Getting Rich, Slowly

Getting Rich, Slowly

Getting Rich, Slowly, a More Sure Way

by Dave Cottrell

Getting rich, slowly, is a more sure way to get there, and to stay there.  You can get a very hot fire going very fast if you light gasoline on fire, but it will be gone as fast as it started.  If you want a fire to last and give long term warmth, you have to first do the work of gathering and preparing the fuel that will burn for a long time.  Building a successful business that will bring you long term, reliable wealth is a lot like that.  get rich by building deep and solid and consistenly

The fact that you’re here reading this is a strong indication that you’re serious about building a successful, long-term business for yourself and your family.

These things take time. If, like the vast majority of people, you think there is a fast way to build a fortune without spending any money or doing any work, you need to stop right now and seriously rethink your future.

There is no way to “get rich quick.”  Even if you won the lottery, statistics show that you would be broke again and probably worse off, in a very short time.  What I want to share with you is a way you can build a really solid, long-term, successful business at very little expense, and have a lot of fun doing it.

First of all, let’s take a look at traditional business. Let’s take the restaurant business as an example. Many people who love cooking, love the public, and are great cooks, take the plunge and open a restaurant.Get Rich, Slowly

Let’s say you are able to find a building for your restaurant that is already set up. It’s perfect for your new business, because, while the last owner went broke, everything is in excellent condition, and the building is set up exactly the way you want (this would probably never happen!).

Next, you have to negotiate the lease with the owners of the building. Let’s say your restaurant can seat 30 people and you’re able to get the lease for $1500 per month (dirt cheap – I just found an undeveloped retail space SUITABLE for a restaurant in Surrey, BC, for $1265 per month).  So now you have a perfectly set-up restaurant for $1500 per month.

Now you have to make some choices. You have to have at least three cooks, three waiters/waitresses, three dishwashers, and three host/hostesses. Let’s say you don’t mind working 16 hours per day, so you decide to do the cooking. Whoa!! Are you going to trust an employee to greet your guests and run the restaurant? No way – you will be the host, and you’ll work 16 hours per day, 7 days a week.

If you pay everyone $10 per hour (unless you live in Seattle, where the minimum wage is being set at $15 per hour), your monthly bill for wages is $10 X 8employees X 8hrs X 20days=$12,800 per month! You also have to pay employee benefits, and in most places you’d probably have to pay more than $10 per hour!

Next, you have to pay for licensing, food, cleaning supplies, paper products, phones, etc. You monthly expense for your little restaurant would likely exceed $20,000 and that’s only if you work for free.

No wonder restaurants close every day!

I used to co-own a marine business. Our overhead was somewhere around $70,000 per month, 25 years ago. I was lucky to take home $1500 per month. Some month I took home nothing.

Why on earth would you want to own a traditional business???

Even if you manage to keep your head above water, you get to  spend all your time and resources training people, and then they quit and start their own business in direct competition with you, using all the things you taught them against you!!

In this respect, the online affiliate marketing business is totally different, but you must realize that it IS a business, not a game, and it requires hard work, dedication, and long term goals, just like any business. There are two very big differences:
1. Your overhead is VERY low – for under $500 per month you can have your website, your leads and your phone, and all without holding ANY inventory. There is NO traditional business that can make this claim.
2. You can keep everyone you train on your team, rather than ending up competing with them. That means that the more successfully you train them, the better they will do, but YOU will be rewarded, too. In other words, they will never compete with you;  instead, they will enhance your business!

If you are simply playing at being in business, just quit. You’re wasting your time, and you’ll never earn a dime. The reason why 95% of online businesses don’t make any money is very simply a combination of three factors.
1. A lack of real commitment and drive on your part (don’t blame it on your partners). If you won’t seriously work at your own business, no one else will do it for you. If your commitment is to give it all you’ve got for a month to see if it works, you are definitely going to fail! If you’ve only got a month to “see if it works,” quit right now. You’re wasting your time. Seriously, you have to go to grade one for a whole year to learn how to read;  how do you expect to become a business expert in your new business in one month?  Give me a break!

2. A lack of team support. You do need support. It is very unfortunate that so many “sponsors” won’t help their team. You can eliminate this challenge before you get started by contacting the person who has introduced you to a particular business before you start. If you can’t contact them or get any answers, find someone else to sponsor you. Many people have failed in some very good businesses because they couldn’t get answers when they needed them.  One of the fantastic things about affiliate marketing is that it can (and should be) a team effort, where you’re part of a team, and have a whole LIST of people to call or email if you get stuck. That’s the way it should be!

3. A very poor business plan with crummy products.  I list this one last, because it is the most common complaint I hear about business failure, but it is very often not the problem. These factors are listed here in order of most common reasons for failure. This IS the order they fall in. And if you do your research first, reason 3 won’t even appear on the scale, as you will have a business that’s second to none with excellent products and an excellent compensation plan that really rewards those who work.

The Adlandpro affiliate program is an example of a solid, time-tested affiliate marketing business that fits our criteria well.  If you’re committed to working hard and building a business, this one has already proven itself.   It doesn’t take long to discover that quite a number of serious online business people have been Adlandpro affiliates for a long time.

That’s because they are committed and driven, have found the support to be excellent, are part of a team, and have enjoyed the benefits of working with an excellent business plan with excellent products that people want and pay for month after month.  The added benefit is the fact that people don’t simply buy the products once, and that’s it, but they buy them month after month.  Those are called residual sales that continue to bring in revenue from work that has already been done.

Normally I don’t plug a particular company here, but this is a case where I’m happy to make an exception.  After all, this is about getting rich, which means having good products to work with and a good pay plan.  This author has been an Adlandpro affiliate for years, and even at times when I’ve barely even thought about it, money has still be coming in, in the form of residuals, from sales made years ago.

This author has affiliate experience with many companies, but the longest, continued experience has been with Adlandpro.  Most of the other companies no longer exist.  Adlandpro has been proactive and not only continues to exist;  it has been improving and updating.

The website, itself, has been undergoing a major upgrade, the all-important training manuals have been and continue to be updated and upgraded, old products have been updated, and new ones have been rolled, out, with the latest, very exciting one being the new, two-tiered PPC program.  It promises to be very successful.

A company like Adlandpro is very important to find in your quest for getting rich in the online world.  It’s well worth the time it takes to do your research before affiliating yourself with any company.  Remember that it’s much easier to distance yourself from a company with terrible products that’s here today and gone tomorrow BEFORE affiliating with them than after selling their lousy products.

After you find such a company and perhaps several other good ones, learn from your team (the one who introduced you and others), study the sales material, apply yourself, and work, work, work!  Get rich, slowly.  Or stay poor… It’s your choice.

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