Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day – my thoughts on this special day

a field of poppies on remembrance day

When I think about remembrance day and realize that this day was set aside to commemorate the ending of the first world war and how many men and women have died since that time, it is fitting to have an opportunity to honor and respect those who have given up their lives for their country so that we today can stand up and be where we are, say what we do and agree or disagree with others.
That beautiful red poppy is a symbol of new life and hope for the future that nothing can take away or bleach away, because to me where there is life and hope there is always the ability to want to strive for peace.
I know that there are many people who are opting to wear a “white” poppy to symbolize peace and being a person who also believes in peace I agree with the intent, but I am the first to admit that without the sacrifice of so many, I would not be here to choose what I wear, say or do.
I choose to wear the red poppy, not out of politics nor even religion..I wear that poppy, because like leaving flowers at a graveside, it is showing respect and remembrance of those of the past and yes those of the present..

Lest we forget!

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    • My father sevred in Patton’s army. When their cook killed in battle my dad, who had gone to cooking school prior to the war, was drafted for the position. The meat sent to the kitchens was packed so that the best cuts were on top for the highest ranking officers. My dad portioned out these cuts to the men being sent out on the most dangerous missions. The ones least likely to return. Every time I cook a filet, I think of my dad and the way he fed his troops. My dad was part of the culinary team that cooked Patton’s celebration dinner in Germany, marking the end of WWII. I have one of Patton’s silver forks. Long story! Fortunately the statute of limitations has passed!

  • Thank you for a wonderful post, Diane. This is the first year in my lifetime my dad is not here for Remembrance Day. He was one of the few from his battalion the PPCLI 1st battalion, to come home from Korea.

    The Highway of Heroes tribute is a real Highway of Tears for me. Powerful, every time I see it.

    God bless
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