Internet business mastery with 13 articles

Internet business mastery: 13 articles to help you build a good and solid business.

Internet marketing mastery

Website Success


Back in May 2013, I wrote about having a good affiliate marketing mindset, where I gave 15 steps to success in answer to a question that many people were having in when it came to having problems with affiliate marketing and the frustration they were having.

To my way of thinking being an affiliate is only the first step in the processes of building an internet business and to quote something I said in that article and something I strongly believe…

To me being an affiliate marketer means to sell somebody Else’s product or service, yet you consider it as your own business.

I also believe that working from home is a viable way to create an income and when I wrote Is working from home right for you? I listed 6 advantages

  1. Flexibility
  2. Your overhead costs are reduced
  3. Lots of room for testing
  4. Tax Benefits
  5. Experience
  6. Turning Creativity into a profit
I would now like to introduce to you 13 articles to help you further your internet business mastery. As you will see every article will take you step by step in learning and understanding how marketing can become a very successful way to have a career that will be both profitable and satisfying.


  1. Basic Rules of Website Design

  2. Hosting

  3. Your sales letter

  4. Headline and powerful testimonial

  5. Benefits, bonuses, guarantee, order

  6. Color, fonts, pictures, newsletter, voice, order button

  7. Accepting Payments- Credit Cards, Bank transfers, Checks

  8. Submit your site to search engines

  9. Word of mouth and social media advertising

  10. Press release

  11. Classified Ads

  12. Classified Ads Cont

  13. Affiliate program

I will be adding new articles as time goes one so don’t forget to subscribe to my other blog The Adlandpro Connection and of course if you have not subscribed to this blog -> social Media and marketing, then just look on the right hand side and sign up.

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Bogdan Fiedur is the Owner of Adlandpro classified advertising and a social network for people who are in affiliate marketing, small business and a social gathering. His main focus is on building Adlandpro into a world class venue for all people, creating and sharing quality content to help people, especially new people who are new to online marketing. Living in Winnipeg means enjoying sports such as ice fishing with a passion for Kayaking,enjoying the companionship of his dogs and a family man devoted to his wife and children.


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