Friday News-Your weekly roundup from Adlandpro

Friday News-Your weekly roundup from Adlandpro

The Friday News from Adlandpro where you will never know when you are mentioned and a recap of what is happening on our community.

Let’s start this edition of the Friday news by saying hello to some new members:
Joseph Barber – An active member of the community. If you also would like to see what he writes, then visiting his blog will give you a wealth of information which is an alternative media and news site
FREEDOM OR ANARCHY,Campaign of Conscience

Moh’ Beerd – Has come to Adlandpro and has already been sharing some very good information and if you are into survival,then be sure to join his form Wilderness Survival Tips, Tricks and Hacks!
Moh’ also has a very good blog Survival Examiner that you really should take the time to go to and even sign up to subscribe to be kept informed.
BJ Williams may not be a new member since she did join back in the 90’s, but in a way she is a new member now since she opened her new account ūüôā
BJ is one of those ladies who is here to help people, share a laugh and she is never afraid to speak her mind. BJ has a website called FANAFI Village community where she shares to those who are interested in online business, advertising and she welcomes everyone from crafters to Webmasters to come on in and feel welcomed.

Other members new and seasoned who you should meet:

Jason W Noall

Paula Frye

Jim Allen

David Rowland

Christina Ann

We haven’t shared a recipe in quite a while so here is very good one that is easy to make ( great for the summer!)
Be sure to let Luella May know how they turned out
While there are 5 ways of making these wonderful Frozen Food Pops, because of space limitations, I am only going to put in one.. Click on ¬†Luealla’s name ¬†to see the other 4.

  Watermelon,Blueberry,Strawberry,Kiwi Pops a cool treat

How many of you grow Hibiscus plants?  David Rowland wants to know Click here to find out why

Chuck Bartok has created a one minute social media tip. Find out what it is here

Do you know what friendship begins with? Tuula Rands will tell you here

Miguel as many of you know is one of our leading art affecidos and he has found a photgrapher who travels around the US taking pictures of these beautiful decaying structures. To find out what they are click here 

Some good forums for you to explore on this Friday news

Jim Allen’s Promoting Adlandpro on my Website

Christina Anne’s Retro Humor…Funny Photos

Christopher Shaddock’s forum all about Iceland

Sandra Cromwell’s Talk the talk and Walk the Walk

Richard Mathiason’s- Change your thinking, change your life

and lets not forget this Friday News that the Adlandpro blogging community is welcoming writers,  readers and commenters to join in and be active.

After noticing that Diane had created a forum about American Native quotes, it gave me the idea about other Stories or myths that the Native people have  shared.

To end this Friday News, I present to you on our Inspiration Corner

The Story of the Heron and the Hummingbird
A Native American Myth
(Hitchiti Tribe)

Heron and Hummingbird were very good friends, even though one was tall and gangly and awkward and one was small and sleek and fast. They both loved to eat fish. The Hummingbird preferred small fish like minnows and Heron liked the large ones.

One day, Hummingbird said to his friend: “I am not sure there are enough fish in the world for both of our kind to eat. Why don’t we have a race to see which of us should own the fish?”

Heron thought that was a very good idea. They decided that they would race for four days. The finish line was an old dead tree next to a far-away river. Whichever of them sat on top of the tree first on the fourth day of the race would own all the fish in the world.

They started out the next morning. The Hummingbird zipped along, flying around and around the Heron, who was moving steadily forward, flapping his giant wings. Then Hummingbird would be distracted by the pretty flowers along the way. He would flit from one to the other, tasting the nectar. When Hummingbird noticed that Heron was ahead of him, he hurried to catch up with him, zooming ahead as fast as he could, and leaving Heron far behind. Heron just kept flying steadily forward, flapping his giant wings.

Hummingbird was tired from all his flitting. When it got dark, he decided to rest. He found a nice spot to perch and slept all night long. But Heron just kept flying steadily forward all night long, flapping his giant wings.

When Hummingbird woke in the morning, Heron was far ahead. Hummingbird had to fly as fast as he could to catch up. He zoomed past the big, awkward Heron and kept going until Heron had disappeared behind him. Then Hummingbird noticed some pretty flowers nearby. He zip-zipped over to them and tasted their nectar. He was enjoying the pretty scenery and didn’t notice Heron flap-flapping passed him with his great wings.

Hummingbird finally remembered that he was racing with Heron, and flew as fast as he could to catch up with the big, awkward bird. Then he zipped along, flying around and around the Heron, who kept moving steadily forward, flapping his giant wings.

For two more days, the Hummingbird and the Heron raced toward the far-distant riverbank with the dead tree that was the finish line. Hummingbird had a marvelous time sipping nectar and flitting among the flowers and resting himself at night. Heron stoically kept up a steady flap-flap-flapping of his giant wings, propelling himself forward through the air all day and all night.

Hummingbird woke from his sleep the morning of the fourth day, refreshed and invigorated. He flew zip-zip toward the riverbank with its dead tree. When it came into view, he saw Heron perched at the top of the tree! Heron had won the race by flying straight and steady through the night while Hummingbird slept.

So from that day forward, the Heron has owned all the fish in the rivers and lakes, and the Hummingbird has sipped from the nectar of the many flowers which he enjoyed so much during the race.

source: American Folklore

As always I wish you a good weekend and hope that you have enjoyed reading our weekly roundup.  Keep the sharing going and speaking of sharing, if you know of anyone would would enjoy this edition of the Friday News from Adlandpro, please feel free to share it.




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