How to Speed Up Sales

How to Speed Up Sales

How to Speed Up Sales in a Slow Economy

by Dave Cottrell

How to speed up sales in a slow economy?  Here are ten ways to do it.

Sure the economy is slow, right now. But if there’s one thing that is sure about the economy at any time, it’s that it’s not going to stay the same. It’s going to grow like crazy at times, and other times, like right now, it’s going to slow right down to a crawl.

The question is not about what the economy is doing, but what are you doing to make sure your business keeps on making sales no matter what the economy is doing? Are you going to crawl in tears and frustration with the economy, or are you going to rise up and forge ahead, being part of the solution, rather than another sad statistic?  

how to speed up sales

slow economy?


There are many things that you can do to speed up sales in a slow economy. Here are ten ways you can speed up your sales. 

  1. Give personal endorsements for the products you’re selling. There is just about nothing that is a stronger selling point than your own endorsement, having used the product, yourself. This will pull WAY more sales than copying and pasting the sales text from the affiliate site.

    • Hint: Don’t fake it. You won’t last.

  2. Do lots of research. Find out what’s trending and ride the trend. Watch the news, especially in the online world, and see what people are talking about, and even more specifically, what people are buying. If you can stay on the front of a new trend and pick up the next one before the first one ends, you’re going to have an edge that others don’t have.

  3. Plan ahead. Load up on bonuses you can give out throughout the year, especially in the really slow times. Plan your sales, and if what you’re selling is a holiday favorite, plan accordingly.

  4. Make sure your website loads lightning fast. This is SO important. Use a site like to test your site and be brutal if you have to, to get your site to load faster. There are lots of things most people can do to speed up load time.

    • Getting rid of unnecessary images and widgets, and cleaning up coding can often shave a HUGE amount of time off your load time.

    • If you use WordPress, putting WP Super Cache and WP Widget Cache on your website will amaze you. Hint: be careful and don’t tinker with WP Super Cache too much until you’ve done some reading. The best way to use it to begin with is to simply reload the cache each time you edit your site, so that the newest version is up.

  5. Build your brand! Put some serious time and thought into creating a logo and memorable slogan for your business. Add them at the bottom of your articles on your blog, so that they will remind people of your business whenever they see them. Who would have thought the name of a river would become the world’s largest book store or a name like Google would be the world’s largest search engine! That’s branding.

  6. Let people know the retail value of the bonuses you offer. People love free stuff, but they will love it even more if they see the value they’re getting.

  7. Create an eBook with links to your website in it, and give it away. You could even offer it to other website owners as a bonus for their customers. Every time they give it away, they spread your links around the internet.

    •  If you find writing an eBook too much of a challenge at the moment, look for other people giving away free eBooks as a bonus, and make a deal for a small fee to include your link in their eBook.  As long as it is the same niche and not in direct competition, it’s a win-win.

  8. Experiment with your pricing. Sometimes you will get more sales when you raise your prices, because it increases perceived value.

    • A former business partner of mine launched out into his own business, building high quality aluminum pleasure boats. When he took several of them to a boat show, he priced them to give him a decent profit margin, but they were still well below the price his competition was charging. No one would buy his boats; then he overheard people talking and discovered they thought there must be something wrong with his boats, because they were too cheap. He raised his prices substantially, and they began selling. People quickly discovered that the boats were very high quality, and then word of mouth began to increase his sales rapidly. By raising his prices, he immediately increased the perceived value, increased his sales, and increased his profits far beyond his expectations!

  9. Get your site certified by online business associations, such as Trustwave, Truste, the Better Business Bureau and McAfee SiteAdvisor. These all have their own seals that you can place on your site to show your visitors that they are going to have a safe and pleasant experience doing business through your site.

  10. Be an expert in your niche and market yourself as such. Do continuous research and make sure you know what you’re talking about. Visit blogs and forums in your niche and be an active part of the conversation. People will begin to recognize you as a go-to person in your industry, and will come to your website to buy from you.

  11. BONUS TIP: Be nice. Make it easy for your visitors to contact you. Have a contact page. Add live chat help, if you can be there to monitor it. Combine it with a phone number for after hours calls with a pleasant message promising to return their call and do it! People LOVE personal contact, and it will drive your sales numbers up!

Yes, the economy is slow, right now. But slow isn’t dead. It simply presents a few extra challenges, and you need to rise to them.

In the 1980s, there was a slow time. Many car dealerships were laying off their sales staff, yet one was hiring the best of those who were being laid off. They had a sign on their door that said, “We hear there is a recession going on, but we’ve decided not to participate!”

Let this be your attitude, today, and you can rise to the top, too. 

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