Google Plus does it really help you?

Google Plus does it really help you?

 Google plus,  G+, should I say Google+, sometimes I get confused which way to say it!

I still remember joining ( going to say) Google+ and being one of the very first to see what it was all about. As many of you may know I love trying new things not just out of curiosity, well maybe a bit of curiosity, but more to understand and figure out how something might be useful.

RIP Amplify I still miss you!

At that time I had been part of a community called Amplify and what a site it was! When you see such platforms as (as an example), well Amplify had that same ability to curate ( clip) a topic of your choice, but in a different format. When people talked about interesting things, then the discussions were in depth, at times heated, but always with thought put into words. I made some very good friends there and I can honestly say I was happy, because it had everything a person would want or need to brand yourself, learn new things and have a sense of belonging. Well something happened and I wish to this day I could understand what went wrong, but it did and funny enough at about the same time Google+ was starting up and was in its very early infancy. A lot if not most of us went to Google + and although it was not the same, there were a lot of the same elements to this new social network ( I still wish that we could get the same editor as we had on Amplify and when I think about it Adlandpro)

Times have changed over the last two years and Google + ( I think I will switch over to G+ now lol) has grown beyond everyone’s expectations and I have noticed just as many people are confused and go cross eyed when they even go near the site. I guess for me the transition to G+ was a bit easier than maybe for others, because the premise of sharing, curating, talking, “blogging” with people is the very same as Amplify and again in many ways like Adlandpro.


Now if you will notice the title of this post is “Does Google+ really help you?”. While many people are anti- Google the fact is that if you are not using G+, then you are really losing out – big time!  How will it help you?  Well for starters, being on G+ has a direct impact on your search engine rankings and appearance in the results in Google; every (and I mean every) Google product and everything Google is doing  uses  G+ as the hub. Gmail, docs, calendar, search, YouTube, and so on are all tying  into your identity on  G+ and if you need more convincing lol, because everyone else is using it lol

Grumpy Cat says no to Google plus

Now you can be like Grumpy Cat and say no to Google plus and I am sure you will have your reasons,  but for those of you who want to learn more about this social machine , I have gathered together a very short list of great resources for you to get a better idea on how to use it and even why you should bother.

What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog) by Martin Shervington.
( Any man who has on the header of his site “are you commoogling?” is a man who lives and breathes G+ and one to pay attention to 🙂 )

 THE ULTIMATE LIST OF GOOGLE+ TIPS by Amy Lynn Andrews.  Amy is one of those people who knows what she is talking about and uses very easy to understand wording and by the way a good person to follow if you want to know about blogging!

43 Google Plus Small Business Marketing Tips and Tricks by Brandon Gaille is one of those resources that speaks directly to the small business and well worth studying if you are marketing or an owner of a small business.

This last resource was found by Jim Allen and a big hat tip to him for finding this video…thanks Jim

While I am always going to miss Amplify, I will say Google plus is a good replacement as you can see by the resources above and if this is something that would be of use to your friends or readers, then share on twitter, Facebook and lol on Adlandpro and lets get a good dialogue going.


P.S I would be remiss in saying that Adlandpro has many of the good qualities of Amplify and if you would like to join us on G+ we have an Adlandpro Community that you will find interesting…come on in and join the conversation.


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