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Adlandpro Rich Text Editor Reference Guide

Many members who join Adlandpro, don’t realize that when they want to create a forum for business or social,  they have at their disposal a Rich text editor toolbar that will help them create awesome forum posts.  
Whether you want to make your words bold, change the color of your text, add images or create lists , using the rich text editor will be certain to make your content  more appealing to your readers.
After talking to a new member of Adlandpro the other day and remembering how it was for me when I was new to creating any content, I realized that there are many people who are uncertain of what to do with the  forum (rich text) editor or what the various buttons/icons do.
It is my hope that this Rich text editor reference guide will make all those icons make sense and having you want to explore how to create content on the Adlandpro forums.  
It should be noted that the rich text editor toolbar used on the Adlandpro forums  is similar to the WordPress, blogger and even the Adlandpro blogging community rich text  or WYSIWYG editors, so this blog post will hopefully help you when you wish to create blog posts, also.


The first true WYSIWYG editor was a word processing program called Bravo. Invented by Charles Simonyi at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in the 1970s, it became the basis for Simonyi’s work at Microsoft and evolved into two other WYSIWYG applications called Word and Excel .
Let’s begin!

Adlandpro Rich Text Editor Toolbar

rich text editor image

As you can see, at the top of the forum rich text editor you can also

  • Create a poll.  A very useful tool that has been proven to help your reader to engage with you
  • You can create a simple editor, simply by clicking on the “simple editor” and in effect you will have a notepad style editor.  

Adlandpro Rich text editor – Top Row

top row of the Adlandpro rich text editor


 icon-1  This where you can choose different available paragraph styles. These paragraph styles make it easy to format text and maintain a consistent style within document. The styles include Normal for most paragraphs, six levels of Headings ( which is useful for SEO)to identify section titles
 icon-2  You can choose up to 7 styles of fonts from verdana to arial to give your content variety in how your readers will view your text.
 icon-3  You can choose up to 7 styles of fonts from verdana to arial to give your content variety in how your readers will view your text.
 icon-4  You can choose up to 7 styles of fonts from verdana to arial to give your content variety in how your readers will view your text.
 icon-5  As with the ability to choose colors for you text, you have the same options for highlighting any words or phrases when you want to emphasize text to your readers.
 icon-6  Use this when you wish to apply bold formatting to any highlighted text.


 icon-7 When you wish to apply italic formatting to any highlighted text
 icon-8 When you wish to underline words or phrases formatting to any highlighted text
 icon-9  Applies Strikethrough formatting to highlighted text and it looks like this ~ strikethrough
 icon-10  A character set, printed, or written above and immediately to one side of another: In x2 the superscript is 2.
 icon-11  A type of lettering form written lower than the things around it and is great when using chemical terms such as H2O . The number two is the subscript
 icon-12  Use this to  remove all text effects, font formatting etc. use this icon.



Adlandpro Rich Text editor – Middle Row

rich text editor image


 icon-13  Justify left ~ move all your text to the left hand side


 icon-14  Justify Right ~ moving block of text to the right


 icon-15  Justify Centre ~ move block of text to centre


 icon-16  Justify full ~ where you want a block of text that has no indents for paragraphs or spacing


 icon-17  When you wish to create a list using bullets rather than a numbered list


 icon-18  When you wish to create a numbered list


 icon-19  Increase the paragraph indent. This can also be useful if you are wanting to create a back quote.


 icon-20  Lessen the paragraph intent


 icon-21  Use this to create a link or a hyperlink


 icon-22  Click on this if you wish to remove a live link from the text


 icon-23  Cut highlighted text. Very useful when you wish to “cut out a block of text”


 icon-24  When you wish to copy a block of text to move to another part of you article as an example -After you have copied that text use the paste function to put it where you wish the text to go
 icon-26  A time saver for when you want to delete a block of text. You can of course just click delete on your keyboard if that will help you with your frustration.


 icon-27 Undo text you decided you don’t want 
 icon-28  So you changed your mind and decided you wanted that text, then click the redo button


 icon-29  If you are needing to use a symbol or a fraction as an example, you will find these on the symbols list.



Adlandpro Rich Text editor – Bottom row

rich text editor bottom row image


  icon-30  When you wish to create a division then click the “insert rule” to create a horizontal line


 icon-31  If you wish to date your forum post then click on the add date icon


 icon-32  You can add the time you created your Adlandpro forum post


 icon-33  Creating a table can be useful for many reasons. You can create a list of contents or like I have on this blog post a table to define and show what the different rich text editor icons. When you wish to create a table, click on this icon and a small window will open up where you can define how you want the table template to be seen
 icon-34  Instead of publishing your forum post and then editing because you noticed a mistake, you can click the preview button to see how your post is looking.
 icon-35  Use this add an image when you want to get an image from the web or from your blog. A small window will open where you can put in the link to the image and I always say to put in an appropriate title for the image. I caution everyone using this way of adding images to always be aware of the rules to using images from other sites etc. If you wish to know more about this important topic I suggest you read Do Not Steal Images
 icon-36  When you want to upload an image, banner etc. from your computer, then this is the icon you need to click. If you need more help on putting an image on your forum, I highly suggest that you watch the video one of our members ( Jim Allen) created titled : AdlandPRO Tips #2 How to upload images from your device
 icon-37  You can upload Youtube videos simply by clicking on this icon. A small window will open and simply put the full YouTube Url into the box


 icon-38  When you want to check your spelling before you publish your forum post, be sure to check your spelling



I hope that this rich text editor guide will be useful for you.  Bookmark it and if you know of  other people who would find this information useful, please share.

….and as always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask



When I first created this blog post, I had a terrible time attempting to put the word document, especially the tables I had created to put  into this blog post for the simple reason that attempting to convert  Word into html and then putting it on such a place as WordPress is a bit of a nightmare, especially if you are not good at coding to begin with.   I thought by taking screenshots  and putting them on the post would be sufficient.

Of course  I never took into consideration that doing such a thing can create all kinds of problems, including how the post would look  ( did I mention a bit of a nightmare?)

I have spent the last few days attempting to fix this  and viola… I have managed to edit/create a post that I am hoping you will see better, where you will  understand the image icons better and overall will be more useful to all of you.

How did I do this you are asking…apart from reading anything and everything I could hunt up?

I am putting in here the steps I did to make these tables look more readable and um hopefully useful

1. Create your document in Word
2 Save as a web page
3 Upload to
4 Copy the html code to Word HTML Cleaner
5. Click clean
6. Copy and paste into WP editor ~> text

You will still have to reformat to add images as an example, but until I can find a better tool or work around, this is the best I  could come up with for now.

If you have a better way of doing this task, I am all ears!

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