Internet Marketing:Engagement and listening

Internet Marketing:Engagement and listening

When you consider Internet marketing have you thought about “Engagement” and “Listening” as tools?

 Engagement and listening what great words they are –  total  opposites  and yet without the one, it is not possible to do the other and when it comes to internet marketing you need to understand this basic concept.
While internet marketing has changed with the advent of social media and new buzz words have been formed  the truth is that the basics of marketing are still the same with the goal of making that sell.
I have noticed that everywhere I go I keep hearing the same thing..we need to engage, we need to talk to people and we have to show our authority ..we are becoming over achievers when it comes to engaging and the fact is most people have no clue on what to do, why do it and their results are at best dismal.

 Lets talk about engagement for a moment…

How many of you keep hearing that you need to engage with people on Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn, G+?
How many of you dutifully do what you are being told to do and talk talk talk and what is the end result?
If you are like many people your results are dismal, no one talks back but you are told that you need to engage to get those results..right?
How about doing something different for a change
Be quiet and listen ( reword…I mean you need to stop engaging for a few moments and listen)
Are You Listening?
You  are marketers and you have chosen your products or services to promote because ( hopefully) you really like and believe in that product or service.  YOU know what it is all about, YOU have the faith and YOU have the passion..the only problem is the only people YOU are selling to is YOURSELVES!
Harsh words? Well I’m sorry about that, but I need to get your attention
What you (and I) need to do is to start seeing the reality and that is –  just because we love what we do, we appreciate that product or service, the rest of the world does not share that same passion nor do people have that same motivation.
Just for once..step back and see your product or service from the outsider point of view and then listen to what people are asking, find out how  your product or service really HELP them with a problem they are having. It is only by listening to what others are saying and asking that you can really figure out how to engage in a meaningful manner.
Here is my advise….
Listen and tune into the twitter stream and really listen to the problems people are having. Pay attention to what people are asking and needing on Facebook or LinkedIn and then form a plan so that you can properly engage and then maybe…just maybe people will want to know more about what you are selling!
Do you agree with me?  If so and if you feel this might help someone, then you are more than welcome to share it with others.  If you have something to add then I would love to hear from you – the comment form is below and I would love to hear your thoughts.
One last thing… a song for all of you to appreciate listening or in this case silence



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