Pinterest Tips, Tools and Resources

Pinterest Tips, Tools and Resources

Pinterest tips are useful for everyone from the newbie as well as the seasoned marketer because you can always learn something new.

How many of you remember when Pinterest started?..and how many of you use Pinterest  as part of your marketing strategy?

In my case I started to use Pinterest late 2010 after seeing a really cool lady sharing these things called pins. When ever I would go there I was intrigued by what was going on, but I never had a clue as to the real importance of Pinterest.

 To me, it was all about these awesome quotes and at times, those yummy recipes.

It took a while for me to get in the door because at that time, it was by invitation only and you had to get on a waiting list… I still remember   looking in my mail day after day to see if I would get in. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I got in to see what this service was really all about.

In the early days, Pinterest was different in some ways in terms of what you could and wanted to do. Personally I loved saving quotes and used Pinterest more as a filing system.  Even though many of us saw the awesomeness of Pinterest, we could not envision the potential for businesses and marketers. For many of us, it was a new toy to have fun with!  Some people became so smitten with Pinterest and collecting images that we all started joking about the addictive quality to this new social media platform and over time people have come up with  many words that are funny and speak to this “addiction..

Pinterest lingo

Other fun terms..

Pintern: Thinking your expertise at Pintrest counts as work experience

Pinsomnia: (pin-som-nia) noun; The inability to get enough sleep because you keep clicking” see more pins” just one or time

Pintermission: A respite away from the computer between extended periods of time spent scouring the depths of the internet searching for picture of cats
.. and then there is this one ( quite sad really)

Pinesia (pi-nee-zhuh)
Loss of re-pinning memory; complete or partial loss of memory cased by too much pinnint. EG. “Tis so sad. She has a bad case of pinesia pinning and repinning the same images over and over.

* Many thanks to Kat for creating the awesome board. “Pinterest Lingo

For those of you who are new to Pinterest, I am sure you will be asking and wondering what Pinterest is all about and why should you become addicted start using Pinterest for your business.

The answer is quite simple.. Pinterest will help to create a brand awareness by sharing interesting images that will drive traffic to your site and help to increase sales.

As with anything you will do when you are marketing, understanding the different terms will help you become more comfortable with this social media realm.

grumpy old man teaching Pinterest terms

While I shared some fun terms that different people have made up, below you will find  the terms you should know.  I have added Pinterest Tips underneath the various terms that I feel will be helpful to you..


Because I tend to think of blogging, a board could be considered a category that is centered around your main topic. Other people will define a Pinterest board as Boards are where you collect Pins by theme or topic. 
You can create public boards and secret boards (A board that is only visible to you and people you invite to it).

Pinterest Tips:

1.Refine your board(s) to be more relevant to the people who are interested in specific topics. Why? You increase your chances of getting more followers.

2. Those boards that have more people following, should be posted more frequently.

3. A great way to use secret boards is to create a board and start adding visual content to it. When you have enough images, then make it public. The fact is that when people see boards that have few images on it, they will walk away.

4. Don’t forget to choose a category for each of your boards. When you choose the proper category, it will make your content searchable.


You know when you share a post on Facebook (status) or twitter (tweet), you do the same thing on Pinterest using images. There are two ways to put an image on a board and that is by using the Pin it button or by uploading from your computer. Along with adding an image to a board, you can also use text and this is important to note. You can write up to 500 characters on any given image and you can also use relevant hashtags.

Pinterest tips

1. When you highlight any text on the page where your are going to pin an image, that text will appear as the description to the pin.

2. Long pins will normally get clicked on the most because they stand out. What is a long pin? It is an image that is rectangle instead of a square. Quite often these pins are infographics or pictures with multiple tips in a row.

3. Create price pins. Price pins add a banner with a dollar amount across the top of your pin. To add a price pin, just include the $ sign anywhere in the description. Every price pin that you create gets put into the “gifts category” which could mean even more exposure for your pin.

4. Many people especially new people tend to see Pinterst like another Flick especially when uploading from a computer. Remember that the goal is to drive traffic to your website. To do this, after you have uploaded an image, be sure to “edit the image” you’ll see a space where you can add a link in the Source field which is visible in the image below.

5. Even though you can use hashtags, be sure to use only the ones that are necessary and get rid of the other ones as you really don’t want to look like a spammer

6. Don’t make your content boring and all the same. Include different types of content such as curated images from other sites, repins and when appropriate add videos..yes you can pin videos!

