McAfee – Internet Safety and the Case of Natural News!

McAfee – Internet Safety and the Case of Natural News!

How can we trust Internet Safety with McAfee ( anti-virus and security company) who have been caught in defaming innocent websites such as Natural News and when it comes to your  internet safety do you trust websites that use “site reviewers” to tell you if a site is safe?

Its a great question isn’t it?

Sometimes you hear about something that begs to be brought into the light of day and this is one of those times!

Have you ever heard of Natural News?

Natural News

The NaturalNews Network is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism.

…To respect our readers, the NaturalNews Network refuses to engage in pop-up ads, pop-under ads, interstitial ads, spamming practices or other annoying content. We focus on providing empowering content for intelligent readers.

Interesting right? A few other relevant facts are this site is a Page Rank  6, it has an Alexa traffic rank of 2,524 and has been sharing news since 2007. Many people have been using this site for many years and have gotten a lot of information and one would assume that this was a safe site to go  right?
Well it would seem that Natural news was not considered a very healthy site to go to according to The McAfee Site Advisor website. Natural News was considered a “malicious” website that “posed especially hazardous risks to a user’s computer security.”

Excuse me?

The long and short of this sad story about Natural News is that after going through their own special hell,  magically their site is now declared safe..The fact that these good people had to pay $32,000 to restore their reputation speaks volumes and I would highly recommend you read their thoughts on

McAfee anti-virus company caught in malicious defamation of innocent websites; will McAfee also promote racism against Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela?

Internet Safety! We all want to be safe on the net while we go visiting different sites and the concept behind these anti virus and security sites is to be commended but there is a HUGE FLAW and that is these sites are being manipulated by those who do not have a persons best interest in mind.
McAfee Site Advisor depends on people writing reviews ( site advisors) about any given site and that is how they judge if a site is safe ..does anyone else see the problem here?

If you are a troll, a disgruntled person (employee or member) of a site, if you are having a bad day, just go in to these kinds of sites and be as mean as you can be..hey guess what your site is put into the red!

What happened to unbiased opinions  What happened to checking on these “site advisors” to see if they are real people or people who want to help keep the internet safe? What happened to the owners of these type of web safety sites  checking on the validity of those people  who are writing these comments?

The fact is anything can be manipulated and anything can be gamed whether it be good or bad!  The fact is that when it comes to internet safety and web safetly we all need to take a look at these kinds of sites and start asking questions and doing a better job of being sure that what we are reading are truly the facts.

For anyone who has any kind of web site we  depend on our reputation to help people, to share news and to do ethical business online.  For many people, who have spent years building their credibility, to jump through all the hoops so that they can keep people safe when they come to their sites just to be destroyed by hate gangs or slander engines  is  criminal and it is high time that we all stand up and say NO!

While I firmly believe in freedom of speech, when it comes to these styles of sites, we need to do a better job of making sure that what is written is based on other factors such as trustworthiness, being fair and impartial and for goodness sake if you have had a problem with a site, go to the owner of the site and see if you can solve your problems in a more ethical fashion!

Internet safety is nothing to sneeze at and the concept behind these kinds of web safety sites have indeed helped many people in the past..but my oh my with they way they are doing things  –  who is going to protect us from them?


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  • Hi Diane, There are very few nice words one can use to describe the situation. I read articles and they are very informative. They inform about government collusion, with GMO companies, Big Pharma and many health hazards offered in form of common food items and products produced by larger corporations. They also promote natural ways of dealing with health issues.

    I’m just wondering who could by after them.

    • I can’t answer who might be after Natural News, what I do know is that I have gone in numerous times to read what is there and there has never been an issue ..NONE!
      I am unsure what is bothering me more..the fact that these people were held hostage until they paid this …excuse me? What is this saying to people? Many everyday people rely on these kinds of sites to help them know what is safe and to have this kind of thing happening says to me that there is something very wrong with the process being used. How do we define “safe”? How many site owners have had to pay money to restore their reputation when they did nothing wrong to begin with and how many site owners didn’t have the funds to pay this extortion being put on them?
      Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…Relationship MarketingMy Profile

  • As someone who has spent most of my internet years advising people to do their due diligence, it absolutely appalls me that companies who are supposed to be helping people do just this are, in fact, not doing their own due diligence! Site reviews are utterly useless and unreliable if they are not checked for accuracy, before being published. These so-called “Internet Safety” companies are becoming little more than anonymous forums open to spam, trolls and malicious, dishonest reviews, good and bad, depending on the goals of the person or persons posting. Even Wikipedia, which often is accused of careless research, does a far better job than this!

    • Hi Dave you are not the only one to be appalled by what is going on and this is not the only web safety service out there where these kinds of happening occur every single day.
      How do we know who to trust? while this has happened to Natural News and they have stood up and have made everything public, there are many many small businesses who just do not have the funds to fight these malicious attacks against them. How many other online businesses are suffering as a result of these kind of vicious reviews. There has to be accountability and there have to be changes made so that ALL business online can be safe from the crooks or ( and I love this wording) slander engines
      Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…Relationship MarketingMy Profile

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