How to Earn Trust

How to Earn Trust

How to Earn Trust.  Don’t Feed Me Baloney!

 by – Dave Cottrell

 Good food is one of life’s real pleasures! It’s a pleasure to see, a pleasure to smell, and even more of a pleasure to eat.

 However, too much of the same thing becomes unbearable after a while, no matter how good it is once or twice.

 Then, there’s baloney (or balogna, if you prefer.) Baloney is also known as “poor man’s steak,” and rates even below Spam (the stuff in the can – not the stuff in your in bin).


 I really didn’t like baloney when I was a kid. I don’t know what I would think of it, now, as I haven’t eaten it in years, but I ate far too much of it as a boy.

There was a good reason we ate so much baloney; it was really cheap. It wasn’t high quality meat. Baloney has about as much food value as hot dogs. It probably has slightly more food value than sawdust, but not a lot more.

We definitely did not eat baloney because of the taste. The only way you can actually enjoy baloney is to cover it up with something that tastes better, like lots of mustard or mayonnaise.

What’s kind of funny, then, is that baloney has become a quaint synonym for nonsense. That brings me to my point:

I, and a lot of folks like me, am really tired of all the baloney being rammed down our throats online.

Every day, I receive SO much email that’s trying to sell me something that isn’t worth anything. It’s just nonsense – baloney – wrapped up usually in some “fabulous” new e-book or new “business opportunity”.

These offers are very well advertised, with great copy and flashy sites, but they are… baloney!

Think about it: How often have you seen a new e-book or software program being offered as THE answer to ALL your marketing needs for “only” $397, going down to $49.95 if you close the window often enough, only to see it being given away a short time later as an incentive for some other program. Why? Because it only sells well for a while until people begin to realize they bought baloney and not very fresh, at that.

Think about it:

How good do you think a book is that is written with software that is guaranteed to write a “killer” e-book in only 30 minutes? How good do you think software being sold by a “guru” that will certainly compete aggressively with him if it really works actually is?

How many people can really sell you all the secrets to making seven figure incomes online? Their “secret” is that they are very good at selling their baloney. They are making lots of money selling baloney. That doesn’t mean YOU will.

Before you pull out YOUR wallet, ask yourself why the membership you’re being offered at such a bargain price also including hundreds of “valuable” reports? How valuable can they be?

The answer is, most of the e-books, reports, push button software and “business” opportunities are simply very well-marketed baloney. They don’t live up to their promises, don’t give you valuable information and CAN get you into trouble, while leaving your bank account empty and your credit cards maxed out.

I’m not making any of this up. I AM speaking from experience. I HAVE read many of the reports and e-books. Most of these things concentrate on – guess what? – how to use bulk email (aka SPAM) or how to post over and over again to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites (aka SPAM) to get your ad out to as many people as possible so that you can play the incredibly lousy odds in your favour (in other words, find other suckers). Why pay for reports like that? Everyone knows ALREADY that if you can send out enough ads without getting caught, the odds are you will eventually sell something.

I HAVE joined the “business” opportunities that don’t have any real value. (I’ve shelled out enough money to buy a LOT of baloney!)

I am sick of baloney. I’m royally sick of seeing people getting ripped off by online predators. Maybe these people really don’t have consciences. I prefer to think that they simply have spent so long looking at a computer screen that they have forgotten that they’re really ripping off real, live people.

Business is business online and off. A REAL business provides a REAL product or service that gives REAL value for the dollar.

To sell your product or service, you must advertise honestly and develop real relationships with your potential customers. That is IT! You don’t have to buy a report or e-book to know that. It’s common knowledge.

What you don’t need is another, “secret formula” or “hidden code” or “little known success strategy” or fancy website.

What you need to find is a good product or service to market and then start advertising. Blog, use classified ads, share helpful tips related to your product or service on social media. There really isn’t any secret to marketing your product. Your advertising budget and your attitude are the two biggest factors in your success.

Don’t be fooled by “gurus” who tell you they will sell you their secrets for the low, low price of…..? Their secret is their copy writing skill and the income they claim to be earning (and many are). Just imagine how much you could be making if you had their advertising budget and their copy writing skills. But it IS a skill and a gift that only some will ever have. Some people are Olympic gold-medalists in the high-jump and some are incredibly gifted in the fine art of hype.  

I Am Fluent In Three Languages ...item 1.. For...


My goal here is not to depress or discourage you. My desire is to help you succeed and to do what I can to keep you from getting ripped off, instead. You CAN succeed. There ARE good programs out there to help you succeed without spending an enormous amount of money. They DO require work and a small amount of money, but they are run by honest people who are just trying to build a solid business themselves.

If you do your research (and don’t simply jump into one hyped-up program after another), and pick a good business to work with, or develop your own, you can succeed with perseverance, hard work, and more research.

Blog. Post classified ads. They really do work, even in the twenty first century.

Join online communities, participate in forums, ask questions, share the things you learn and get to know people! Do the foundational work first of getting known and getting to know people. Don’t start trying to sell your product or business to someone as soon as you meet! It will take you a lot of time, but the results will amaze you!

If you’re known as someone who’s going to try to serve baloney to everyone you meet, you might as well either give up, or come up with a very large advertising budget to pay someone to do your marketing for you! But if you become known as someone who is trustworthy, who cares about others, and who has something to say other than, “I’m a guru, buy my junky e-book,” and if you have the PATIENCE to do it right, you’ll probably make it.

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