Adlandpro Friday News Roundup| 25.10.2013

Adlandpro Friday News Roundup| 25.10.2013

The Friday News Roundup that talks about Adlandpro from the inside out!

It has been a busy week as I have been transferring everything from the “old” blogging community onto the new system which is now WordPress and I know for many of you this will be a moment to cheer lol. I started doing this last weekend by the way and I have been making sure that all the steps are followed so that your hard work would not be lost.

Some things to note about the new blogging platform
1. Please check to see that your profile is updated on the new platform as I could not transfer that information over.

2. The new wordpress software has an option to allow on multiuser blogs, where you can upload your themes and totally re-arrange your layout and have a unique url within Adlandpro. I am looking into offering this option to members who would like to have their own blog on this platform
3. When writing on this news blogging platform you will notice some differences…

– The editor is far superior with better functions to it, which will help with your writing.

– For those of you familiar with Zemanta, we are updating the older posts using to find “related posts” to put on your older blog posts. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zemanta, Zemanta is a service for bloggers that helps suggest related posts,image and even tags that will make your posts stand out better. Diane did a post on here about Zemanta back in July this year and would suggest that you go read her explanation of this tool. The post is titled “How Zemanta can spice up your blog” which I am sure will answer just about all your questions.

– Another tool we have added is called the Yoast SEO plugin, because as we all know while Content is King, without good SEO, your posts are not going to be noticed on the web! Without making this post too long, here is a short tutorial on how to use the Yoast SEO plugin that will give you a basic understanding on how to optimize your posts and how to use this tool.

A few other plugins that we are using are Jetpack and other features you are already familiar with – and the Star rating.  As time progresses if I see the need to add to the plugins to help your posts be seen better, I will add to the list and if you know of any that will help with SEO ( and not conflict with the ones we already are using) please let me know.

Friday News Roundup thank you Hafiz

As I had pointed out on the wall, I wanted others to know that I noticed a referral to our blog platform coming from one of the sites and have visited it.
Here is the link ->
It turns out that this is page of our Hafiz who is promoting our blog by linking to the different articles that are being created. Thank you Hafiz this is great support for our blogging platform.

One  last point to the blogging platform and its more a word of caution.  While we strongly urge you to be putting images on your blog post, always be mindful of legalities. If you put an image on your blog that is illegal it could mean some very hefty fines to you.  There is a lot of information on the web regarding how to find safe images, where to find images and how to understand licences for images and I would suggest that you take the time to learn about image usage so that you will not get into any trouble.  To give you a head start on learning about images, here are a few posts to get you started
The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using Images On Your Blog ( This is an older post, but still has valuable information)

Free Blog Post Images: Where to Find Them, How to Use Them ( This is a brilliant post by Ana Hoffman and she has been mentioned on this blog before for her ability to give really good information)

5 Places to Find Free Images for Your Blog ( When it comes to information by Social media today) then its pretty safe to say anyone writing for them knows what they are talking about)

 For anyone who is an active Adlander, you all know how busy the wall is with the awesome flow of  sharing music, images, videos and just general style conversations, I feel that it prudent to caution everyone about posting advertisements on the Wall as they will be removed. A question was brought forth regarding posting forums on the wall and as long as the forums are ones that provide interest, entertainment or education, they will always be welcomed. There are many ways to promote marketing or affiliate marketing style forums from sharing with your various networks to using your own creativity in getting people to come to those forums. To all the wonderful people who have spent so much time volunteering to moderate the wall and make sure everything is done properly, all I can say is a HUGE thank – you! You guys take time out of your own busy schedule to do this and what you are doing is very appreciated!

It’s been a while since I shared with you the great forums that people have created on the Friday news roundup. This is just another way that Adlandpro truly is in a class of its own, where people can create their own sharing circles or groups to talk about so many topics of interest…
Hafiz cordially invites you to his forum Mind blowing facts where he shares different things from around the world.

Lawrence Bergfeld has a forum called “create your success with faith and I agree with his statement “to have faith is the thing you need to succeed in business”

Christana is some kind of lady and keeps creating forums that will have you laughing or dancing such as Flashback to the 1970’s .. Share your favorite videos here and she had the good taste to share Abba with everyone :-).

I wonder if Myrna Ferguson  realized that her forum on Great announcement for Native Americans was started on November 21,2008 and is 208 pages long? I cant remember but was Facebook even in existence? Way to go Myrna!

Do you love horses? Well if you do then joining Chuck Bartoks forum “Friends of the Horse and other Equine items” is the forum for you as you discuss the relationship of man and horse.

…these are just a few of the active forums on Adlandpro. Its easy to get involved, just join Adlandpro and come join the fun!

Well time to finish this weeks Friday news roundup. I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks edition and I wish you all a fantastic weekend.

Adlandpro Inspirational  Moment

Dingle, Ireland, has a special town pet—a dolphin named Fungie. He is free to swim into the wide ocean, but he chooses to stay in Dingle Bay. A girl named Coley asks her boyfriend if they could take a trip to Dingle, Ireland so that she can see Fungie again. Even though it’s been five years since she has seen Fungie, the dolphin still recognized her. To celebrate their reunion, they swam together. Coley loves swimming with Fungie. She says, “Swimming with Fungie is a magical experience.” Watch their beautiful reunion below. 



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