Good Friday Adlandpro Friday Review

Good Friday Adlandpro Friday Review

Happy Easter to everyone on Adlandpro

This AdlandPro Friday review is being done on Good Friday and with that in mind, I want to keep the news in keeping with the theme.

We found out that a rare sighting of the actual Cadbury Easter Bunny has been seen in Australia. while I would love to share the video that was captured the sighting the Easter Bunny, I will have to refer you to this story so that you can see for yourself.  Its quite a marvel!


Breaking News from Cadbury UK

On a more serious now, this inforgraphic by Ross Toro shows who is observing Easter.
Find out who celebrates Easter in America, in today's LiveScience GoFigure infographic.

On AdlandPro there were many birthdays in the month of March and there have been many forums set up as well as a very active wall postings of people sending their wishes… to all of you I give you my best wishes

Birthday Greeting to all Members of Adlandpro who celebrated their birthday in March 2013

Elaine Groff Wolff   Joe Wissler  Christel E. Agnes  Diane Bjorling  Cheryl Maples  Joyce Parker Hyde    Phil Black  Rajaram S.K.  Alain Deguire  Jose Love Thomas Hay  Lydia Fokina  Paula Frye  Thomas Richmond  Lisa Simpkins  Michael Caron 
AdlandPro Forums to follow 
There are so many forums that are interesting and full of information to have you think, admire or go aww and a few of these are:
Myrna Ferguson‘s Forum – Birds and Animals
Patricia Bartch‘s Forum on humor, friendship, nature, gardens and animals
Roger MacDivitt‘s new forum Art from the Philippines
As many of you are aware, the Credit Builder is almost completed, for those readers who are not aware, here is a glimpse of what you can get when you redeem your credits and I invite you to read more about our new system here -> Redeem Credits
There are many ways you can redeem credits with the Adlandpro Credit builder

 Social Media Tip of the Day
When was the last time you checked your profiles across the social media landscape? My social media tip today is based on experience and that is make sure that your social media profiles are up to date. You can use Google to do a search for your name as well as your business and then make a point of visiting each one and make sure that all your information is filled out and up to date. If you have added anything new, this is a great time to get the information out there for people to see. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of the AdlandPro Friday Review, if you have ideas or suggestions that you would like to see here, please let me know and I will see what can be done   Happy Easter Everyone.

English: A milk chocolate Easter Bunny.

English: A milk chocolate Easter Bunny. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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