Happy Birthday Gmail

Happy Birthday Gmail

Google is celebrating the month of April for Gmail’s 9th birthday


who else but Google would launch a new service on April Fools Day? Well they did and on  April 1, 2004, Gmail first launched, like many start-ups it was by invite only….

Adlandpro_bogdan_fiedur_  Gmail launches April 1 2004

A bit of trivia for you… Did you know that Google had created a code name for gmail?  They chose an animal for their code.  Was it

  • Caribou
  • Zebra
  • Antelope
  • Gazelle

(The answer is at the end of the post 🙂

 In the very first screenshot, dating back to March 2002, we see Gmail when it was a simple Paul Buchheit hack to search his messages by keyword. via TechCrunchWhen I think about Google I always have this image of a building hiding behind a huge wall where everyone is working and creating new innovations. It was a treat to find a post done in 2008 by Mark Hendrickson of TechCrunch where I saw screenshots showing the evolution of  Gmail and I invite you to go and see history as it was back in 2002 it really is something to see.

While there are hundreds of millions of active users of gmail,not everyone is happy with the new innovations such as the new compose box..mind you did you know that if you  hold down the shift key while clicking compose – it opens a brand new compose window in the center of your screen? Not a bad feature to be honest :-).   Gmail has opened up a lot of possibilities and of course because it’s Google, who knows what they will think up next?

Here is the official and fun infographic that Google put on their blog in honor of this special time, which will give you a Google eye view of what has happened to Gmail ~ enjoy!

evolution of gmail

 oh and before I forget The code name was

Adlandpro_bogdan_fiedur_  caribou



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