Problems in “affiliate marketing” land!

Problems in “affiliate marketing” land!

Are you having problems with affiliate marketing?

People are wanting answers to their problems when affiliate marketing

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people talk about affiliate marketing and all the problems they are having and while we all like to be positive, the fact is unless we start addressing the problems people are having, then no one will be able to really become successful.

So here is my question
What is your biggest affiliate marketing challenge right now?

To give you a (small) sample of what I am hearing people saying

” I don’t know how to get traffic to my site”
” I don’t know how to do blogging and I can’t write”
” I don’t know how to build a list”
” I don’t get this thing with autoresponders”
” I don’t understand email marketing and I don’t like bothering people”
” Everyone keeps talking about conversions and I don’t even know what that means”
” I just want to make money, why is no one buying from me”

Now I want to hear from you!

If we can start understanding the problems then together we can start finding the solutions!


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  • My biggest problem?
    Idiots, morons, fools & basically anyone that thinks they are going to get rich just by “joining” program X. Or worse they think they’ll get rich if “YOU” join program X!
    It takes more than just placing a few banners, text ads, splash pages or whatever. There is some real work involved. If you aren’t interested in working hard. Don’t apply!

    • Thanks David, you just save me a time to write that.
      And let me add something from myself, when I didn’t knew something,
      I go and buy a course and learn. Simple, one step at the time, that’s how I get there.

    • Dave and David.. I agree with both of your comments, however BIG One CLICK to RICHES.. I made 50k with 10 minutes….. the headlines grab nad people use them, I am not a big fan of those types of headlines. Nobody wants to click on yes I made 10k dollars with one click of a button but it took weeks night and day trial and error and then months to get to click the button, but when I clicked BAM.
      Internet Marketing to me is like a scavenger hunt… I go here pick up something go there and get a nugget while I am putting all these pieces together in my “basket”. We have to filter so much hype I even get overwhelmed. 🙂
      The Invention of the Microwave brought is the fall of mankind….. since we can eat tasty (well some food) in seconds everyone wants it ALL yesterday. Buy now pay later… no payments no interest…yada yada yada.
      Whatever happened to bankers hours :/

  • The questions you mentioned all make up the very crux of marketing. Building a list is usually the most important and missed necessity of affiliate marketing. Developing a sales funnel using your list is essential to communication during the different levels of customer confidence in the buy process.

      • Sorry for my late response! I didn’t receive any notification of a followup to this question. Yes, of course I do! With any industry, you have to build consumer trust. Try giving away a whitepaper or e book with valuable information in exchange for a potential client’s name and email address. That way you can continue to send them more information and put them into your leads funnel. Make sense?

  • If your looking for something that is going to make you rich and require no work… You’ll get ripped off. If you are unwilling to put money into your business… You will never make money. I often have people say “You said you would help me make money!!!” I asked, Did you follow any of my suggestions…”? “well,no.” So basically you’re telling me you did nothing and got no results. You got what you put in then….
    Laura Godin recently posted…Traffic Swap 4 UMy Profile

    • Hello Laura, one of the big problems newbies to internet mark ting have is to determine what works and what doesn’t. What is scam and what is legitimate and honest program. Do you have any prescription on how to determine which program newbies should avoid, how they should check if program is not scam?

  • Hi Bogdan,

    My main problem has always been getting enough people to view something I’m in. I do not have a huge list or anything like that, even though many people think I do.

    Recently, I joined something called Stat Counter and have been putting trackers on my various blogs. That is helping me find out what people are searching for online — or at least search terms I have a chance of getting traffic from. By checking my trackers daily I am better able to pinpoint what type of blog posts I need to be making. Once I know that, I take that information into my other forms of advertising (like forums, classified ads, etc.) Anything that stays online is caught in search engines and can be working for us even while we sleep. I like that! 🙂

    Paula Frye recently posted…Sokule – Free Business Social Site. Review by Paula FryeMy Profile

  • The Principle of affiliate marketing is pretty much the same as any marketing in both the online and offline world.Just that the skills and knlwledge require may varies but the basic is really the same. Its the crafting and delivery of your product and service message to your target market through the right media.

    One of the Most Heard Issue I heard had always been Traffic. But really, I now realise that Traffic Is The Least To Worry. In fact having traffic is online is way easier and cheaper online. My biggest challenge now is to find the product and service that I can promote without any struggle “In My Heart”. there is simple too much crap online. As in response with the list of issue and problems you states…

    ” I don’t know how to get traffic to my site”
    As I said, this is the least to worry. If you have a Great Offer, a little social media promotion will make your offer goes viral.

