How to get the most of the Adlandpro Blogging community

How to get the most of the Adlandpro Blogging community

As many of you know Adlandpro has given birth to a new service on its site and it is called the Adlandpro Blogging community.

 Adlandpro new blog service


A big h/t needs to go to Jim Allen  a highly respected member of Adlandpro for suggesting the idea of having this service added to the other benefits ( and there are too many to mention here)  of this social and business network and kudos (of course has to go to Bogdan Fiedur the CEO of Adlandpro) for making Jim’s wish a reality.

While exploring the Adlandpro blogging community service, I had to ask myself the question How can I make this service work for me?  The simple truth is many people just don’t believe is these kinds of services anymore mostly because of the recent Panda updates where many similar style services lost ranking and in a few cases went out of business as a result of losing mammoth traffic. Of course there is always the issue of duplication or spam style posts on a lot of these kinds of communities or directories and then there is the big question for many people -time!

We all know that creating articles or posts on a blog or other good quality blog or article communities can generate traffic. If the articles in question are crafted properly and what you have written gets read and shared then you will generate a decent percentage of click through traffic.

So how can you take advantage of this new service or any other blogging community/ writing style communities?

1. While you need to think of the SEO in anything you do, the content you create needs to be geared towards your reader. Write your articles with the goal of providing new content that people will want to read and want to share with others.

2. Do NOT use automated spinning software. some years ago I can tell you that spun articles and posts were prevalent, but with the Panda updates, using such tactics is to be discouraged at all costs and the reason is that now a days the “prize” is in the uniqueness of your writing.

3.  Do NOT syndicate something that you have done elsewhere.  A blogging community of any kind is about sharing your thoughts on any given topic.  It is about creating original content so that people will want to go to your site, your blog or your profile on Adlandpro.

4. Share your writings with Google+ this is one of the best ways to claim Google Authorship, which means that your post can result in more clicks and traffic back to whatever you are doing.

5. Keep your posts to about 400 – 600 words. Understanding that people are in a rush and don’t have a lot of time , having a post that is interesting and on target is the best practice that I have seen to date. LOL now I have a habit of making posts rather lengthy, I guess you should let me know if these posts are too long for you?

6.  Understand the rules of any blogging community that you go to. Being banned or having your post rejected is not going to get you to your prize of people coming to you. Take the time to learn about the blogging community and always follow the rules.

7.  Regardless of any service you go to, make sure that it has DoFollow links.  The good news is that the Adlandpro Blogging community service  is a  Dofollow blogging community.

Have you tried out the new Adlandpro blogging community service? Give it a try and lets get this baby to grow robust and healthy!




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