7. One of the unique features on Pinterest is enabling the collaborative function ” me+contributor. What this really means is that you are allowing others to contribute to your boards as “guest pinners”


Just as you can retweet, you can also repin an image.Its important to note that it doesn’t matter how many times an image is repinned, the source link will remain the same. Can you see how powerful and viral this could be?

Pinterest Tips
1.If someone has repinned or likes one of your images, then be sure to check that person out and see if you want to follow them in anyway.



a person is following one or all of your boards.


  Just as on Facebook when you like a status, on Pinterest it means the same thing. You like the image but you don’t want to repin it.

*There is one other term that You should know about and that is comments. For some reason people do not often comment on a pin, and yet you should, as this will help get you noticed by the person you are getting a pin from.

Other Pinterest tips

1.When you understand that Pinterst is a very powerful for SEO, then be sure to complete your profile and optimize it. What that means is to add keywords that best define you or describes your business.

2. There is a lot of ways to build followers on Pinterest, one of them being finding people, events that are popular at the time. It has been said that pins reltated to trending topics see an average 85-95% increase in people repinning or clicking through.
A couple of resources that you might want to bookmark are:
– Trendsmap – which provides a real time mapping of Twitter trends across the world
– Google Trends– show the current hot searches in the world ( I have this link pointing to Canada)
– Of course there is a way to see what is trending on Pinterest, all you have to do is go to “popular” and find pins that are being repinned, liked and commented on frequently.

3. If you have recently searched for something that might be embarrassing and you know you would go red in the face if others found out, then you can delete things that you have searched recently. Go to your Pinterest Account settingsand click on the “clear Recent Searches” and viola everything you have searched recently will be deleted!

4. You can check who is pinning your content using this link[]
e.g ( dont use the http at the beginning).

5. As with any social network, the point is to get to know people and have them get to know you! Follow those pinners who share similar content and be sure to remember the law of reciprocity..give and take! Sharing what others have pinned might open that door to mutual sharing and who doesn’t appreciate social karma?

6. Encourage users to click through.  While cool quotes or awesome images might easily get you repins,you need to give some kind of incentive to click through to your site! Be sure to use calls to actions to give people a reason to want to click through to your site.

Like any social network there is always an etiquette that you need to understand and abide by..

For example..

– Pin from the original source because it is the best way to ensure proper attribution.
– Make it a practice to attribute the owner of the image in the description when possible ( remember that social karma?)
-Respect your fellow pinners and stay positive. Even though comments dont happen too often on this particular social site, it is always good manners to reach out to a person with an encouraging comment.


–  Don’t just repin other people’s images, put up your own content as well
– Don’t repin images that are not source properly. Always check the source and if you don’t see any, then let the pinner know so they can update the image
– Don’t pin someone’s entire board to you newly created board of the same name.. unfortunately this happens way too often!
– No one likes fuzzy or hard to see images, so avoid the low resolution images.
– Make sure you check and then recheck you links to make sure they are not broken.

Pinterest tools


I would like to end this blog post with some useful tools for you to look  at. Some of them I have used, but there are others that I have heard about that are quite popular.  If you know of other Pinterest tools  that have worked for you, I would like to know about them.

1. Pinstamatic – With Pinstamatic, you can add things like quotations and taglines to your images

2. ViralWoot ( formaly Pinwoot) This tool helps you grow your followers significantly through a simple process they call “seeds”. You can schedule pins, create pin alerts, track your pinterest presence etc.

3. Pin Search is a Google Chrome extension you add to your browser. With you can perform a Google Image search on any picture on Pinterest and find out such things as who created the picture,find all the websites where the image appears, find similar images.

4. . PinAlerts is a free online tool that works just like Google alerts. You can quickly set up alerts alowing you to track in real time when someone pins an image from you website. One very useful asset to this tool is when you can quickly acknowledge and thank someone for his or her pin.

5.  PicMonkey easy photo editing tool
Editing your photos is easy with PicMonkey! Add filters, frames, text, and effects with our free online photo editing tool!

6. Pinalyzer-Pinalyzer is designed to increase your Pinterest experience, suggesting pins and people to follow. We developed proprietary algos based on your social graph and on your taste.
Pinalyzer can also analyze your activity and rate your influence on Pinterest.

Bonus: If you would like to know how Pinterest got started, I think you will find this story very interesting. While the story on Busines Insider is fairly old ( 2012) I feel that the presentation that Nicholas Carlson created is timeless.  Pinterest CEO: Here’s How We Became The Web’s Next Big Thing [DECK]

I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about Pinterest with these Pinterest tips, tools and resources. Please make a point of sharing with your friends on places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google Plus, because we can all learn something new!  



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