    ” I don’t know how to do blogging and I can’t write”
    Blogging is writing, and writing is really organising and materialising your thoughts. Now I don’t speak or write the Queen’s English so I work extra hard in writing and speaking English. I believe most of them really mean they do not “LIKE” to write, if that is the case, its easy to sove the problem, create a video or pod cast instead. But if their real issue is not able to organise their thoughts. Then really, I dunno what to say…

    ” I don’t know how to build a list”
    Again, its like traffic, its way easier to set up a funnel 3 years ago, so many affordable tools to create a funnel fast. But then before that, you still need to find a great offer and have the abiloty to deliver the message to the right market.

    ” I don’t get this thing with autoresponders”
    This is just a BASIC SKILL that we MUST have if we want to build a list. Its like I don’t get this thing with signal light during driving.

    ” I don’t understand email marketing…
    You Use Email To Deliver Your Marketing Message.

    ” and I don’t like bothering people”
    Then don’t bother them, try something else you like

    ” Everyone keeps talking about conversions and I don’t even know what that means”
    It’s simple mathamatics.
    Out of 100 Email You Send, 50 Opens, that’s a conversion of 50% Opened
    Out of 100 Email You Send, 20 Opens and clicked your link to your offer, that’s 20% Click Thru
    Out of 100 Email You Send, 5 Opens, Clicked The Offered Link and Buy From You, that’s 5% Sales Conersion
    All Base On the 100 Email you Sent

    ” I just want to make money, why is no one buying from me”
    Think deeper……

    You Want To Make Money By …
    Delivering a Great Offer through…
    The Right Medium and…
    Provide Value in that Offer with…
    A Service and Product that will…
    Solved a Problem or Bring Some kind of Pleasures …
    for your Target Market.

    I kind of agree with Dave and David…
    Affiliate Marketing requires Real Work like the Real World! Quit the mindless complain and excuse and start from the Marketing 101 Basic. Affiliate Marketing can be for anyone, but it is NOT for everyone.

    Jason Ser

  • I think that people really don’t understand that their is a lot of hard work involved in making money online. It is very possible to earn a good living online, but it takes dedication, and real work. Don’t give up if you are trying, just be carefulof all the scams out there.

  • The problem, as I see it, is twofold.

    1) People jump on the marketing bandwagon without doing any research.
    2) They expect to strike it rich quickly and without doing any real work.

    They see the digital world as something very different from the offline world and lose common sense. That’s why they fail, IMHO.
    Cendrine Marrouat recently posted…Disqus hits 100 million profilesMy Profile

  • I am seeing some very good thoughts being said on this post, so what can I add that would be of value? To me the biggest challenge for affiliate marketers is finding the information required in one place. Everyone seems to have their opinion, usually rehashed and out of date information and I would love to see good quality teaching to those who want to learn how to do things properly. There is no doubt that people have a tendency to be lazy and its not always their fault…after all they are told over and over again that they don’t have to work, they don’t have to do anything..its magic don’t ya know ( being sarcastic)
    Thanks for a great topic, an even better question and looking forward to hearing more thoughts
    Diane Bjorling recently posted…Parenting Tip – What is the Secret Word?My Profile

    • I kind of have the same challenge with you, but for me, I am working out a way to disregard junk and rehashed information quickly in order for the real value info to stand out.

      I also must confessed, I used to be one of those who keep looking for the “easy way out”, and I think a lot of marketers prey on that type of mentality to make money. I mean there is one very prominent marketers who during one of his sales video disguised as a free training, openly said that we must have the ability to create Hype on people to be successful online.

      Now Being Sarcastic….

      Sometimes I really “admire” the way how the GURUS crafted their Video Presentation with 3% disclaimers that goes something like this… ” I am NOT saying you can make that kind of money or even make any money at all, but then again…” With the remaining 97% of deviously crafted make believe promises of Super Easy Overnight Fortune kind of PURE HYPE.

      I can’t help with being sarcastic. But the truth is, the moment I decided to NOTto Blame anyone but myself is the time I finally start making things happen in the righ direction.
      Jason Ser
      Jason Ser recently posted…Google Glass! Big G’s NEXT BLUE OCEAN Market OrJust Another Overhyped Product?My Profile

  • I have all of the above problems, and if they’re excuses, then so be it. I still have 0 customers despite the fact I’ve posted the ad on all the ad places suggested, but that’s because i’m lazy according to everyone on here. so be it. I still have 0 sales to prove my point, and yes, I have followed all of the suggestions from the “experts”, including my team leader at avon. the only one buying from me is me!

