How Good is your subject line?

How good is your subject line? or blog post title ?  When it comes to blogging and email marketing many people wander around worrying about their subject line and whether they will be good enough and whether people will even open their email letter or click to read their blog content!

Now a days people are understanding that your subject line not only has to be good, but it has to WOW people to get them to open that email or read that blog post and there is a lot of information to be found on the art and science of  having a good subject line  with all the tips and tricks you can think of to help you out.

Many people who are marketing are discovering that blogging is a great way to create content to brand themselves and I have noticed that these people tend to see blog content as email content and treat everything they do the same way.

For example the title of a blog post is usually treated in the same manner as an email subject line and yet the reality is that there are differences between the two types of subject lines!

When creating a good subject line for an email, you need to think in terms of keeping your headline short and catchy but with Blog post titles you need to think in terms of what people are searching for and use Keywords as a focus.

Of course when considering how good is your subject line whether it be email or Blog post content, there are the similarities of

- understanding your readers
– wanting to attract attention
– wanting to trigger people to want to read what you have to say

To be honest I don’t think there are any shortcuts to learning the craft of writing headlines or titles, but sometime it helps to find a tool that will help steer you in the right direction.  While there are subject line testers that you can use to preview your headline to see how it will appear in various email clients and thinking of Litmus when I say this, for the purpose of how good your subject line  I am thinking more of these two different tools..

The first tool is one I discovered some years ago and was created by the Advanced Marketing Institute and is based on the “emotional marketing value” of a headline. The premise of this tool is that when you balance your headlines between all the different impact groups, then you can create more power to you headline – subject line- blog title.

Its an easy tool to use and gives you a lot of information and a way to help guide you on writing a subject line that will appeal to your audience.

 The Marketing service provider Worlddata created a tool called which is very snazzy for marketers, but I also like how it can help bloggers with their blog titles. The only downside ( if you can call it that) is you need to register to  continue using the service (  oh and it doesn’t accept gmail as an email provider)

 There is one other tool that you might want to use and it was created by MailChimp. It is a free IF you are a MailChimp user. I liked their wording  “Subject line researcher is kind of like a Google Keyword tool but for email marketing ( …maybe blog post titles too?)

Turning this over to you now…..

1. How do you craft your subject lines?  How good are your subject lines? leave me a comment and lets talk!

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