How to Get Referral Traffic

How to Get Referral Traffic


Before we can talk about how to get referral traffic, it helps to remember what referral traffic is.

getting referral traffic to your site

There are actually three types fo traffic that you need to get to your site

  • Organic traffic – Traffic that happens when the search engines find you and requires good content and even better SEO
  • Direct Traffic – people that directly went to your page, via bookmarks, typing in the URL or by name (

and then we have referral traffic…..

  • Referral traffic is simply traffic that comes from people coming to your site from links that were placed on other sites.

When you use all three forms of traffic, then after a while you will (and staying with a plan of action), see Google and the other search engines take notice and push you up in the ranks.

The funny thing about referral traffic is that while it usually represents a smaller percentage of overall traffic, it normally generates the highest amount of conversions, so its wise to pay attention to these tips

  1.  The expression “content is king” is not a myth and not a fad, creating good..epic content is MUST! When you create content and promote it, then the result is more traffic to your site.
  2.  While some might argue the use of Press releases, when done properly and used to share something that is noteworthy, then this is a great traffic machine.
  3. Newsletters! How many of you read and share newsletters? when you create a newsletter of value then you could and should see a significant amount of traffic to your site. Make sure you add sharing buttons so that people can share your newsletter.
  4. If you are not one to create your own newsletter, then and will fill the same need and is an incredible way to get referral traffic.
  5. YouTube is an awesome way to get traffic as everyone loves videos and when you do tutorials or talk about your industry, you can put in the description ” To read more about this topic -> lead people to your site.
  6.  Pinterest. Pinterest is showing itself to be a site that will get you traffic almost immediately and that is a fact. If you are not using Pinterest, can I ask why not?
  7.  While there are scores of social networks and forums online, if you have a problem with time then remember these 5 social networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and yes Adlandpro. Once you have signed up to these sites ( created killer profiles), you can grow your traffic by sharing content with people, having discussions and as always being the great person you are and helping others. Do not spam nor be spammy.
  8.  Commenting on other websites/blogs with valuable comments is a fantastic way to build traffic back to your site and when I say that I mean more than “great post or thanks for sharing” Those are more like spam comments..put thought into what you are saying and you will be rewarded 100 times over.

These are just some of the basics on how to get traffic and I  know there are more – What are your tips for getting referral traffic?

Lets share and learn from each other…thanks for listening

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  • It’s interesting that I just finished reading an article about linking, and noted that sloppy linking can harm your ranking. Referral traffic, as you have noted in your article, is incredibly important and very high converting. But if you are sloppy with your linking, getting link backs from anyone and anywhere, your referral traffic won’t be there, and even worse, Google may penalize you. Make sure to get link backs from places that offer similar or complimentary content.

    • While we worry and fret about Google penalizing us and yes I agree that we need to be aware of this, understanding how referral traffic is important is the main focus of this post. With all the updates that Google is doing I feel that people are slowly getting the message that for “organic traffic” one needs to understand that with good content, proper SEO and linking these issues are required.

      That being said, referral traffic does NOT mean spam linking, drop linking etc and in fact people will be annoyed with you enough to say…”go away!”

      “Linking” to poor quality sites or sites that have nothing to do with what you are talking about or affiliating with, will never get you traffic and I agree with Google and you…it is a penalizing move.

      There are many good and ethical ways to get referral traffic and the ones I have suggested here are a good start.

      I asked a great question…what other ways would you suggest to get that “om nom nom” traffic to your site?

      I thought of another by the way…BizSugar is a terrific place to get people interested in you that will give you a great chance to get referral traffic…

      Here is the link if any of you are interested:
      Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…The Church Of No PeopleMy Profile

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  • Thank you Diane for this great article on how to get referral traffic. It is a subject that has been on my mind lately. I think of referral traffic as people who not only come to your sites but come there because they know that you have something that they want. They come to read your article because they know from experience that they will get something of great value. It is the ones who come back time and time again and get to know you that generate exponential traffic. They share with others that your site, your blog, or your article is a place to go…I tweeted your article to my followers on Twitter and shared it on The Soaring Eagle Team on Facebook and other social networking locations.

    Your referrals are very special to us. We would welcome them and take good care of them when received.

    *Imagine a Company that provides a healthier Life for Everyone, and a Better Life for Anyone.
    Ken Wolff recently posted…Bill’s Birthday Badge HuntMy Profile

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