How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online (hint:  it’s not difficult)

by Dave Cottrell

“How to make money online,” a search term that has probably has more traffic than a very great many other long tail terms, should probably more realistically be “how to get rich quick with no work or effort of any kind.”  How to Make Money online


We will get back to the how to make money online in a minute, but here are the things many people are really looking for and even seriously pursuing, which you should be avoiding at all costs.

Another hint:  These things were DESIGNED to target suckers.  There is no other, kinder way to put it.  These are really good ways to LOSE money.

1.) HYIPs  (High Yield Investment Programs, also known as HHYIPs or High-risk High Yield Investment Programs):  If it requires very little investment and promises huge returns – you are going to lose whatever you invest.  While those few early “investors” – aka, gamblers,  who get in early and pull their money out early often make money – that’s just part of the scam.  They start telling everyone how much they’re making, people sign up like crazy, the owners get wealthy, and the plug gets pulled.  It was once a very simple scam, but has become more sophisticated.  The owners almost always work beyond the reach of the laws that could prosecute them, while those few “lucky” ones who made money by starting at the top often find themselves afoul of the law and subject to prosecution when the lid finally blows off the scheme.

2.) Automated wealth programs: These are almost always advertised as requiring no work, no calls, no big investment.  The problem is, there’s no such thing as a free ride.  If you want to make big money, you have to put in big effort.  Anyone who makes any other claim is simply lying to you.

3.) “New Secrets to Online Wealth” are utter nonsense in any form. The roots of these are found in the old scheme of telling you to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope and $5 to get the secret to quick riches.  You then receive a note that instructs you to post ads everywhere, telling people to send you $5 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to find out the secret to quick riches…  Remember, hype sells (and sucks the unwary’s wallet dry).

4.)  Ponzis:  Many really nice people have fallen victim to Ponzi schemes.  Invented by one Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi, aka, Charles Ponzi, it is a “business opportunity” where you buy in with a promise of an unbelievable return on your “investment.”   “Unbelievable” is the correct word, since no real investment will ever consistently bring the kind of returns promised.  If people are paid at all, they are paid out of the money coming in from new members.  When the number of new players coming in is no longer great enough, the whole thing collapses, with all except the early “investors” losing their money.   Hint:  ANY program that promises amazing interest on your money is a fake.  What is an amazing rate of return?  Anything close to 1% per day should send you running without doing any more research.  It’s unsustainable in any economy known.

Again, do your due diligence.  Never accept what you’re told.  Find out where the money is coming from, and verify it.  Track down their office, check for a business license, check with the banks, make sure they have a genuine, verifiable investment license.  Many people have been duped by these schemes and there’s no sign of them slowing down.

5.) The age-old rule still is:  If it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. Protect yourself and your friends by staying away from such worthless scams and put your focus into things that require hard work, perseverance, and entrepreneurship.  That’s the proven way to make money online and anywhere else.

I really dislike seeing people waste their hard-earned money on hyped up scams and then become discouraged.   That’s no way to make money online.   It can never be stressed enough:  Do your due diligence before leaping in, and avoid any and all of the above listed scams.

Now that the things to avoid are out of the way, let’s return to how to make money online.  There are three simple steps that will really help you make money online if you follow instructions and work hard.   If you don’t like work, stop reading.

1.)  Join online communities like Adlandpro, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook there are many more).  Get to know people, find out who seems to have the most popular discussions on business, network marketing, internet sales, and related information, and learn from them.  Ask lots of questions.  You will quickly find out who really knows what they’re talking about, because they will generally be the kindest, friendliest, most helpful people you’ll ever meet.

You will also find that they are not afraid to give you answers that might ruffle a few feathers because they realize that telling the truth is more important than anything else.

2.)  Find out who’s really making money and what they’re doing.  Take your time, and be picky . When you discover someone who’s making money online with a product or affiliate program you really like, you can approach them and find out if they’re looking for new partners to mentor and train in their business.  Note that in most cases, it is a net-worker’s dream to meet someone like you and they will be thrilled to sponsor and train you.

