QZZR and the marketing Quiz

QZZR and the marketing Quiz

This post has been edited on June 25th, 2014

A Marketing quiz using Qzzr

Is this a blog post about a new tool or resharing a marketing quiz?

I guess its a little bit of both to be honest.

On Monday June I had created a blog post titled “A Marketing quiz” and although the questions being asked were good ( or I think they were good lol), the fact is this quiz was not interactive.

Chuck Bartok, mentioned this fact (thank you Chuck) and he was right to do so.

As you can see at the bottom of this post I have corrected the issue and have redone the quiz so that is it now interactive.

The fact is that when you are a blogger or a marketer, finding ways and means to create interest and exposure is important and anything that will hold a readers interest  and want to know more is an important part of creating a good marketing strategy.

 As I just stated Creating surveys, polls and quizzes that can be embedded are a fantastic way to grab a prospect, customer or subscriber’s attention.
On a WordPress blog you can get a variety of plugins that will do a very good job of creating quizzes or surveys. Joe Foley has done a great write up about the different WordPress Quiz pluginswhere he gives a lot of very good information regarding those  plugins that are free and meets high standards. One of those plugins is called the WP Pro Quiz. Well worth the effort to read!

If you choose to not have plugins or if you are using a different blogging platform, then finding quiz tools, might be more of a challenge.

I decided to go hunting for those quiz makers that would be free, that are online and fairly simple to use and to be honest there are quite a few services on the web that will do a great job of creating online quizzes and surveys.
some of the services I found were
a) Zoho Survey 
b) Quizdini 
c) Socrative 

All of these services have a lot going for them, so I would suggest you looking into them and then making up your own mind.

The tool that I used to create the marketing quiz that you see below, was something I literally stumbled upon and was curious as to how it worked.

The tool is called Qzzr and it is a fairly new service where you can create and embed unlimited quizzes for your audience to take and share across the Internet.

I think one of the reasons why I liked this tool was its ease of use, the fact that you can make it as attractive or as plain as you want and anyone can use it.

While there is a pro version, the free version is awesome! You can add images and animated GIFS to make your quiz more interesting.

So why would a marketer want to use a quiz? When you can capture leads, educate, spread brand awareness, then those are pretty good reasons!

Another advantage to this new service is because every question you create is by itself and you can create a good feedback after a response is mad. While this obviously helps the users to remember information and engage with the content, I noticed when I created the marketing quiz, I had to take the time to be sure of my words to explain why an answer is right or wrong… endless possibilities.

Give qzz a try and see if you like it or conversely where you might have problems..to me that is the best way to find information out about tools etc.

Here is that marketing quiz now done in the new format.

I hope you like it, I hope it will educate you in some way and I hope that this marketing quiz will give you food for thought.

Let me know..O.K.?

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  • One of the surprising and ironic things that has become a real challenge for marketers, today, is the dizzying array of choices of tools for marketing! While many of the uneducated think an online marketer just gets up at noon, punches a few keys, checks Paypal to see how much money has come in, then heads for the beach, the reality is that it’s a big job that takes big time! A major chunk of that time is in research, and if we’re not careful, it can become ALL our time. Tools like QZZR are great and can add real value to our campaigns, but we also need to learn to set aside a defined block of time for research and quickly cue new ideas for later.
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Colours of LifeMy Profile

    • I can’t disagree on any of your points Dave because you are right on. ..but ( you knew there had to be a but in there somewhere lol) I will also say that many marketers have a real issue being creative in reaching people especially on social media. Having this kind of tool is very workable and useful
      I have so many ideas at times its hard to keep up with them all, so I use a really great tool to keep track..its called pen and paper and online I use notepad.
      I should also mention that there are so many different tools, you could get lost very easily in knowing what is worth looking at. Everyone should have their own favorites, but posts like this give people an option and something to look at.
      Thanks for your feedback..appreciated Dave

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