how many of you know why you should be cleaning your teeth with coconut oil? Here are 10 good more here

When it comes to health issues that are affecting all of us and the fear we are having about such things as the   Ebola, there  is one biologist who has a very different about the  Ebola virus and it is one that will have you thinking. Go to this post by Jim Allen and let him know your thoughts –  do you agree or disagree with this biologist?

As many Adlandpro members will tell you, Luella May is very knowledgeable about health and wellness issues as well as sharing some awesome and “good for you recipes. Did you know that a blogtalk radio show via “The best Years in Life” had health coach Linda Hoffman on the show?
Well you don’t have to go to any site to listen, turn up the volume and listen

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Best Years in Life on BlogTalkRadio

For those of you who have never heard of this website, it is well worth the effort to take a look at all the information that has been put on this site. Both Tony Isaacs and Luella are both interested as well as experienced in natural health, home and herbal remedies etc.


On the political front there has been a lot of discussions regarding the state of affairs in the U.S.A regarding such things as
Is America’s Miliatry-industrial complex driving us toward a second occupation of Iraq read more here

A team of investigative journalsits went undercover in multiple Alison Grimes campaing offices to see if her opposition to the core princisple of her own political party is real or not. Ms Grimes has vehemently and repeatedly claimed to oppose President Obama’s coal and environmental policies in what has become an increasingly significant campaign issue. read more here

To lighten up this Friday News, we share babies and cats, not necessarily in that order!

sharing cute cat images on Adlandpro

Christina Ann

cute cat image via BJ Williams
BJ Williams

oops not a cat nor a baby, but a happy picture none the less
Friday news sharing great images
Sadia Khawar

aha! a picture of a baby and a cat
cat and baby picture
Christina Ann

everyone say Awww

a beautiful baby sleeping

BJ Williams

I feel sorry for these cats
poor kitty cats about halloween
Patricia Bartch

..and while this has nothing to do with cats or babies, this is one picture that reminds me of what many of us do when watching the fish –getting into the Zone
get into the zone and watch the fish for hours
Christina Ann

Funny thing about anything to do with quotes, they can have you smile and they and make you think. On Adlandpro many of our members share some awesome quotes week after week

“Life operates by deserve. So, in leading people, learn to work with the people who deserve it, not the people who need it.” — Jim Rohn via Patrick Pierre

“Success in its highest and noblest form calls for peace of mind and enjoyment and happiness which come only to the man who has found the work that he likes best”– Napolean Hill via Ethel Van Zanten

If you think your beaten

If you’d like to win & you think you can’t
It’s almost a cert you won’t
If you think you’ll lose
you’ve lost
For in the world you’ll find
Success begins in a fellows will
It’s all in a state of mind
Think Big and your deeds will grow
Think small and you fall behind
Think that you can & you will
It’s all in a state of mind
Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man
Sooner or later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can!

Quote: Golfer Tony Jaklin

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”– Plato, philosopher via Edna Roger Boisjoli
You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar via Pat Sawyer:
We Are All Connected  By Carl Sagan & Others via Luis Miguel Goitizolo:

It’s time to end this weeks Friday News from Adlandpro, I hope you have enjoyed what our members are sharing and I invite you to come to Adlandpro and join in all the different conversations.

I am unsure if you know this, but this weekend in Canada is Thanksgiving and like all countries who celebrate Thanksgiving on the different dates, we also give thanks  for a good harvest and our good fortunes in this last year.  A lot of people will spend time with their families and have the traditional turkey or ham, some people will go fishing or hiking and others will be watching football.

Unfortunately there will be others who will not celebrate Thanksgiving this year in Canada and in all the other countries.  There is one aspect to Thanksgiving that people forget and that is thanksgiving is for sharing our blessings and this inspirational story shows an example of sharing and caring for others who do not have the same “wealth” as us.  To all the Canadian members of Adlandpro I wish you all a very thankful thanksgiving

Fariday News thanksgiving wish and inspiration



The Seventh Basket

By Mirian Bethancourt on November 12, 2012

The small, dilapidated house sat in a web of trees far from the main road. I walked the path, up three wooden steps to the porch, and set down the basket of food I brought. The doorbell was a rusted cowbell hanging from a rope. I pulled it twice and waited for the sound of footsteps.

Earlier that day despite the falling snow, I had delivered six baskets on the list the volunteer group I belonged to had given me. But as I approached the last house to deliver the seventh basket of food, cold and weary, I just wanted to finish my mission and head home.

The clanging cowbell brought two toddlers to the front window, a curly-haired boy and dark-skinned girl. Their bright eyes darted about curiously as they flattened their faces against the window pane to peer outside. As I smiled back, the door flew open and a young woman, dressed in a faded robe and mud-stained slippers, appeared.

“What do you want?” she asked. Her gaze shifted from me to the basket I had placed on the porch floor. “What’s this? What are you selling?”

“I’ve come with the basket of food you requested. I’m from the community food bank.”

“But I didn’t call any charity for help.” She pulled nervously at the sash of her robe. “Those charities are for poor people, not me. You’ve made a mistake.”

I glanced at the address on my list and saw it matched the numbers on the door. “Maybe someone, a friend or relative, called for you? Perhaps they wanted to send the basket of food to you as a gift.”

“I don’t have those kinds of friends, lady. Never got a penny from anyone, including my ex-husband who left us last year. I work for a living each day, down at the pillow factory. Take care of myself, two kids and my ma.”

She waved her hand and started to close the door but it was too late. The children burst from inside, rushed past her to the basket, and pulled out the shiny red apples. Squealing with delight, they each grabbed a favorite one and took a bite.

“Stop that! Put those back!” their mother scolded but the sad looks on the children’s faces were more than she could bear.

With a deep sigh she turned to me and said, “Well I suppose if it’s a gift, then it’s not really charity, is it?”

“No. I don’t think it is,” I left the basket and walked to the car, feeling much warmer than before.

Back in my car, thinking there had been mistake, I dug in my purse for my phone and called the food bank. A volunteer confirmed that the address they had given me was typed in error. The correct one for the seventh basket was Pinewood, not Pineville.

To make matters worse, there were no baskets left. All had been delivered earlier by volunteers like myself.

Anxious over what to do next, I came home and talked with my husband. The only market in town was closed, and there was nowhere else to turn. So we brought the festive dinner we had planned for our own table to the family waiting for the basket that didn’t come.

Our holiday dinner came from a fast-food restaurant in town. It may not have been the big, fancy meal we had hoped for, but looking back, it was the best Thanksgiving we ever had.





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  • Great as always. Thank you, Bogdan.

    The Seventh Basket gets us thinking about loving others. You steadily give us the good stuff.

    Something interesting is always going on here at ALP. Makes me wonder if there is any other site like ALP. However, I don’t wonder that enough to try and find out by looking around. :).

  • Thanks BJ for commenting. Can you imagine that you have found Adlandpro again after asking support question and me suggesting that you check out our wall?

    It seems like this was good suggestion. 🙂


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