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An interesting selection of health musings from Adlandpro on this weeks edition of the Friday News


Starting off the health musings – If you are having problems with your sinuses and many people are as we are heading into allergy season, then you will find this post interesting
health musings - do you problems with your sinuses?
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Did you know that there are many people who are allergic to eggs?
health musings about allergies to eggs

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Do you buy eyeglasses online? Here are some important questions you should be asking to save you time and money
health musings about buying eyeglasses online

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I don’t know of anyone who likes mosquitoes, but did you know how these and other small creatures can endanger your life?
health musings the danger of small creatures like mosquitoes are a hazard
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Doctors who have been telling IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) patients that it’s all in their mind will have to rethink that approach after scientists finally discovered the problem really does exist.
health musings on Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS for short
Read more about this important health topic here

I know that in some parts of the world, the weather is getting hotter ( it may happen here in Canada one of these days), Do you know how to treat heat stroke?
health musings on heat stroke
read more about this discussion here

One last health tip to make your day
health musings laughter is the best medicine

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