How to Put a video on Pinterest

How to Put a video on Pinterest

How do you put a video to Pinterest?


As anyone knows or should know by now Pinterest is one of the biggest “darlings” of the net and while it has been around for quite a while now, the growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. For marketers as well for housewives, not to mention graphic artists, Pinterest is becoming a household name and daily destination. It is also an excellent tool for your SEO.

While there are loads of information about Pinterest, from marketing to how to’s there are a lot of people who still ask the question  “how do you put a video on Pinterest?”

To answer this question, here is a video from geekmom who does a great job walking you through how to do this …..

For those of you who want to know how to upload an video in words, here is a simple explanation that will show you step by step

  • Find the video on YouTube that you want to share and open its page.
  • Click on the Share button.
  • Click on Share This Video 
  • Copy the URL in the box under the Share This Video button ( it will look like this:
  • Go to your Pinterest page and click on the + Add a Pin button
  • Paste the YouTube link into the box under “Or find images to pin”
  • Click on the Find Images button
  • Your selected video will appear at the top of the window. Click on it to Pin it.
  • In the new window choose a pin up board and enter a description then click Pin it


how to put a video on Pinterest via Adlandpro


Whether you are pinning videos or images to Pinterest, remember to add a good description to your post/pin using good keywords and add pertinent hashtags. Why add hashtags to Pinterest description?, this will be in the next article.

Pinterest is an awesome tool not only for social media, but a proven traffic producer for blogs and websites so add wonderful pins and videos to Pinterest and remember to have some fun.

Bonus: Highlight old content on your blog so that people can repin your archived posts. The LinkWithin tool will add a footer to your blog posts that features images and links pulled from old content, giving people the opportunity to pin previous articles. P.S Its free 🙂

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