3.)  Learn from your sponsor and do exactly what you’re told.  You’re not immediately ready to go on your own, so why rewrite the manual when you have an up-line who already knows the right way?

4.)  Promote your business everywhere you can, following the guidance of your sponsor.  Look for a small number of people to really work with in your organization who are as serious and you are, and train them in exactly the same way your sponsor trained you.  Notice that I said, “a small number.”   The cold, hard fact is that most of the people who join through your advertising efforts are looking for a way to get rich quick, join everything they come across, and will never even take the initial steps to fill out all their information.    Ignore them.  This is YOUR business, and you don’t want the whole world trying to run your store.  If you begin your online business with the idea that it’s YOUR business and those you will work with have to qualify, first, you will have an organization built with people who are much more likely to follow your example and succeed, creating a very tightly knit and successful organization.

5.)  Remember that you can start your own organization “from scratch.”  It’s fantastic to have a solid, successful up-line who will help you get going, but you can also build your organization “from the ground up,” if you’re willing to work, and work you must, anyway.  The bottom line is, you can’t always easily find a good sponsor, but you can be one.

  • First of all, you still need a good product or affiliate program, because the money ultimately comes from sales. An affiliate program I particularly like to recommend is the Adlandpro Affiliate Program.   It has been around  since 1998, which is astonishing in the Internet world, and a very good indication it’s a solid program. Contrary to what the “get rich quick” and MLM crowd often say, there is no need to get in at the top, or on the ground floor, or any other panic to enroll in a good program.  If it’s good, it’s going to last.  If it’s not, why waste your time?
  • > Again, join a business community like Adlandpro and various social media groups dedicated to business around the Internet.  Learn as much as you can from others who are successful, and emulate them.

6.)  Finally, don’t pay someone else to sell their stuff.  This is not the way to success and it’s definitely not how to make money online.  If they are charging you to sell their stuff, there’s something wrong with their stuff, and you’re not going to make money selling it!  They make their money convincing people that it’s worth spending money to sell their stuff!  Duhhhh…..

Do things right, right from the beginning.  Study first, learn what’s working, who really is successful, and learn from those people.  Do your due diligence before choosing what you’re going to sell, and that can include what affiliate program you’re going to join, a most excellent way to begin and for many, simply the best way with the least headaches to make money online, period.  Work hard and even more important, work consistently. This is how to make money online, and how to enjoy real success in a solid, long-lasting, profitable business.

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  • Solid article but….I have to disagree on one point.

    6.) Finally, don’t pay someone else to sell their stuff. This is not the way to success and it’s definitely not how to make money online. If they are charging you to sell their stuff, there’s something wrong with their stuff, and you’re not going to make money selling it! They make their money convincing people that it’s worth spending money to sell their stuff! Duhhhh…..

    When you don’t have the experience to develop your own product to sell then you have to be able to learn how to sell somebody else’s. In many cases you will have to pay something to have the right to sell it or get the training to sell it. A monthly membership is the most common but no, I do not agree with a mandatory Auto-Ship program of physical product.

    Thanks for the article!
    Jeff Beeman recently posted…Five Laser Targeted StrategiesTo Find Prospects For Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  • Interesting rebuttal by Jeff.
    There are many side to the story, as usual.
    Over the past 50 years I have made money selling
    1. My OWN products (most profitable)
    2. Products of others (paid commission) but have No Investment.
    3. Sold products through a “franchise” system, where the Franchiser offers much in return for the small stipend paid.
    4. The best is, of course, is the sale products that you Own and are based on a continuity model. offering continued subscription income, or royalty Income.
    Several clients are enjoying continued sale of Videos, audios and publications they Created once and have an evergreen market
    Chuck Bartok recently posted…Facebook or Google+, which Best for You?My Profile

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