LIst of 12 marketing blogs

LIst of 12 marketing blogs

Everyone has their favorite list of marketing blogs that they read frequently and there is a reason why I am sharing my list of favorite marketing blogs..

I  don’t have anything to say , no gems of wisdom, no flashes of brilliance coming from the keyboard, just a screen with the words “ I have nothing to say “

nothing to say but marketing blogs

Its a good thing this doesn’t happen to often as people might think I am sick lol.

One of the many things you are told about being online is to build relationships, to be authentic and to write consistently unique and compelling content.

Well being authentic is easy, I am who I am folks  and I really do want to build good relationships with all of you, but creating unique content sometimes has a way of escaping me and I really don’t want to bore everyone to tears .

I thought about what I had written at the beginning of this post ” I have nothing to say!” and I just sighed and thought of all the writers out there who have gone through where I am this moment “I have nothing to say”

Thank goodness there are  other writers and marketers who do have things to say and they say it so well!  After giving it a lot of thought today’s post is going to be the great marketers who write awesome blogs. These blogs will help you learn , help you become better at what you do and  help answer those pesky questions.

I’m not sure if you will conquer the world after reading these blogs, but it sure cant hurt to get you started!

reading marketing blogs makes you smarter


These marketing blogs are not in any special order, but they are some of my favorites and as you will soon see these particular marketing blogs talk about topics that will include marketing to social media and  I know that on all of them  you will learn something new.

1.   Heidi Cohen – actionable marketing guide. This is one blog that I have been following for a few years now and when complex concepts are being talked about, this is one blog with it’s easy to understand language, that has helped enormously.

2.   WebProNews – I am pretty sure that many will have heard of this marketing blog with its breaking news in tech, search, and social media.

3.   Business 2 Community The one place where you will find lots of information on many topics from leadership, Social Media and even marketing.

4.   DailyBlogTips This was one of the first blogs I read to learn about blogging, but they also talk about other topics such as internet marketing and other cool things.

5.   Social Triggers is one of those marketing blogs that you just have to subscribe to..why? Because they are that good! As they say on their blog “Learn how to turn traffic into subscribers, persuade people to buy your products, and encourage people to share your content.”

6.  SEO Copywriting is a fantastic site where you can get strategies, advice for creating good writing. Understanding how SEO copywriting can help your business doesn’t hurt either.

7.   GetResponse  If you are wanting to know about email marketing then this is the right marketing blog to follow as they will give some awesome email marketing tips.

8.   Buffer Blog. O.K I am a bit biased as I also use the Buffer app, but honestly this is just a great blog to follow because they write about so many really awesome topics.

9.  60 Second Marketer an interesting online community that provided tools, tips and tutorials for marketers AND you can also create (generate) your own QR code!

10.   Marie Forleo I know that I have mentioned this lady before, but my reasoning for mentioning her again is her humor and she is such a brilliant marketer that it would be remiss of me not to mention her.

11.  Jeff is one of the great marketing blogs to read if you are wanting tips and insights on marketing, social media, building trust and relationships with customers using social media.

12.  Reve News I recently came across this blog written for the affiliate marketer covering topics from eCommerce to blogging. While some of the posts seem older, there is still a lot of good content to read on this blog.

I know there are hundreds of marketing blogs on the web, some good, some better, but these are the ones that I truly enjoy.  It’s your turn what is your favorite marketing blog?  Let me know in the comments below, I always enjoy discovering new things.

Guess what? I guess I really did have something to say after all.







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