Making “Work from home” work for you

Making “Work from home” work  for you

How do you make a “work from home” job a successful proposition?

I was reading an article that was on Mashable about “Do You Have What it Takes to Work From Home?” and I looked around me with two dogs, two cats a house hold full of kids and a house that looks like it needs a total makeover and I kind of laughed and went..yep I work at home and I also work from home!

While many companies and organizations are finding that they can save a lot of money by having their employees work from home, every person who is a full time marketer/affiliate marketer already know that working from home takes a lot of focus, creativity and a whole lot of organizing because there will be a lot of distractions!

Work at home  is like working like a dog
I know that it took me time to sort out and make working from home into something that was workable and I also know that for many it is almost impossible to separate between “home time” and work from home” time  and while there are many work from home tips that have very good information, I thought I would share my experiences and tips that I have found useful for me.

I think that the best tip I can give to anyone is to realize that you are human and you need to allow yourself be flexible in what you are doing. In my case because of cats, dogs and kids, I  had to readjust my whole thinking and not sweat the small stuff. I have had to learn how to say no to people and and I have had to learn how to be organized.

For example:

1. I created my office so that I have two phone lines ( one for home and one for work), when I am working I do NOT anwer the home phone. I have my Ipod set up for messages and will look at them when I take a break.

2. I made a sign for my office and it says…. “Working please leave a message” I have a pencil and paper outside the door so that the kids can write me a note and I will take care of them on my break. A funny thing about this is that the kids have learned to solve a lot of their own problems or answer their questions and they have practiced their writing 🙂

3 I have set weekly schedules! I have a calendar that I keep near me at all times so that I can figure out what is going on or needed for the home as well as for planning work projects and schedules. Knowing what is going on a weekly basis helps me worry less about all the different things that I need to do.

4. I work early in the mornings. I start my day normally around 5.30-6.00 am. I have found that by adjusting my times, I can get a lot of work done before the kids wake up and its a great feeling to know that I have been productive.

5. I take breaks! I make a point of walking away, taking a breather and doing some of the home stuff I need to do ( think laundry etc.). I know many people will say that you need to keep that perfect division between work and home, but for me that is just not logical and not even practical.

Work from home and create your own home office

I think the best advise I can give anyone has to do with wording and I decided that if I was going to make this work, I needed to create my own brand offline. At one time I used to say to people when they asked me what I did, that I worked at home and of course people would say that’s nice ( with a funny look on their faces). Of course people would ask me to do things for them, from helping them with a task or asking me to take care of a child and I have to be honest I was getting very frustrated. As soon as I changed the wording to I work from home and I have my home office, people started to treat me differently. All of a sudden I was more a professional in their eyes. By branding myself off line, I have been able to brand myself online and that makes a world of difference in doing my job.

Yes I still have the kids, the dogs and the cats and yes I still have to deal with many things, but I have to tell you that working from home, while not perfect, is the perfect lifestyle for me.

Do you have any tips to working from home and have you found it rewarding or has it been more of a challenge than you thought?





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  • Back in 2004 through February 2005, my husband was being treated for spinal cord cancer. During that time period he had 9 surgeries and an additional 5 ER visits.

    During this time period I worked from my home office. I would start my work day st 4:30 AM and work until Sonny woke up. Then fix his meds, coffee, and his breakfast.

    Back to my home office and began my back to back conference calls. After the calls I would check on Sonny to see if he needed anything.

    HOWEVER, I had a hard stop at 5:00 PM. I would leave my office; shut the door; and the rest of the day belonged to Sonny.

    Hospital time I would work from his hospital room. The nurses were very good about letting me stay. Just my being there had a soothing effect on him.

    My manager always felt I should take personal time. I found that if I stayed busy I wasn’t stressing about his health. I did get my manager to excuse me from the conference call schedule while he was in the hospital.

    This schedule seemed to work well for all concerned. My teammates were very good about offering to help where they could. Since I never used Sonny’s health as an excuse for not getting my work done, the Team was very understanding when I had to delegate any tasks.

    Every one has a different situation and what worksed for me may not work for you.

    • I want to thank you Nancy for sharing your story and boy are you right..everyone does indeed have a different situation. I feel that if you are going to go into this form or work or job, then you need to really think about what you are going to do and then how to do it. You need to learn how to prioritize and create a balance between home and work.

      When I wrote this post, I should have mentioned that many men are also working from home and they also have their challenges to make this “lifestyle” work for them.

      I think what bothers me the most is when I keep seeing these ads or quote “opportunities” where people are given a certain impression of a carefree life…got to love it..not!

      Like you, I have a very understanding boss(s) who is willing to work with me and I am very grateful for that!
      Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…Adlandpro Friday Review – Sharing InspirationMy Profile

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  • Wow! As another person working from home from my home office, this really touches a cord! I don’t know whether to comment on the article (great one) or the comments (great comments). I used to have my office downtown, but it became a problem, as the roof drains plugged up, causing a bit of a flood in the building, and then mold began to grow. The owners refused to do anything about it, so you can imagine how bad it was.
    Most of our children are gone, so I was able to move my office home and have plenty of room. However, I immediately noticed how easy it is to be distracted by things going on at home, like people, dogs, cats, etc., that were not a part of the mix down town.
    As mentioned both in the article and in the comments, it’s a lot easier to get things done very early in the day, when the rest of the world is still sleeping.
    Another thing that I would strongly recommend is a door that can be closed and locked to separate the rest of the house from the office. It’s worth it to add a room, if necessary, to make this possible. It would drive me completely nuts if I had to work in my dining room, for example.
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…How to Make Traffic Exchanges Work For YouMy Profile

  • Thank you for this great article Diane!

    I would say that it is important to maintain balance in your life. We are all in charge of our own lives and the things we think, do , and say determine whether or not we are successful. Left on my own I would surely fail. I pray often for guidance in those things.

    Keeping a balance between work, family and recreation can be a challenge. We need to schedule time for just having fun, and if that involves family it is even better. Who was it that said “if you enjoy your work, you will never have to work a day in your life….?” Well I do enjoy working from the office in our home on wheels. There is no door to close but my partner in life is also my partner in business so it works out very well.

    Focusing on what works best is important but be open to new and innovative things. Keep track of what produces income and do a substantial amount of that. Remember, it is not all about the money. Help others to be successful. Zig Zigler and many other very successful leaders have said that if you help enough other people be successful you will never have to worry about the things that you need.
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