Friday News from Adlandpro

Friday News from Adlandpro

Are you ready to read the Friday News?

Hi and hello to all the new readers on our Friday News. Note I said the word “OUR” for a very good reason, while Adlandpro is about advertising, especially free classified advertising, the fact is that without the community, without the good people who are helping each other in so many ways, there really would be nothing to talk about or share! A big thank you to all of you..the members of Adlandpro!
I would like to start this Friday News with somthing that one of our members said on the wall. To give you the context of the conversation, here is the -> link
I feel that what Jim Allen said deserves to be mentioned as this is what Adlandpro is really all about and this is how I have always wanted the Adlandpro members to feel.

I also want to  add a big thank you to Lavoslav Bauman for getting an interesting conversation started – thank you!

“Actually people meet people doing those silly things leads to serious businesses being built around what they like to do. This a unique community in many ways. Definitely not a Facebook as our members have the opportunity to earn from each and every post they make here. Most do not realize that every conversation here has the potential to earn you not only points to purchase great prizes but actual cash too. No Ones Seems to realize just how powerful that share button is over there!

Every time you share a post here it is embedded with your “community affiliate id” every time you share an interesting post, comment, thread, event and so forth. Make sure you have become and affiliate member and start some shareable conversations and comments. If your shared content brings new #adlanders well happy days are here for you. Just one way we are not like other social sites out there. Have a Great Weekend!”

..and then we have members who will share quotes that have meaning to them, such as the one Earl Cox shared

With summer finally here, having something nice and cold to enjoy is always welcomed and Luella May has just the thing with her Five Healthy Delightful Frozen Fruit Pops

Now here is a good question.when you see this lovely cat, what do you think?
how would you caption this cat image

According to Christina this kitty cat is saying

Stop laughing .. I look adorable”

Adlandpro Friday News Announcement

Shouting out to all Adlandpro Affiliates, Ken Wolff has created a group Adlandpro Affiliate Group

“Join this group to learn and share your strategies for success at attracting new and old members to Adlandpro.”

Chuck Bartok shared an interesting thought.what does this mean to you?

what is Simplicity?
As always we have some great blogs to share on this Friday News and here are just a few of them. The people who write these blog posts deserve your votes and support.

AdSense vs. AdWords: Lessons I learned in On line advertising
Read more at Adlandpro Blogging community

Finding The Most Successful Keywords

Read more at: Adlandpro Blogging community

Most Shocking Tricks Of Effective Email Marketing
Read more at  Adlandpro Blogging community
15 Dawn Dish Soap remedies

Read more at : Adlandpro Blogging Community

Are you keeping track of your business at this time of year?
Read more at: Adlandpro Blogging Community

Medical emergency! Hurry up!! A minute can make the difference!!!
Read more at Adlandpro Blogging Community

Well that’s it for this Friday News edition for July 11, 2014 and as always I wish you a good weekend and if you find this news post interestning, then share it with your frieds and family.
One Adlandpro tip for those of you who are affiliates
When you share this Friday news with your contacts on a news letter or a social post as an, then make sure you add your affiliate ID to it, you will then be credited for bringing in a new member.
Are you reading for the Inspirational Corner?

      This week I would like to share with you

The Value Of Time

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  • So much content, so little time! This is well worth putting on the reading list to follow up on all the links. It’s all good stuff.

    I really enjoyed the conversation on the Adlandpro wall. That was a good discussion, with some excellent points.

    Also, I learned something about Dawn dish soap. Now it’s driving me crazy… I need to know if any other dish soaps kill fleas (I have three dogs and two cats, and this area is endemic for squirrel fleas (or probably better called, “rodent fleas”)
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Colours of LifeMy Profile


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