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There is a great parable from the book “Fairy Tales, Fables & Parable: Moral Is The Story” written by Steve Zavlek and an awesome book to help your child or grand child learn life lessons which is titled

“The Squirrel and the Ostrich” that I would like to share with you today as I believe that this story will show why helping your fellow marketer is important.

ostrich and squirrel

The Squirrel and the Ostrich

A hungry squirrel saw beautiful nuts on an old gummy tree. When he tried to get them, the sqirrel’s paws stuck with gum so that he walked away with sticks, leaves, dirt and grass trailing from his paws and fur.

The squirrel hungered terribly. The squirrel search and searched for ways to get the nuts. He was frustrated until he saw an otrich just below the overhanging branch. The ostrich looked like a blow in a feathered dreess; his head was on the brout, the neck was arched up, around and down, and his plumed body was planted firmly on two legs.
The squirrel developed and idea “Good morning Mr. Ostrich,” he began. “You are more fair than the most colorful rainbow. My name is Mr. Squirrel”/
“A pleasure to meet you” responded the ostrich, with his head still in the ground.
“It must be nice standing in the shade of this tree, but I am afraid there is a problem” The ostrich looked up as the squirrel continued. “If a strong wind blows those nuts are bound to fall on you:
“Dear me” responded the ostrich as he rose to his full height and saw the danger.
“You are correct”
“I can help remove those nuts if you lift me to the branch: suggested the squirrel. Ostrich agreed. When they had finished,squirrel had a fine meal and ostrich felt safe.

What is the moral of this story and what does it have to do with marketing?

The moral is “Everyone can benefit by helping others”.


hands holding helping eachother
Many people think that when it comes to  helping others this concept is  only for those who are in network marketing, but that is not true. We live in a time and age where every time we can help a fellow marketer- regardless of they style of market  or  any time we  can help a perspective customer we have created an incredible bond based on Trust and as we all know, without trust  how can you recommend an affiliate product, a business tool or a product/service you should buy?

What are some of the ways you can help your fellow marketer?
I have always believed that to help another person is by answering their questions and showing them tools they can use or resources they can go to read and learn about marketing.

Here are just a few examples of how you can be helping your fellow marketer

1. Did you know that the number of people using mobile has doubled in the last year and it show no sign of slowing down. Some ways you can help your marketing is by looking at your website and does it look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop?
A few tools that you may want to share with your fellow marketers are:
QuirkTools’ Screenfly

You can View any URL in real-time, you can scroll through the screen and rendering of pages is very fast. You can also rotate the screens, like you can do on mobile phones that has this ability. And you can choose to use their proxy to browse any page you want using a different IP address than your own.
Browser Shots
his tool will take snap shots of your pages. So there’s no live and interactive browser testing here. But they have more kinds of browsers available here – even ones that are not so popular and with different versions.
Mobile Phone Emulator is one of the most popular mobile phone emulators. The greatest advantage with this tool is that it includes a large number of mobile platforms, including Samsung, iPhone, BlackBerry etc.

2. There has been a controversy going on about email marketing and there is not doubt its still vital, but as a marketer you need to ask yourself a question, how are people communicating these day? I can tell you from what I have been seeing , a lot of people are going more into IM ( instant messaging as well as social media. One question you might want to consider is, should you think about looking into an instant messaging or some kind of chat plugin for your website? If you do choose to go this route then here are are a few free instant messaging clients including


I’m sure there are other messaging services that one can use and if you are using something that is not listed here, I wold love to hear about it and more important how is it working for you.

3. Sometimes  helping  your fellow marketer is as easy as  answering questions especially if they are new to marketing online.
Some questions people may ask are
a) what should I sell?
b) Is it better to be involved in affiliate marketing, network marketing, creating my own product. What are the pros and cons to all of these forms of marketing
4.  I know many people keep asking this same question ” I know I have to advertise, but what are the best free places to advertise? This one I am going to help you with. Believe it or not, forums are still a great way to advertise and yes this is my shamless plug for Register for a free account on Adlandpro and okay the Warrior Forum as well. The point to using these and other forums is in how you create your signature file. If you are in a specific niche for example dog care, then search on Google ( or Bing) and type in dog care forums and see what comes up, not only will you meet like minded people, but you will also be able to share your products with people who will be interested.  The best way to think of any forum is in how you can help people answer their questions about any given marketing topic, not with the intent to sell but with the intent to help.

If you are looking for a good list of other “do Follow” Forums then Jitendra Vaswani wrote a great list of 700+ Do Follow High PR Forums Sites List 2015 

5. There are so many resources online regarding  learning  how to market, you can get lost in the sea of information.

Here is one place that I strongly suggest that you go to – to learn the basics of internet marketing and marketing in general
( By the way and this is something I really need to emphasis – if ANYONE comes to you and say BUY my book and you will learn everthing..please show them the door. You really dont need to buy anything to learn about marketing, so please dont get sucked in..okay?)

WordStream has been known in the past to helping people out because they know that when they do so, it will come back to them in dividends.
About a year ago, Megan Marrs, set about the task of finding online marketing courses and in fact she found 26 Free Online Marketing Courses: Learn to be a Marketing Mastermind and I totally agree with her statement that we really do live in a wondrous age where learning can be obtained for free and whats even better? The resources she has listed all have good quality information.

I think that from my perspective, the best way of  helping your fellow marketer is to just be there for them, when they get frustrated. If you can help answer a question ( because you really know the answer) or if you can get that person to the right people who can be of help, then you have done your good deed and you never know, maybe one day that person you helped will pay you back with dividends not to mention what a great way to brand yourself as a person who knows how to help another person.

How do you help your fellow marketers?

Oh and how did you like that parable.. that was and is one very smart squirrel!



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