Is it a scam or not?

Talking about knowing if a program you are looking into  -> is it a scam or not?

I read a comment on an Adlandpro forum where a member gave some well meaning advise to a person

“The BEST way to check out MLM’s is to get the name of the company; then do a search.
Just place #scam in front of the company’s name and/or person’s name”

It got me thinking about how people fall for scams especially work at home type of scams so easily and what  ways and means you can research to find out if a company or product is legitimate.

Before I delve into this topic a little bit, I will say that the advice that was given on that forum  is useful but  I will add  a word of caution.
While putting the filter “scam” in any search engine  with the name of  a company/person’s name  may help with reputation management, be aware that scammers have gotten smarter and will use in their titles   such titles as  ” My review of ****  – Is it a scam or not“.  I know that many honest people may write these kinds of reviews, but many of the scammers do also.  Just be aware of what you are reading and take everything you read with  two grains of salt.

Obviously you should check  on all  main search engines to be sure you get an accurate assessment of any program you are thinking of joining.

Instead of going to every search engine one at a time, a time consuming task at best, I suggest that you use the search engine called Dogpile

dogpile homepage

What is Dogpile?

Dogpile is a meta search engine, meaning that it gets results from multiple search engines and directories and then presents them combined to the user. Dogpile currently gets its results from Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, Ask , About, MIVA, LookSmart, and more. source: Dogpile Search 

Is it a scam or not tips

We have all heard the expression ” If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” –  well it is said for a reason!  Unfortunately the scammers also know this and they have become a lot more sophisticated in how they will con people and having the attitude of ” this can never happen to me” is one way to get yourself into problems.

two fish talking

Take the time to do the research before you spend  time and money on any  online business  ( including MLM’s , affiliate programs, eBay offerings etc.)

A few other ways you can check to see if  the MLM or any other style work at home company is legitimate are:

  1. Find out information about any website by using a “whois” search.   WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase who is) is a query and response protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system, but is also used for a wider range of other information.  There are two ways that I personally use the whois. One is a Chrome extension and the other is a website.

The Chrome extension can be found here IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating. This simple tool is easy to use, you simply click the icon that sits in the right part of your URL bar and you will see lots of useful information.


whois chrome extension screen shot


The website BetterWhoIs will give you oodles of information but you will have to enter a CAPTCHA.

BetterWhois offers a simple unified WHOIS search allowing you to check domain availability,display domain ownership and verify nameserver information… across hundreds of domain registrars.

BetterWhois logo

2. Read through the website’s terms and conditions before doing business with them to verify the terms and conditions make sense. Also, if you can’t find a way to contact the owners on on any given website that is a red flag to be used to ask a lot more questions about the program you are getting into.

3. Regardless of how you get the information about a business opportunity, if you are told you need to put out any kind of cash, take the time to investigate it thoroughly before making your decision. Learn everything you can about the type of business and the company selling the opportunity before you sign any agreements or pay any money. Do your own research. Do not rely on facts given you by the opportunity company or testimonials presented in their sales literature.

4. Look at the Google SafeBrowse report. Simply type in “” before the site address in the address bar; Google will give out a report about this specific site.

A final note when you start thinking about is it a scam or not –   don’t  let yourself get pressured into or rushed into making your decision.
Give your bank account a break and make SURE the opportunities fit your budget, your personal work habits, your preferences, and your marketing expertise




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