Remembering the Law of Abundance

Remembering the Law of Abundance

Remembering the Law of Abundance

I read a story today from one of the Members of Adlandpro ( Branka Babic) about a petition being circulated called Tobys law and when I read this story, I felt a deep sadness. When we read about all the things wrong with the world and we hear about the cruelty that is all around us its difficult to think of the Law of abundance and yet this is exactly what we need to do.

As Raymond Hooliwell author of Working with the law states:

Because some people do not see an abundance around them and do not enjoy plenty is evidence that they do not understand or do not apply the Law. In their blindness they say that plenty does not exist, and so far as they can see, they may be right. But when they learn to see with their mind’s eye, they will realize differently.

Quote by Napoleon Hill |Law of Abundance

I would like to share with you today the 21 Laws of Abundance:

1 ABUNDANCE is the rule of plenty. It is all around you.
2 ABUNDANCE flows from your spirit, through your mind and body, into your reality.
3 ABUNDANCE is your creativity manifested.
4 Your level of consciousness co-relates to your level of ABUNDANCE . The higher your level of consciousness, the higher your experience of ABUNDANCE .
5 ABUNDANCE is not about what you have or do not have. It is your relationship with both.
6 While ABUNDANCE is present everywhere, you still need to create it for yourself.
7 ABUNDANCE originates outside your physical realm. It’s a non-physical reality.
8 Your experience of ABUNDANCE is based on your predominant continuous thoughts.
9 Seeds of ABUNDANCE produce fruits of ABUNDANCE . ABUNDANCE observes the principle of cause and effect.
10 Your ABUNDANCE or lack of it has nothing to do with another.
11 ABUNDANCE is a long-term attitude, not a short-term wish.
12 ABUNDANCE is based on what is happening internally, not what you express externally.
13 ABUNDANCE or the lack of it take effect independent of your awareness.
14 Your relationship with ABUNDANCE is betrayed by your relationship with what you have and do not have.
15 ABUNDANCE is based on caring, not care-less.
16 Truly knowing the laws of ABUNDANCE allows you to create ABUNDANCE .
18 Recognize ABUNDANCE . Think ABUNDANCE thoughts. Speak the language of ABUNDANCE . Act with ABUNDANCE . Reap ABUNDANCE results.
19 The universe freely bestows ABUNDANCE , it is up to you to appreciate and experience it.
20 Your continuous ABUNDANCE in giving is multiplied in receiving. But remember that giving with expectation is not giving.
21 The laws of ABUNDANCE are consistent, ever present, eternal universal laws.

How can we possibly think of the Law of Abundance when we feel anger at kids who were so cruel to a little dog and how can we feel the law of abundance when we are so angry?

The fact is anger can be healthy and is a step up from the feelings of despair, energy is flowing and breaking free the bonds of being helpless to do anything.

“Be the change in life
you want to see.”

While we can’t stop the cruelties of life, we can be mindful of how we are feeling and change those feelings from the negative” pulling us down emotions” to ones where we can see as positives and start attracting abundance in ourselves. Remember…….

Vision without action
is a daydream.
Action without vision
is a nightmare.”
~Japanese Proverb

I hope this helps you and I hope that you will seek to see the abundance in you

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