Reclaim your Blog presence even for business!

Reclaim your Blog presence even for business!

Its been more than 5 months since I last wrote here…whew, glad to say hi everyone and guess what I’m back.
What did you think of my nifty title “Reclaim your Blog presence even for business!”?

Funny thing about catching up with the world you can spend hours and more hours of reading ( especially when you are stuck in a hospital with little to do except go…holy cow i am having jello today lol)

hospital jello

The impression I have been getting from all this reading is that while many folk are so into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ( should I even mention Google Plus?) there are now two other groups of people. There are those who are only interested in specific topics and good old social media has found the way to make that happen. Take Catmoji as one example ( yes I admit it I like cats!)  In  fact there are many such targeted specific social networks around.

[P.S just thought I would mention that these specific niche social networks are not such a new idea people have been  doing that form of socializing via forums #justsaying)


Then there is another group of people who blog their hearts out.  A vast majority of these people talk about everything for food to life and then there are those who are blogging for business.

I am one of those lucky people who have met some of the most awesome people you can ever meet via blogging, but I am seeing something that says we need to pay attention!

love blogging and coffee
While there are those awesome people who blog for the pure sake of sharing their lives, their hobbies or whatever you can thing of with you, there are a lot more who are in it for the money.  It is to those people who are maybe newbies or just people getting blog fatigue and are needing a pep talk about why you need to reclaim your blog even for business..

So lets say you want to create a business blog ( I see the eyes rolling and I already hear the moans and groans) or have had a business blog for a long while, why or how should you reclaim your blog?

1.To reclaim your blog for business means work! it requires a sustained concentration and some serious thinking! I have seen so many people over the years start a business blog, but they just didnt have the stamina to keep it going and they never thought long term. Big mistake! Its only when you create your focus, create a good blogging calendar and look to the long term that you will start seeing success.

2.To reclaim your blog for business means having a blog that is going to have to have original content..yep the copy and paste way of blogging is so not going to work! If you want to create a copy and paste advertisment please do you and me a favor, go to the proper venues who will welcome you. I can tell you that copy and past blogging is ewwwwww!
3. To reclaim your blog for business means Do NOT COPY some one else!! I have been going through the blogging community of Adlandpro ..ya that place where people talk about politics, cats, jokes, recipes etc. and I am slowly – ever so slowly cleaning up the community. To date I’ve deleted more than 20 post why? They were the worst hatchet jobs of plagiarims I’ve ever had the misfortune to read! Try to remember this, when you create a post anywhere on line, Google will crawl what you have written and guess what  – you are going to get caught! Is it really worth it? Do you care so little for your own integrity. Truly its not that hard to create good, interesting and dang it unique content.!

( By the way this is one of the big reasons WHY the Adlandpro blogging community is monitored and manually checked over.  I for one want Adlandpro to be seen as a place of value, where people can enjoy a good read and  be with like minded people in the community who are there to have fun and yes do legal businesses!  ( yep those kind of scams or yucky programs are thrown out or questioned so much people leave….fast!)

4. I love how people will say but I am creating fresh content just go to this community or that social network. I shake my head and go..really this is your work? are you sure about that? Be aware that what you put on a social network usually means that you have signed your work over to them one way or another. ya your name might show, but its still theirs. At the very least read and I mean really read the TOS. If you don’t understand ask questions. If the network has ethics, they will answer you..honest ( I know because I did it on a few sites <giggle>)

5. Reclaiming your blog for business does not need to be dry and boring. Take this post for example ( a risky question) are you bored yet? The fact is with your own unique way of looking at your business,your ways of making an income, you can and should inject personality, humor and oh my..being a real person!

I truly feel that blogging is going to stay , but I do feel that we need to get on the same page and realize that truly reclaiming your blog for business needs to be rethought! Your blog needs to be an extension of YOU, your thoughts, your company’s values!

If you are going to be one of the lazy bloggers, do us all a favor and don’t blog!
Stay with the homogenized way of doing things..its Okay, not everyone is meant for blogging!
Have I caught your attention? Good!

How do you feel blogging for business should be done, How would you go about reclaiming your blog?

I would love to get a good dialogue going…lets talk!

Great to be back everyone!



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