Search keywords for your solution – Business Success Blueprint – Part 4

Search keywords for your solution –  Business Success Blueprint – Part 4
Keyword Search

Keyword Search

Continuing from my previous article, I assume you have created several ideas about the business you would like to be in. Now is the time to take next step and come up with some keywords which would describe your ideas. Those keywords will be used in next steps of the process of creating your online business. I know that this task can be quite challenging particularly if you had not done it before. You need to get on the higher level of thinking if you want to be independent and enjoy what you are doing. You must become a solution provider. Not a reseller or broker. You are the one who is the driving force and the one who comes up with the ideas. Money will come once you create some value for other people.

According to research, average person uses around 1% of their abilities. If you increase utilization of your abilities by just 1%, statistically you will be as twice as efficient as the other person next to you.

I would like you to pick 1 idea out of your 15 for the next step. Choose the one which you are most passionate about. We will work now towards determining whether the idea you have, has any demand and how much competition you already have.
Write down now about 20-30 different keywords which can be used to describe your idea.
Keywords are words or phrases which one might use to search the internet to find solution you might be offering.

e.g. If you would be offering “piano lessons”, one could use following keywords to search,.

  1. piano lessons
  2.  online piano lessons
  3.  music lessons
  4. free piano lessons
  5. beginner lesson piano
  6. jazz lesson piano
  7. book lesson piano
  8. adult lesson piano
  9. child lesson piano
  10. beginner free lesson piano
  11. group lesson piano

This exercise will help you to understand how people might be looking for your solution. Try to get in the head of that person who needs your solution and what keywords would they use to find you on the internet.

You can repeat keywords finding process for your other business ideas you have.
As you will find out later, the business idea which you have selected as a primary, might turn out to have very little demand or competition might be too strong. You want a product or service which has relatively good demand but little competition.
Remember come up with at least 20 different keywords.


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