I love Social Tools |Quote Cover.com

I love Social Tools |Quote Cover.com

I love social Tools!

When Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing, everyone knows that you need social tools and resources to help make your life easier and on my page I have been slowly collecting a fine library of social tools for everyone to use and share as needed.

Today I added to that list as I found a new social tool that I am sure you will want to bookmark and keep close to you. The name of the tool is called “Quotes Cover.com” and I have to say that for a service that is a Beta version, I am very impressed.

Its a pretty classy and easy to use site that is in Beta Version and the only problem I have had is that I have to bookmark the site.  There is no signup or registration…you go in and create your quote and have a lot of fun with the different effects that you can make.  They have oodles of quotes to choose from or you can make up your own.

As it says when you go to the site….

QuotesCover.com turns any ordinary saying texts into a beautiful typography art picture for use on Facebook, Google Plus, E-Cards, Wallpapers, and Prints.

For the fun of it, I turned the above writing into a reading experience…how does it look?  


and a video to show how to create a Facebook Cover, which will give you an idea of what can be done with this tool.

Let me know how this social tool works for you …if you like it then share to the world and if you are an Adlandpro member,just a suggestion, maybe you could make a forum using this tool and have your own quote forum or create your own Pinterest Board and wow your fans.

*Note: anything in Beta version, may have some glitches…if this is happening to you, then let them know and let me know also

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