  • It’s sad when you pay for something and get nothing in return. All I wanted was some help and lead me in the right direction, instead I got your question is not important. I’ve been at this for about four months now. I was hoping for a little helping hand. We live in world where we don’t always get the response we want. I believe in helping people out. The thing is I don’t mind paying for a service or services, and when you ask for help you should be able to get it. I will upgrade and pay monthly fees, whatever it takes. I have gotten more help from members of adlandpro then I have with these other programs I paid for and have gotten nothing for it. I want to thank everyone from adlandpro for all their help.

    • Hi Cheryl and Vivian. I have heard your story over and over again for years. Sadly, a big, big part of so-called network marketing has not been real networking or marketing at all, but it has been a system that trains those it brings in to recruit, recruit, recruit, and makes it clear that most of the rewards come from recruiting and that the sales will just create themselves. People are so busy trying to recruit that they have no time to train anyone, and the sad fact is, they were not trained, themselves. One of my favorite questions now, when someone pitches me on an “opportunity” is, “How much are you making every month?” If they are telling me about how much I’m going to make, they should be making it, themselves. If they are not, they should be connected to someone who is.

      Both network marketing and affiliate marketing are hard work and do not bring instant riches, no matter what you are told. You absolutely cannot make a sale or recruit anyone, except by fluke, until you gain the confidence of your prospective client(s).
      Dave Cottrell recently posted…Actionable Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2013 via Social Media TodayMy Profile

  • Most people are obsessed with the next shiny object. They go from program to program and never really stick around long enough in anything to reap the rewards.

    Most people are not stupid and most know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. They do nothing most of the time because they don’t have the extra time or money a business requires.

    The solution is “Mindset.” Stay focused and stop jumping from one thing to another.. Keep in mind that it takes time and money to start and run a business. Keep at it and it will eventually pay off.

  • If you folks are really and truly interested in Affiliate Marketing ,you have to follow the right people and have the right products. I just came back from my business convention On the weekend of
    April 20 2013 in Chicago We had an auditorium filled with 5 thousand affiliate marketers. they called people up on stage who have already made money in our business. They started from
    from one million dollars of which we had 4 people and counted all the way down to 25 dollars.
    there were so many people on the stage that security made them get off because they were afraid
    that the stage would collapse. So not all affiliate marketers are doing bad. we have people making
    10-30 thousand dollars a month in 90 days.
    To your success and I’ll see you on the BEACHES OF THE WORLD
    Marvin Drewry

  • No everybody knows how to copy and paste, make sure your downline knows how to copy and paste. Drop the hint that they can review copy and paste video at YouTube and other Video sites. Do a Google search on free video examples of copy and paste.

    Double check your pay pages, PayPal and PaySpree pages will not open if they are framed. Clickbank pages seem to be impervious to this rule. When in doubt, check it out.

    Your looking for ‘organic’ traffic that doesn’t know you, just the brand your promoting. I don’t care who you are, my concern is “will the brand deliver?”

    Familiarity breeds contempt, social media is like a never ending ‘cake walk.’

    Everybody that you pack into your downlines is now your competitor, take a minute to think about that. Earning from sub affiliates is a plus.

    I could go on and on but I’m not going to.

    Here’s a thought, what was the last program that you joined that actually put money in your pocket?.. then you need to go back to that program.

    If your not using search friendly advertising this could very well be the #1 source of your failure. If your customers can’t find you on the web how do you expect to get paid?


  • At the core, lead nurturing is the process of cultivating leads that are not ready to buy. Nurturing keeps prospects engaged by providing relevant content that are the best fit for their situation. If done well, lead nurturing can create brand loyalty well before a prospect is ready to buy. By nurturing prospects companies can move their prospects through each stage of consideration and, with marketing automation, move them through faster and more successfully into sales.
    In our 30 minute webinar, we will identify lead nurturing best practices and how marketing automation can increase results.

    Grab a cup of coffee and take 30 minutes with Anurag Khemka – marketing automation pioneer and CEO of RightWave – to learn how to:

    Lead nurturing basics
    Steps to quality lead nurturing success
    Include customer nurturing
    Integrate marketing automation technology

    Hope this will help.

