Joining in the #LFS Movement

Joining in the #LFS Movement



 #LFS ( Link Free Sunday) what is it  and why should you join?

I received a message from Marc Ensign ( just a cool person that I pay attention to 🙂 ) and in part this is what he said

……Anyway, this movement is about making Twitter a better place to connect. We’ve gotten so sucked into the marketing aspect of it that the majority of Twitterers use it to gain something like the sale of a new product, another tick mark on their analytics and the warm feeling of accomplishment that comes with the number of Tweets your post got. But rarely is it being used to gain something like a new connection or relationship. At least not like it used to be.

And the culprit? The dreaded link.


I know for myself that when I think of  social networking, I have this image of people talking to each other, sharing thoughts, saying hello and generally connecting one way or another to other people.

The sad reality is that this has gotten lost on many of the social networks, but particularly on Twitter. Whether people are marketing or social media marketing all anyone sees anymore are links being spewed everywhere and I know that I would love to see people talking  more!

Marc Ensign has come up with an idea and its one I am fully supporting and its called having a link free day on Sunday or #LFS because when you think about it Sunday is ( or it used to be) supposed to be a day of rest.

Without taking over Marc’s idea, I am just going to refer you to his post……


 #LFS Twitter


 I am inviting ALL members of Adlandpro who are tweeting with the hashtag #Adlandpro to join in and use the hashtag #LFS and lets show the good folks on Twitter what social networking is really all about!  Share this message with everyone you know and lets get something good going ~Thanks

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