Linkis Review

Linkis Review – Can you say Wow?  I did!

After spotting in a news article I was reviewing for my paper, I was so impressed I decided to do this Linkis Review.  When was the last time you saw a new social media program that really impressed you? has done that for me. It has to be the most exciting tool for link customization, twitter automation, curating and exchanging opinions all on one platform that I’ve seen rolled out in a very long time.

We all know how important social media is in the world of online business, today, and every good tool that comes along is an important and welcome addition to our arsenal.

Try plugging in a URL, then go to the new custom URL they create for you and see what happens. Bam! Pretty cool! You can also set it so that it automatically changes all the links in your tweets to custom ones. You can easily turn that on or off.

Linkis makes it possible to share and keep track of your shares, comments, replies and other people’s shares, right on the custom page created by their software. Try it with this page. Cool, huh?

It’s a pretty simple three step system.

  1. Paste in an URL
  2. Customize it by simply clicking on the button.
  3. Share it.

If you’ve ever been struggling with ways to engage your followers and friends, this could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

I’m sitting here reading what I’ve written so far, while playing with Linkis, and I’m thinking,  “Wow!  If I was reading this somewhere else, I’d think it was some real hype!  lol!!”  But no, I am not an affiliate of Linkis and am not getting paid for my opinion.  It’s just that this really is that good.

The first place I heard about it was not from a friend or colleague, but from Reuters news service in a piece on Egypt. I had to check it out, and can easily see why they like it.

Another feature is the ability to create polls for your custom links. Everything in social media comes back to Engage, Engage, Engage, whether you’re a news service, a social media addict, or an online advertiser. This is exactly what so many of us are looking for to do any of those things and more.

These folks also have a blog that is filled with short, clear, simple hints, tweaks and tips to make it even better. I love these guys! Check this out: Imagine being able to do that and share your link with any site you choose. Yes, it is that good.

Plus, when you share a link, you can add a promo link to whatever you want, kind of like a fancy sig file, down on the bottom of the Linkis panel.

It’s a pretty sure bet that everybody who uses social media is going to be using this soon.  It’s such a simple idea, so simple to use, yet you soon realize it’s such a powerful tool you’ll wish you’d thought of it!  Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments section, here.  I am really interested in what everybody thinks.

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Linkis review

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