  • Hi everyone, I know that working from home is the best thing for me and my family, I am not out to get rich, and I’m in no hurry either because I don’t want to make a costly mistake in this business. I get a lot of the same emails about how much money a person can make in week or a month or even a day, That is just to much for me. But I do believe in taking Your time and learning how to build Your business because there is, so much to learn, I’m on a new road and I realize that it’s going to take time so I will enjoy the trip. I do need to take baby steps and keep it slow. Where I live at there are hardly any jobs but if I can help a person learn how to create a life style from working on the internet that is the real blessing. I should have started with this a year ago, but I was in college. Now I am enjoying staying home!!

  • Thanks Bogdan for posting this excellent post.

    Here is my take on all of this.
    There lots of ways to get traffic to any site. One of them is to learn about SEO or search engine optimization. It is a way to get free or organic traffic from the search engines…especially Google.

    Another great way is to pay for traffic or use PPC (pay per click) you will have to do some heavy research into how it is done as you could lose money going this route. You can make sales but the ROI (return in investment) could be negative.

    Traffic exchanges are another viable way to get some sales or traffic but results are best if you pay to upgrade. Adlandpro has a great traffic exchange…and it does work if done correctly.

    Classifieds online ads do work but your ad must stand out from the rest of the crowd. Adlandpro has PPC, free and paid classifieds. Start with the free and see how it goes…if something works upgrade to paid advertising and continue advertising.

    An autoresponder is a program that enables the owner to automatically answer an email sent to it. Example: If I visit your website has a form that says “click here to get more information” If I click and enter my email address it will automatically respond back with your pre existing message.

    Email marketing works hand in hand with an autoresponder. Once visitors click on your “get more information here” link they are now considered a subscriber. Once you have numerous subscribers you can now email them more information about your product or re-direct them back to your website pages affiliate program or your own product.

    Conversions – How many people visit your site, blog, product page minus the people who bought nothing. If 100 visitors visited and only 5 people bought your product you have converted 5 sales out of 100.

    Online marketing is an ongoing and learning process. You might lose money at first but if you stick with it…you WILL make an income. Never believe marketing guru’s who say “riches are just a few clicks away”! It is a big learning process.

    Hoped this helped
    Paul recently posted…Blogging as a Key Marketing ToolMy Profile

  • Hello All Many good points have been covered here so I will just say a few thing to add. Defendant on what you are selling products or services; To make sales online you need between 5,000, and 35,000 site visitors to get one sale. You may need to advertise for 3 Months before you make your first sale. Online services are easier to sell than every day products. I personally do not do lead capture or auto-responders. I ask for the sale on first contact. Leads go cold very easily. To be top of the pack you must design your own system. I personally teach my down-line using skype or telephone. Once you master making sales you must control your own traffic via having your own web hosting. Nine out of ten opportunities will be gone in the next two years. It does all start with research. There is a great article by Kevin Quigley Titled Why people fail in Network marketing/MLM See my link. I also have an article The Real Truth Behind Making Good Money 0nline.

    Hope this helps

  • Assumed comments like these make me angry and disgusted. The Assumption people sit on their butts, spend nothing to promote their businesses is a typical attitude that drives me away from comment areas such as this one. My partner and I have not only spent a lot of money we could not afford to spend to get our online business going, we went through coaching, marketing training, designed websites, spent countless hours posting ads, newsletters, and all of the other lovely things assumed lazy people do when they are trying to market their product or service. What I see are a lot of companies and individuals looking to make money with promises for you to succeed, and they fail to deliver that promise!!!!!!!! I have worked my butt off, spent whatever savings I had to promote my business, learned from the supposed best in marketing and strategies, and they fail to tell you they have saturated the market they coached you in, and your competitors are feeling the same financial pain and loss as you are. What is the sense of telling people to spend everything they need to live on, so that you can call them lazy and failures. I thought the purpose of this posting was to encourage and help others who are trying to succeed, at least that was the email I received from my friend and contact that asked me to comment here??????? If you have ideas suggest them, if you have experience, advice, and even success, share your damn stories, but please control your need to be negative and sarcastic????…… Thank you

    Helen Flora

    • Hi Helen. I hear you, but I don’t think the people here are trying to be negative and sarcastic, but I can tell you have had a very negative experience.

      This particular blog was asking what the problems are that people are having with and in internet marketing, and I think that there has been some very good input here. I am seeing a lot of good input here, both about what the problems are, and about what some of the solutions are.

      That said, you need ordered solutions for the challenges you are facing, and you don’t need someone trying to sell you another “absolutely necessary” tool. In fact, if you ARE like a lot of honest, hard working people who are just trying to make an honest living on the internet, you simply can’t afford to put out any more money without a return.

