A Marketing Quiz

A Marketing Quiz

Starting the week off with a marketing quiz to get the juices flowing!

How many of you are told that you are lucky to be working at home and how much freedom you have?

Personally when I have been told that, I laugh a lot as the reality is that a lot of work goes into making any kind of living with “internet marketing” or having a home business.

While you may not have to go to the office everyday, without adhering to a fixed schedule and having a good work ethic, I feel it safe to say that you will not have much success.

While there are always going to be those people who are totally focused on making money and then more money, the reality is that internet marketing of any kind means focusing on building a business, learning and applying marketing tactics( getting an education), building relationships and it is going to  take time and effort.

While many of you who are reading this are experienced in marketing .. internet marketing, there will be those of you who are new to this world of business.

Now a days marketing covers many topics from email marketing to social media marketing and everything in between.

I thought it would be fun to create a marketing quiz, that I hope will be fun and  give you some ideas on what you need to think about if you are going to seriously consider working online with affiliate marketing, online business etc.

a marketing quiz  for online marketers

Are you ready?

1. What is the first thing a marketer should do?

A. Build a Facebook Page
B .Engage in a listening campaign
C.  Come up with a big idea/underlying theme
D. Open up a bank account

2.  What does SEM stand for?

A. Search Engine Management
B. Super Efficient marketing
C. Search Engine Marketing

3. Complete this sentence..

Words that encourage a reader to take action, such as “Click here to join Adlandpro” are known as a ?

4. When new subscribers sign up, I should treat them just like my old subscribers.

A. True
B. False


5. The ________________ of 2003 is a US federal law that establishes requirement for those who send commercial email

A. Anti – spam law
B. Inbox Safety requirements
C. Stay safe Email Act
D. Can-Spam Act

 6. If a task is dull and boring are you willing to see it to completion?

A. I may moan and groan but I will try to get it done
B. Of course I will because I know that even in marketing some tasks are going to be repetitive and even dull, but that is part of being an owner in any home business
C. You have to be kidding me, you mean to say that I have to do dull tasks? Get me out of here!!

4. All marketers know that one way to promote their business or program is to advertise. What are considered bad advertisements?

A.No one benefits from the message
B.Not very creative
C.When the ad does not offer to reach the demands of the audience
D.All of the above

5.You are writing a message on twitter-what is the maximum number of characters you can use?


6.What does RSS Stands for?

A.Really Simple Syndication
B.Realistic Standards System
C.Reading Simple Style
D.Reading Social Style
E.Running Story Space

7 Which are examples of social media.

A. Blogs, Blogging
B. Pod Casting
C. Facebook, Adlandpro Community,  Google Plus, Twitter
D. Wiki
E. All of the above

8.How can you show that you care about your online relationships, social media contacts (friends, followers, and fans)?

A. Show your contacts that you care by leaving them alone and never bothering them.
B. Stay in touch with your social media contacts with an email every six months or so.
C. Show your contacts that you care about your online relationship by updating regularly.
D.Ignore your contacts.

9.  The EdgeRank algorithm is a function on ________________

A. Facebook
B. YouTube
C. StumbleUpon
D. SlideShare

10.  On the sidebar of a blog,  there is  a list of related blogs with links. what is it called?

A. Blogroll
B. Blog Directory
C. Blogger

11.  Twitter 101: The symbol “#” is used to group topics and easily find conversation threads. What is this called?

A. Retweet
B .Direct Message
C. Hashtag
D. URL shortener

 12. The best way to increase the possibility of website visitors following through on contacting you is?

A. Offer a 1-800 phone number
B. Tell them to call you today
C. Offer a freebie “take away” with your contact information
D. Offer testimonials

13. The main objective to branding is which of the following?

A. To have potential customers recognize your logo and marketing materials
B. To earn trust from your customers
C. Promotional materials that match and coordinate
D. Having a unique tag line

14. Which of the following marketing techniques are most likely to pay you?

A. Pay per click advertising
B. Using social media marketing strategies
C. Posting press releases
D .Article marketing

15. Promotion deals with the placement of a goods or services in front of potential consumers.   this is done by different  means such as advertising, packaging, etc.

A. True

16 A brand should never have its home Web site (or microsite) as the hub of its social marketing strategy.



17. What is the best way to make money “while you sleep”?

A. By dreaming up good marketing ideas
B. Selling stuff on eBay
C. Having products on your website
D. Having a spouse who works the night shift


Well how did you do on this marketing quiz? The point to doing this quiz was to give you a bit of a reality check on what marketing online is really all about and all the different topics and subjects you need to know. This marketing quiz only skimmed the surface of all the different aspects you will need understand if you want to succeed in marketing, online marketing, internet marketing etc.

Thanks for joining me on this Monday blog post, it was a lot of fun creating this quiz ( boy do I ever know how teachers feel now lol). Share it with your friends and compare notes about how you both did on this marketing quiz.   



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    • Good morning Chuck.

      Thanks for the feedback and yes you are right about this kind of plugin, Unfortunately I didn’t have access to that kind of plugin at the time I did the post.
      Just so you know there are also sites that will help create quizzes and I had thought of using that means, but confess that it was fairly late when I did this post ( which meant thinking and wording questions etc.) that I was tired.
      When I get the time lol, I may still do this and “edit” this post.
      Knowing your skills and experience I am pretty sure that you got all the questions “right”, but I am wondering, which question might have made you think?
      Diane(Blogneta) recently posted…Affiliate Marketing – Is It Right For You?My Profile

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