My 10 Best Personal Branding Quotes


Today, I would like to share with you some personal branding quotes that I thought about and the reason that this makes a great Adlandpro marketing tip is because when it comes to marketing and business (especially for all of you who are getting a start on affiliate marketing), it is important to understand that you are the brand and it’s important that you be seen in the best way possible.


Earlier today I read a fantastic post that Jim Allen had shared on the Adlandpro Wall regarding  personal branding tips   with the top tip being “Be yourself”  and thought about how many people do not really understand how this works especially when you are marketing.

The point to personal branding especially when you are  working on your online marketing is not to feed your ego  by saying “Look at me” “look at me”.

Personal branding is  about getting people to see you as an authority on whatever you are doing  and just like any corporate business plan, you need to understand personal branding how   creating  a vision is required  on how you want to be seen both as a  marketer and as a real person.

I found a couple of free resources that you might want to check out and they both have great information that will help you create your own personal branding vision plan.

  1.  There is a free online course that may be of use to you called ” Personal Branding: How to build and manage your image” that you may find interesting and here is a short Youtube video introducing you to the course.

It’s is a 5 week course  created by Open Learning and at this time has more than 2000 students taking the course.


2. If You are a reader then I suggest reading this e-book shared  by Neil Patel  called The complete guide to building your Personal Brand.

I have been looking it over and I will say it has a lot of good information that I think you would find very valuable.   It is a lengthy read so I suggest that you bookmark and then take your time reading a little bit at a time to absorb what is being said.

personal brand quote

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself”

I firmly believe that one of the best ways to share a thought with a person is by setting an inspirational example and what better way to talk about  personal branding  is by sharing  personal branding quotes.

Here are some of my favorite quotes on personal branding. I am sure that one of these quotes will connect with you on way or another.

Of course if you have a personal favorite quote on personal branding, then I would love to hear it in the comment form below :-).

Without any further ado here are my personal branding quotes …

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