      I believe Bogdan’s intention with this article was to draw out some of the issues facing affiliates, as well as to get a bit of feedback from those who are making money. I would suggest you watch this blog and come back to see where this leads. It doesn’t cost you anything, and this may well be where you finally get the answers you’ve been looking for.
      Dave Cottrell recently posted…Actionable Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2013 via Social Media TodayMy Profile

    • Hi Helen, I don’t think that people mean to be cruel or hurtful and I don’t think that people are trying to point fingers at any particular person, at least I know I’m not. From my personal viewpoint, there are two kinds of people…those who put their heart and souls into what they are doing and still walking away no better off than all the money they spent on coaching etc. and then there are the other people who have been hyped into the message of they don’t need to do anything.
      When I read what is being said on this post, I am hearing frustration, anger a whole bunch of hurt and people venting.
      This post has been a success because people are speaking out and its only by really understanding the problems that maybe as a collective group we can form solutions.
      While I am not a person who is in affiliate marketing, I do deal with marketing and it can be very difficult to get anywhere. What I am reading is people being let down by their coaches or those who were supposed to help them and that is almost criminal.
      What I would like to see come out of this discussion is figuring out what we need to do, to teach, to help others and yes encourage them through being there for them and helping them learn.
      That is why I am here….
      Diane Bjorling recently posted…Parenting Tip – What is the Secret Word?My Profile

  • The biggest hurdle I have to face is ‘Where do I advertise?’. You know, without traffic or without people seeing your ad you are going nowhere.

    Kind Regards


  • To me, the most difficult thing about IM is the hundreds of new things/names that have to be learned. Rarely can a person find all the resources in one place. Yesterday, though, I purchased a $27.00 package that took over four hours to download. It covers everthing!! I’m not trying to sell this but I was amazed. Autoresponders, product generation, graphics, domains, hosting, cpanel, fantastico, WP, squeeze pages, it would take too long to list them all. Video and PDF for all categories. It was called VideoFiresale, anyone interested will have to google it, I don’t have a link. Awesome content and very reasonably priced. There are a couple of oto’s but I didn’t get them.
    Tom recently posted…Push Button Software Cash Site Review – Is It Really Working?My Profile

  • The first thing to do is too recognize there is a problem. A lot of people want to become successful rather than people of value. Opportunities come and go. No one cares any more about what others have to offer. People today are looking for you are and what you’re about, and not just hide behind a link. Thanks to web2.0 (social networking) this is made possible unlike the years before where you never see the sponsors, or even the owners.

  • Just wish to add a few more thoughts and also to share a “Bad” experience I had…

    Now, the subject on this post is specifically on Affiliate Marketing which I think “originally” mean Pre-selling 3 parties products on a content driven website or through some kind of recommendation using your email…etc.
    But a lot have change over the years, the terms used is becoming more and more fuzzy as follows…

    (1) Are MLM Ops Affiliate Marketing?
    I mean we have a lot of people who are doing MLM Business via the internet, which most of them focus on presenting a pay plan along with a product or service to recruit team members. Then confusion arises when almost every product and service can be loosely tagged with a MLM pay plan of some kind. We have people selling Auto-Responder with MLM, Mobile Apps with MLM, Investment with MLM, Penny Stock with MLM, Penny Auction with MLM and the most devious of all is Selling MLM Training Programs with a MLM Pay Plan.

    (2) Are MMO Product Affiliate Marketing?
    The same goes to the so called “Make Money Online” or MMO niche which I find always falls into the vicious cycle of Making Money Online By Teaching Other How To Make Money Online By Teaching Others How To Make Money Online By Teaching Others How To….. Well i guessed you know how this goes.

    (3) Gray Areas…
    Now There is really a lot of Gray Areas in the MLM and MMO business model. Most scam and “Bad Experience” comes from these 2 segments. The problem is that everybody main focus in on Making Money By Having Other Paying Them and then find someone else to pay them to make money.

    (4 ) Two Sustainable Affiliate Marketing Models,,,
    I think the only 2 more sustainable business model that stays over the years is Amazon Associate Program where they do sell “Tangible” everyday products and Google Adsense who pays you to advertise their advertiser Ads on your web Property. But to really make money from this 2 models will require some different set of Knowledge and Skills to begin with

    (5)When CPA meets MLM and MMO Plus My Bad Experience you can learn from…
    Another interesting Affiliate Marketing Model will be CPA programs, but comparing with Amazon and Adsense, CPA can be very tricky, too. Example: there is a program I got involved before which promote a CPA for a so called PC Backup Service.

