Introducing SlideShare

Introducing SlideShare

How many of you are familiar with SlideShare?

For myself I have been seeing many presentations using SlideShare for quite a while now and I have always been a bit envious of those who are using it.

I made a decision to knuckle down and learn how to make my own slideshares, in part because I saw Bogdan using slideshare to teach people about internet marketing. I’m sorry to say that I was very frustrated at the beginning as I could not for the life of me figure out how to do it and there were more than a few times that you could hear me grumble ( being polite), to the point people stayed away from me lol

I am happy to say I finally figured it out!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SlideShare, SlideShare is one of the worlds largest communities where you can share presentations and slideshows. It is a great way to share ideas, network with other people and many affiliate marketers and businesses use this medium to market their business. This online hosting service can also do cool things like be embedded on your blog, websites and yep even emails and newsletters.

One of the great things about SlideShare is that your presentations are indexed by search engines and is a fantastic traffic machine… but how the heck do you create cool presentations that is  easy to do?

If you are knowledgeable with PowerPoint, then you won’t have any problems, but if you DON’T have PowerPoint  creating slides for SlideShare is a daunting task and trust me I was going crazy trying to figure it out.

Being the stubborn person I am I think I tried everything with no luck and was almost in tears until I had a brainstorm…Google!

Google used to have Google Docs which changed over to Google Drive and I thought..well lets give it a try and guess what it worked!

To put it as easily as I can, you open up your Google Drive and create a presentation. You can create as many slides as you wish and when you are finished you can download everything in a PDF File. It is a simple matter of going to your SlideShare account and uploading your file and now have a presentation….yipee! Once you have uploaded your presentation, you can add tags, you can create a good description and give your creation a good title.

I am still working on a few issues like how to make a link live on a SlideShare and if you know how to do this, I would love to hear it! On the other hand I did find out you can put a YouTube video in a presentation, which is easy to do 🙂
Now why would I even bother using SlideShare, its just one more task I have to take care of, it does require time and with all the other social networks, who needs one more? I have 8 reasons ( and counting) – 

1 People can share your files with others easily
2.You can drive traffic back to your site ( remember that traffic machine?)
3 Using slideShare can create another digital footprint
4 It can make learning easy for people
5 You can use it for free and upload up to 100mg files ( There is a Pro version that will give you more Klout in what you can do and you can use their lead-capturing tool)
6 It can help posisition you as a person who is an expert in a field
7 You can add SlideShare to your Facebook page or your LinkedIn Profile
8 Its fun!

If you want to know more about SlideShare Below is a good overview of Slideshare statistics by Column Five Media

SlideShare Infographic

Now it’s time for me to show off a little and here is my very first presentation


Because I am so impressed with what Bogdan is doing, here is his first lesson on the Internet Marketing course

Now it’s my turn to ask…what do you think about SlideShare and will you give it a try?
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