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When it comes to  good Social profiles, we tend to have our own standards on  how we will word social profiles and how to judge other people to be accepted as our contacts .   I know that on #Adlandpro there has been a lot of discussion and advise about these kinds of topics with people giving their own point of view.

It’s not just on Adlandpro  where people talk about best practices to profiles or accepting friends and there are oodles of posts on the net regarding this topic.

I am sharing a post that I saw on Google Plus about a year ago that is as pertinent today as when it was created by Clare Cosgrove
There are over 192 comments on this one post,there were more but the author found some of them so derogatory, spammy or scummy that they had to be removed.


What does this say about us as people who are on social networks?

The Adlandpro online community is where we can learn how to be social and take those teachings with us and apply them no matter where we go!

The secret to creating good  social profiles are not that hard to do…honest!

1. Get an image up! I am in total agreement with Clare on this..dang rights..if you are a blank..a default image, an egghead or whatever name you wish to call it..count me out, I will not add you to my circles, twitter followers, Facebook friends or Adlandpro contacts! Another secret to social profiles is using the same image on all your social networks.

2. Get information up in the “about me”…by the way have you really read those words…about me, which is really saying tell a little bit about yourselves..when your put an ad in the about me section what is that saying to everyone who reads it..oh you are an advertisement? think about it!!

3. Adlandpro is the one community I have ever seen where you can put that “what I do” on a mini web page and it is so underutilized I find it a bit shocking..take advantage of the tools that are on the Adlandpro social community and when you are on other communities then take advantage of the tools they have to offer!

4. Note the number 4 on Clare’s list “If I cannot see your posts I will not add you.” On Adlandpro when you join this online community, everything is set at the highest privacy level. If you need to know how navigate the privacy settings, Jim Allen was kind enough to create a video…watch it and make those changes. Ask yourself this..why the heck would anyone want to contact you in any way if you cant be seen?

Other thoughts about creating  good social profiles…

When you realize that your social profile is going to give that first impression to who you are and you only have about 10 seconds to creating that good impression, make sure that people can find out who your are, what you do and how you can help others.

Formatting counts on social profiles. Make it easy for your readers to read about you, break up the paragraphs and don’t lump everything into on block of text.

Sometimes creating a catchy tagline is easier to remember than all the different links and bios and can be great if you are wanting to brand yourself, product or business. For those of you who are not familiar with taglines, they are slogans that give people an instant impression of what you are about. What is McDonald’s slogan? That’s right it’s “I’m loving it”

Another secret to good social profiles is to find a way to leave links to your blog, other social networks sites and be sure that any link you use is live.

If you are going to be social, for goodness sake be social and jump in and be social,learn to use the tools on any given network and make them work for you!

think before posting on social networks

One last thought  to creating good social social profiles is  after you create that epic profile and are ready to share with your new friends, remember that while you can have fun and share on social networks, its never wise to “let your hair down completely”. The fact is your business will be judged by your behavior and you need to decide what is appropriate or not when on the different social networks.

What is your social profile saying about you and what are your standards for accepting people on your “list”?

A bonus tip:
Sociotoco Profiles is a not so new tool that helps you find profiles of people on multiple social networks.
why is this tool useful?
1. Lets say you are following people on facebook , Sociotoco  can let you know if one of your contacts has deleted their Facebook profile and has just joined another social network…OR..I’m trying to follow some friends  on-line, and Sociotoco will tell you: “Your contact has updated his bio on 2 of his 5 social network profiles. Do you want to see the changes?”

2. It’s free 🙂


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