Make Money Online – how not to

Make Money Online – how not to

Make Money Online (Here’s how not to do it…)

 by Dave Cottrell

 A while ago, Bogdan Fiedur posted an article called “Problems in “affiliate marketing” land!” in which he asked what the reader’s biggest affiliate marketing challenge is, right now. That one post drew more comments than any other post ever served up on his blog!  That tells me that a lot of folks have a lot of challenges, when it comes to affiliate marketing.Make Money Online - how not to

One of the statements heard often is, “I just want to make money; why is no one buying from me?”

 A comment on the article, “Free classified advertising tips – Don’t make these mistakes!” really nailed a key reason why people who are trying to make money online are not succeeding.

 Of the mistakes listed, two of them are majors that a lot of folks who are trying to make money online actually make constantly, and although only one of them was mentioned in the comment, it struck me as I read that comment, which was referring to the mistake of making wild claims, that another mistake mentioned in the article, not creating a profile, goes hand in hand with the wild claims.

 If there is one thing necessary for making money as an affiliate, it is credibility! If there is a key point under how not to do it, it is to ignore the importance of having credibility.

 If you don’t want to make money online, one of the best way to ensure you never do is to remain anonymous. Make sure you never put up a picture of yourself, never fill out an “About Me” page, don’t use your real name, and for goodness’ sake, make sure there’s absolutely no way to contact you! This should almost guarantee you won’t sell anything.

 However, if you want to completely remove the last vestiges of credibility and make sure you don’t ever sell anything, only promote the affiliate programs, wealth building schemes and sales tools that have the wildest and most hyped up, impossible claims, and nobody will ever buy from you!

 If you follow these steps consistently for a long period of time, jumping from one program to another, never making any money, always claiming to be able to make millions overnight and always choosing the wildest programs possible, you will eventually become so well known, no matter how anonymous you have tried to be, that no one will ever buy anything from you.

 None of the social media sites will let you post any more, your email addresses and perhaps your IP address might even be blocked, and you won’t have any places left to promote your spammy programs.

 At this point, you can finally quit for good. You can join the ranks of those who state vehemently that there’s no way for honest people to make money online and that anybody who IS making money is a crook. You will then have time to go and join forums all over the internet for people who spend all day chatting about why network and affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

 If you are finding this article just a little over the top, good! If you really want to make money online, this is how not to do it. Sometimes looking at how not to do it will help you figure out how to do it. If you’re breaking these rules, even a little bit, that could explain why you’re not making sales. Credibility is everything in online marketing.


Dave Cottrell is the Adlandpro Affiliate Manager.  His profile is online, here.




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