    The whole sales approach looks “almost too perfect” as follows…

    -You join then and got a “Free Funded Proposal” system selling a Computer Backup Service as a way to make some quick money, paying $5o or something for every $10 or $20 purchase or subscription.

    -Then the Computer Back Up Service comes with all kind of back end selling funnel to Up Sell the prospect,

    -Not to mention that the Funded Proposal Funnel had also added some MMO or MLM products on their back end.

    I must say that the pitch on the Video Sales Page are so so brilliant. So I got suck into it. But there’s only one problem…The PC Backup Service….SUCKS! The tricky parts is, at first , I thought is my issues and problem with my own computer. The Customer Service is responsive with standard answers but the problem and issues I faced are NEVER SOLVED.

    Them I began to smell something fishy. I mean it took them 3 hours just to upload a simple word doc while FREE Google Doc ( Now Google Drive ) did it in like 20 Seconds?

    So I did a research and found that that Computer Back Up Service had a lot negative end user complains at CNET. Well, you do find some Positive Comment at CNET but with the majority of negative comment, those positive comment just look very faky.

    The Amazing Part is this….
    in the Internet Marketing World, that company who created the Funded Proposal have nothing but outstanding reviews from their “downlines members”, but all the reviews are on how easy they can make money with the “System” .

    But I can tell you, you can find NONE reviewing on the quality of the Computer Back Up Service and you know why? Because nobody really use the service, their focus are on MAKING MONEY. And even if they used it and find it sucks, they won’t review it as it will just affect their “Income”, and if they do make a “fake positive” review, it will be like opening a can of worms to start with.

    My point is this, always look at the fundamental basic. You need to provide ‘REAL VALUE” from REAL PRODUCT or SERVICE and not just SOLELY on “MAKE MONEY VALUE” .

    I am sorry if this comment is kind of long winded but I really hope I can help a few more from the mistakes I made.

    Jason Ser

    P/S: I am lucky I got my “Refund” from the Computer Back Up Service which happen after numerous attempt to contact their help deck and finally telling them that I am filing a chargeback if they cannot settle it in the time frame I gave them.

    P/S 2: I stop promoting that service as soon as I find out the truth and send a mail to my subscribers to apologize and warn them about my experience but leave the final judgement and decision o their free will.

    P/S 3: Perhaps if this post goes viral, you will start to see “Positive” Reviews for that Computer Back Up Service, like what we find in CNET 🙂
    Jason Ser recently posted…Google Glass! Big G’s NEXT BLUE OCEAN Market OrJust Another Overhyped Product?My Profile

  • I solely use google adwords for advertising purposes, I use a small budget to get leads. My ROI at the moment is negative, but after more than 2 years promoting I can say that it’s a slowly growing business with potential. My advice would be, spent some money to promote with quality visitors searching by keyphrase. And like everybody tells you on the web, don’t spent more in promotion than you conveniently can afford.

    I’m in affiliate marketing for quit some time and don’t believe in all the programs that promise to generate traffic (viral traffic generator, traffic exchange, banner exchange, surf for hits) and always ends up to be crap. Pay for quality visitors and stick with who actively search for the service you provide.

  • The biggest problem is PATIENTE. Means : people don’t have peace inside.
    Earn immediatly online is not possible if don’t have good knowledge how Affiliate markeing works on Internet . A while time ago I was on same place. And you know what: nobody wasn’t ready to tell me how. I’m building now 10K Challenge business and there I find how. I’m able to learn how, fine, step by step. Is not sprint biz it’s maraton, but… you knw what: WORKS for me.
    PS: even my english is broken, I can help already to my Downline :):):) I’m very happy.

  • Doesn’t seem to matter how much advertising, blogging, list building, I don’t see how anyone can ever profit from this. There are those that steal your information, and end up getting the credit if you don’t cloak your links, just a lot of shady people out there just waiting to stalk you
    I”m not sure how long I’m going to be able to stand this. I don’t really have anything else to do
    Most affiliates give up I know how they feel, haven’t made a dime and it’s a thankless job

  • Interesting reading. I am using internet marketing to show the product we already have. Skydiving is the base model and is my cash flow since 1988. Tours is the new product which is based on my skydiving business. It takes time to get a reliable interest and sales in the market. Fresh photos and reliable information works with customer feedback on the internet. Someone who thinks that mass emails and blogs and just sitting at a computer without a product is going to get exactly what they offer. Too many sites offer great deals on ads with no return on your advertising dollar.

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