Adlandpro Friday News Roundup|11/10|2013

Adlandpro Friday News Roundup|11/10|2013

 The Friday news roundup with the news   from inside and outside of Adlandpro

Did you know that if uncoiled,the DNA in all the cells in your body would stretch 10 billion miles— from here to Pluto and back? This is something I just learned from Facts you may not know – a great forum created by Myrna and one worth visiting!
While going through the various forums on Adlandpro, I saw a message by Jim Allen that is worth mentioning

How do you sell when your target client doesn’t wish to be sold?
You must make them want to buy from you right now. So you must be knowledgeable about your products without being the geek that knows all the specifications but really don’t know how to apply from experience and it usually shows. You must be able to interject the product or service into the conversation by solving a problem or accomplishing a desired outcome from the service offered.
Let’s be honest none of us like to be sold but we all love a good salesperson. A good salesperson makes themselves known to their potential client whether it is a walk-in or a casual contact over the internet the Art is in the Sale.

Selling products or services is NOT for everyone but Everyone can be taught “The Art of the Sale” and with some business and tech savvy help be taught to earn life changing income by actually not selling online.

Good one Jim! (BTW this is Jim’s affiliate link if you are interested in buying the book and I hope you will)
October 10th was World Mental Health Day, but everyday is mental health day especially for those who are caregivers or people who have to deal with the many challenges of mental illness, take a moment to read about Mental health and add your voice to help people overcome and give support to those who are in need.

Friday news roundup Wall
When I created the ability for people to chat on the Wall, I never realized how popular it would become! You share some of the most interesting statuses that it’s hard to keep up with them at times 🙂
Here are just an example of what people talk about on the Adlandpro wall
Carol Graham

It is such a wonderful feeling when you do your “good deed” for the day – when we help someone, we actually help ourselves. Yesterday morning I was up at 3 and worked before getting on the road around 5:30. Put in a long stressful day and was happy to finally be on the home stretch. Just one little stop at the grocery store en route to home. I was standing in line and noticed some keys on the floor. I asked the cashier and she said “Oh a lady lost those and came back awhile ago looking for them” I asked her what the woman looked like, what was she wearing, how old was she. “I dunno, in her 30s, I guess. I see so many people in the day I don’t pay attention.” I asked her is she saw which way she went. “Nope” I was so tired and stressed but knew this woman was probably in the parking lot, distraught and upset. So, I went outside and ran around the parking lot to no avail. Went back in the mall and out another door and ran around looking. There she was, groceries in hand, (probably around 60, not 30) pacing around her car looking like she was going to cry. “Did you lose your keys?” She replied “Yes, where did you find them? I am in trouble, I have an emergency and I must get home.” The look on her face was like a million pounds had been lifted off of her — it was only a few minutes out of my day but certainly “made” my day!

Here are a few pages and communities for you to follow on these people some Adlandpro love

Battered Hope
Adlanders in Facebook
A couple of very cool people you should become friends with ( if you haven’t already)
Chuck Bartok
Neil Sperling


Friday news roundup talking about the blogging community

Some great blogs from the Adlandpro Blogging community

Loss of A Child – Does the Pain Ever Go Away?

Top 10 Ways To Guarantee You Do NOT Sell Your Product

Unstoppable Mindset To Success: Unleash The Power Of Your Mindset

How to Make Pickled Garlic
Don’t forget that  the Adlandpro blogging community is just another way of extending your reach as a blogger, marketer or just for the fun of writing.  Come and share your favorite recipe, your tips on camping or whatever you feel like writing about. All posts are manually approved and if you are needing help with writing or just need to ask questions, then please feel free to ask.

* Please note that the Blogging community guidelines have been updated to answer some questions that had been asked regarding length of posts as well as definition of terms.

I have noticed that some people are talking about  Facebook and wondering whether they should have a business page or just keep a personal account and what is the difference. I had noticed that there was a video put on the wall that did a pretty good job of explaining the differences and decided  to put the video here. It is a bit lengthy at 23 minutes, but the video by Michelle Pescosolido is very well done.

I know that many of you who are marketing are always looking for tools that will help you with your different email campaigns.  I came across a tool that I believe will be of value to you and its called The Subject line checker.   This Subject Line Checker lets you preview your subject line across a range of email clients and devices instantly. You can also see how your email will appear in the notification box.  I  was mentioning the subject line checker to a friend earlier and asked him if he thought it would be useful for him and he came back with a resounding  thank you and he now has it safely bookmarked so give it a try and maybe let me know in the comments below how it is working for you.

Well we are coming to a close to this Friday News roundup and just realized that we are coming up to Thanksgiving day for people in Canada and Columbus day in the U.S as they fall on the same day ( does this mean that Columbus stumbled upon America and went immediately to Canada to have Thanksgiving-Day-festivities?)  Regardless of what you are celebrating or which country you live in, I want to let you know how thankful I am that you have been following this blog and been such a supporter of Adlandpro.

When we think about what we are thankful for and in truth there are many things, remember that no matter your circumstance, you are in a position to help others find happiness  ~ pay it forward


To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude.

~Albert Schweitzer~

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